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In Dreams

It was the dream again. The cold hallway leading off to some where unknown. It was dark, possibly night time. Harry doesn't know where his feet are carrying him, even though he does know where he will end up. He doesn't walk on this side of the castle every day, only in his dreams every night. Every night walking these unknown halls searching for him.

"Potter...", a voice whispered out of the darkness. A voice usually cold, now said his name with no hint of a smirk in his tone. Actually, Harry almost believed it sounded warm, like it would come from someone smiling. Suddenly the voice's owner was behind him. Harry could feel the warm breath on the back of his neck. A smile crept onto his face with out Harry noticing. The dream encounters started like this every night, but that doesn't mean Harry ever lost interest in what was happening. Every breath against his neck, every whisper of his name still grabbed a hold of his heart. No, after the beginning, the dream was always different. Harry almost prided him self on this, actually. How many sixteen year olds had this kind of limitless imagination.

Draco's breathing was washing over Harry's neck, making him shiver. Harry looked up to the wall at the end of the hallway, on it hanging a full size mirror. At first Harry focused on him self in the reflection. His dark messy hair hanging over his eyes, though the emerald green still shone through. Then he saw Draco , Draco standing behind him in the reflection with his chin resting on Harry's shoulder. Harry looked up into Draco's reflected eyes. Gray, smiling eyes.

"Harry, you're so beautiful..."


"Shh", Draco cut in, " just watch.", Draco whispered, winking in his reflection. Harry let out a small , inaudible moan as he felt Draco's arms come around him from behind, Draco's hands tracing down Harry's torso.

Draco reached the hem of Harry's night shirt. Grasping it, Draco pulled it up, exposing Harry's sculpted small frame. Exposing part of the kind of body that seeker's are famous for. Draco's fingers traced lightly through the small trail of peach soft, dark hairs leading to Harry's pajama bottoms before disappearing underneath the waist band. Harry's lips parted slightly as Draco's hand began gliding back up his abdomen, slowly unbuttoning his pajama shirt on the path towards Harry's neck. Finally, after to Harry seemed like hours, his pajama top was hanging open to the cool night's breeze. Draco was smiling at Harry's reflection as his hands grabbed the front of Harry's night shirt from behind. Draco slowly pulled it off, exposing Harry's upper body completely, before letting the shirt fall to the ground.

Harry allowed his head to roll back into the crook of Draco's neck. Draco sighed against Harry's cheek while his hands traced down over Harry, pressing against his nipples, continuing down to his waist band. Harry shivered against Draco, inwardly damning his light teasing touches. Draco smiled against Harry's ear as his fingers pushed beneath the band, resting on top of Harry's under wear covered firmness.

Harry turned his head further ,finding Draco's mouth with his own. Draco promptly pressed his tongue through Harry's parted lips. After a few moments of earnest exploring, Harry's tongue returned the administrations to Draco. As both were absorbed in the long, slow passionate kiss, Draco grasped Harry's hardness through the thin under wear.

Harry's eyes closed as he moaned, his knees buckling beneath him. A sudden sense of melting filled Harry, causing him to open his eyes. When he did, he noticed that they had moved. But when? Now they were just a few feet from the mirror, sitting sprawled out on the ground completely reflected. Draco was sitting behind him, Draco's legs on the outside of his own. Draco winked at Harry through his reflection as he began kissing down the side of Harry's neck. Harry leaned back against Draco's body, feeling the soft, warm skin of Draco's chest against his bare back. Warm arms wrapped around Harry, going down to the his pajama pant's waist band. Harry lifted his lower body off the ground, balancing him self back against Draco. Draco slid down Harry's pants along with his under wear. Harry closed his eyes blushing as he fell back to the floor, kicking his pants and under wear out of the way.

" No Potter, open your eyes. I want you to watch.", Draco stated huskily.

Harry opened his eyes partly, blushing even more. Harry was taken back by what he saw. "There I am", thought Harry, "lying nude like some horny slut with Draco behind...". But Harry's thoughts quickly stopped as he saw Draco's face behind him, smiling at Harry through the mirror. Draco's tongue darted between his lips and suddenly licked a trail down the side of Harry's neck down to his shoulder. Harry shivered as he watched Draco's hand slide down his stomach, stroking down to his thigh.

Suddenly Draco's hand was wrapped around Harry's dick, and began slowly and firmly stroking him. Harry's head was brought back up to his reflection by a hand holding his chin . Harry moaned, trying to turn his head away from Draco's touch, but Draco was holding his head very firmly. Harry watched as his hips bucked involuntarily under Draco's administrations. It was some how comforting watching Draco do this to him. Being forced to watch Draco pleasure him like this made it some how more real to Harry. Harry's eyes slowly stopped showing signs of shame and started shining with pleasure instead. Draco's administrations were causing small cries to escape from Harry. Draco's fingers holding his chin were defiantly bruising him, but Harry didn't care anymore. His body was writhing into Draco behind him. Harry's hips were bucking up as his hands mindlessly grabbed at the air.

The whole time Harry was watching. Watching Draco's slim fingers wrapped around his dick, stroking, petting , pulling. Draco's pale skin shone against Harry's light almond color. Draco's smiling face nuzzling into Harry's neck, nipping against the skin along his shoulders. Harry felt something begin swirling through him. A warmth traveling down to his stomach. Harry began biting his bottom lip as he felt his climax start to rise.

Suddenly Harry's body fell back against Draco, his head falling back over Draco's shoulder, exposing his long pale neck. Harry came as Draco continued stroking him. Draco's other hand dropped to Harry's chest, holding him up against him. Harry bucked into Draco's hand one last time as Draco suddenly bite the sensitive part of Harry's neck where his neck joined to his shoulders. Harry's mind seemed to explode with different colors as his eyes shut tight. Draco was breathing heavily behind him, his hand still holding Harry's now limp penis , giving soft strokes. Harry's head rolled forward , opening his eyes to be greeted with the reflection of the scene and what he, himself, looked like.

Harry was completely relaxed against Draco, who was rubbing one of Harry's nipples dreamily. Harry body was flushed, but his face was surprisingly calm. Draco smiled at Harry through the mirror and began kissing the bleeding marks where he had previously bitten.

" So beautiful, beautiful. So nice...", Draco was murmuring.

Harry woke with a start, still hearing the words beautiful echo in his head. Harry pushed off his tangled sheets, throwing his feet over to the side of the bed. Harry jumped down from his bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Flipping on the lights, Harry covered his eyes as he walked the well known path to the sink. Rubbing his eyes, he looked up to his reflection. Staring coldly back at him was a young, sad looking man. With messy dark hair plastered to his forehead, slightly over hanging in front of his emerald green eyes. A person who hasn't slept well in months. Harry angrily swept his hair out of his eyes, glaring at his reflection."Not beautiful, not beautiful at all...", was the mantra playing in Harry's mind.

That's when he noticed the small pools of blood in the corners of his mouth. Harry licked his bottom lip, tasting copper. He'd bitten his lip again when he was dreaming, " God Harry, why don't you just bite it all the way off and stop teasing it", he thought grumpily.

Before he walked off back to bed, he wiped off the mess he had made in his pants. Deciding to just burn the under wear seemed better to make whatever poor house elf that got the awful task of cleaning Harry's clothes clean them. The elf already had enough bad opinions on Harry probably as is, why give it more.

Harry collapsed back onto his bed muttering the only name that made Harry's heart and body stir...

" Draco...:

Damn these dreams, Harry thought. Wanting something that I can't have.

Having a love that isn't returned......

( to be continued...)