Well, I must confess, I've been a Good Morning, Miami fan from Episode One.

And a Penny/Jake fan for...well, a long time. Not since Episode One, obviously, but for quite

some time never the less. This fic takes place during/after the season finale. I tried to

make it as realistic as possible. I hate fanfics you read sometimes and you're like "Um, that

would never happen." Anyways, here it is. It's first person, from Penny's point of view.

Switches from past to present tense halfway through.

Oh, yeah, I don't own Jake, Gavin, Penny, Dylan, or Miami. In fact, I don't own very much

aside from these pajamas I'm wearing. And a block of cheese.



Funny, isn't it? I was sitting here kissing Gavin, and all I could think about is Jake Silver.

I wondered what Gavin would say if he knew that I was picturing Jake's face in my mind. I

almost laughed as I imagined his reaction.

Not to say that Gavin isn't an incredible kisser. Maybe even better then Jake. Although his

kisses were...well, that's not worth thinking about. I did realize, though, that Dylan was

probably kissing Jake at that moment. And I thought I'd never have to see either one of them

again, since I had quit my job.

And good riddance, right?

But I still pictured Jake in my mind. Pretended it was his fingers brushing my face. Imagined

his lips gently caressing mine. I wonder if Gavin was pretending I was Dylan. After all, they

only did just break up recently. And he did just propose to her. He can't be over her already.

Why is it that I always end up with guys that are in love with that cursed hair dresser?

Why was I kissing Gavin, anyways? I can't stand the guy. He's a drunk, self centered jerk. But

I hadn't been kissed in so long. And I missed Jake so much. What could it hurt,anyways? It's

not like Jake's was going to run in here confessing his love for me. No more then he'd run in

here confessing his love for Gavin.

I smiled against Gavin's lips as I pictured Jake's smiling face. His soft hair. His perfectly

sculpted lips. I almost forgot who I was kissing. To remind myself that it was just Gavin, I

opened my eyes for a brief moment.

I saw Gavin, his eyes still closed. I glanced around, making sure never to break the kiss.

Around us, people were staring. I smiled again. Good. Let them stare. Old rich people

probably hadn't kissed anyone like this since the ice age.

And then, I saw Jake. He was standing in the doorway, jaw dropped as he stared at Gavin and I

in shock. For a minute, I thought I must be imagining things. Another one of my weird

daydreams. But no, it was Jake.

Why did he look so crestfallen?

Why were his eyes so full of pain?

Why was Dylan standing right behind him?

I saw her say his name, and he turned around. The two stared at each other for a moment. Dylan

said something, and Jake shook his head. Dylan grabbed his sleeve and gently tugged him out the


At that point, I'd stopped responding to Gavin. He had pulled away, and he noticed Dylan and

Jake walk out the door. He called her name, getting up and running after them. As he left, he

shot an apologetic look my way.

So now I'm sitting here, alone, with Jake's credit card, enjoying yet another glass of fine

wine. The sun is setting, and Dylan, Jake, and Gavin haven't come back in. I guess I should

just leave, but I can't stand the thought that Jake might come back in and I might miss him. I

always make fun of people in love, but I guess I'm just as stupid as the worst of them when it

comes right down to it.

I close my eyes for a minute, thinking over the evening. Thinking about agreeing to set up a

dinner for Jake and Dylan. I can't believe I said yes to that. I didn't think it would hurt

that much. But I guess that's just how much I love him. I love him so much I'd agree to

arrange a romantic dinner for him and his obsession. I love him so much I'd pretty much do

anything to make him happy.

And I put my whole heart into it. I had imagined that I was arranging a date for Jake and

myself. Turns out Jake and Dylan didn't even show up to enjoy it. If I hadn't been asked to

do this, I probably still would have quit my job anyways, though. I can't stand seeing Jake

watching Dylan all day. Not now. Not since I've kissed him.

I need to go work at someplace like an insurace agency. Where all the workers are old and

bald, with no personality whatsoever. Where there's no chance I'll fall in love.

I sigh and open my eyes. To my surprise, sitting across from me is Jake. He's holding a

boquet of daisies in his hand. Flowers. I know how cheesy it is, but for some reason, I still

want to cry.

He smiles gently and reaches across the table for my hand. He lifts it, kissing it like he's

Rhett and I'm Scarlett. I smile, knowing somehow that everything is going to be okay.

Maybe he still loves Dylan. But maybe he loves me. Anyways, he's leaning in to kiss me and as

I close my eyes, there's only one thing I have left to say.

Good Night, Miami.