Title: A Little Too Much Rum

Author: PineAppleLint

Disclaimer: I do not own Disney, nor does Disney own me. I hope you enjoy the tragic, romantic, eunuchy and grammatically correct story of Miss Belle Blake…erm, Gilily. May you find the horizons most beautiful and Jack's swagger all the more entertaining with each chapter.



Belle wasn't a normal woman.

She did not enjoy the luxury she was born upon, nor did she enjoy flaunting it. Oh, how she wished she could sleep under the stars on cloudless nights or feel the gentle sway of the ocean under her feet.

Some nights when her father was at a business meeting, she would dress up in men's clothes, grab a sword from the mantle above the fireplace, and fantasize about adventures just out of her reach. Sure, it seemed a little childish for a twenty year old to be wandering about playing pirates, but she was bored…deathly bored of her aristocratic life of fancy parties and huge stifling dresses and stuffy gentlemen. To swordfight instead of knit, to scrub the deck instead of pick at her fingernails…what a life to live she would think to herself on quiet evenings as she sat in her room near the window, looking out over the ocean.

She opened the window and breathed in the salty wind. No one was home in the Gilily household except the cooks and the maids who were frightfully busy cleaning the big mansion spotless. A grin broke across Belle's face, causing the dimple in her chin to show. She had a remarkable idea that only a woman of her courage could pull off. Oh yes, it was going to be a most interesting night, indeed.