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"Hermione, I have something to tell you...", Harry said, staring up at the sky as the sun set slowly.

"Is this about you being gay?", Hermione asked nonchalantly, looking directly into Harry's eyes. Harry choked, breaking eye contact to stare at a leaf falling to the ground from the tree above them.

"Really Harry, its no big thing." Hermione said, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze as he blushed.

"How did you know?", Harry asked, staring at the ground where the leaf now rested.

"Harry... I'm a girl.", Hermione replied as if it should have been obvious.

"So? Point being....."

"Harry, I hate to be a stereotypical girl here, but I could tell."

"Am I that obvious?!", Harry asked, briefly panicking about his behavior patterns.

"Oh come off it Harry, you know you don't act like a fairy or anything. Its just little things. I mean, like whatever happened to Cho? Or Ginny, she's pretty."

"Cho was crazy. And Ginny, well Ginny is Ron's sister!"

"That doesn't seem to phase other guys...", Hermione said, raising an eyebrow at Harry. True, Cho and Ginny did have a lot of suitors. But still, that didn't mean it was wrong if Harry didn't seem interested in them, did it? Hermione stood up and brushed her self off.

"So, if I may ask, who's the lucky guy?" , Hermione asked, smiling down at him.

"Its not official or anything...", Harry said, biting his bottom lip.

"Yeah, Draco's a good looking boy.", Hermione said, nodding a little as if going over Draco's traits in her mind. Truly, some times Harry wondered if Hermione really did see the future.

"God Hermione, why do you even bother asking?"

"Its more fun.", Hermione replied, laughing as she strode off towards the castle. " Come on Harry, almost time for supper." Harry stood up and chased after her as the sun finally set. Harry was once again grateful for such wonderful friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Draco's lips brushed over Harry's neck as he whispered something against his skin. Draco's breath was hot and wet as it trailed around his neck and ear. Harry struggled to focus one what Draco was saying but Draco's hands were doing a great job of distracting him. Draco's cool finger tips ran over his stomach underneath his shirt. They left trails of goosebumps where ever they went, causing Harry to shiver as Draco circled around his stomach.

"Draco.", Harry whispered, moaning softly as Draco brushed over one of his nipples.


"Kiss me again...", Harry said, closing his eyes at the sensations Draco was trailing over his abdomen. Draco sat up, straddling Harry's lap as they sat on the small couch. Draco sat still until Harry opened his eyes questioningly at him. Draco smiled, leaning forward and capturing Harry's gaze as pressed his mouth against Harry's soft lips. Harry instinctively opened his lips as Draco ran his tongue along his bottom lip. Draco explored Harry's mouth with his tongue as his hands explored his body. Harry moaned as Draco playfully pinched a nipple between his finger tips, tugging at it gently before traveling to the other.

Draco broke the kiss for a moment, sitting back a little as he wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled off the other boy' shirt. Draco paused for a moment to take in Harry's upper body. With its smooth, olive skin and slim, strong muscles. Harry shivered under Draco's intense gaze as Draco slowly ran a single finger down his chest. Harry closed his eyes as he felt Draco trail a finger over the few, scattered white scars which were randomly placed on his chest and stomach. Scars caused the many hard years in his life when he was either fighting with his uncle, random monsters, and in the end him self. Not that he was proud of any. Especially the ones he caused himself in moments of weakness. All of the scars represented so much turmoil in his life from the past and here Draco was, healing them and making Harry forget why they were there with a simple touch.

Draco leaned forward taking one of Harry's nipples in his burning , hot mouth. Harry gasped as Draco gently sucked on his chest, causing Harry to arch into his administrations as Draco continued to trail down Harry's body. Harry placed a hand gently on the back of Draco's head, running his fingers through the fine, soft hairs on Draco's neck. A flush spread over Harry's body as Draco's hands ran over him, rubbing his cool touch into his arms, stomach, back, everything. His touch leaving trails of goosebumps over Harry's exposed skin.

Harry bit his lip in pleasure as Draco's tongue began following his cool touches. The sensation of cold and hot causing Harry to writhe underneath Draco. Draco loved Harry's body, it fascinated him the way he could effect it. It was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. The smooth skin which went on for miles it seemed. The long , graceful legs which could wrap so strongly around him. The way Harry's body could, and did fit against him so perfectly was enough to cause Draco's chest to swell each time he saw Harry, or even thought about him. It was like Harry could cause Draco's breathe to catch in his chest, he could make it hard for Draco to breathe with a simple smile.

Suddenly Harry pulled him up for another kiss, Harry's lips capturing his own in a bruising kiss. Sensations swam through Draco's body at Harry's sudden embrace. Harry's hand ran up under the back of Draco's shirt, scratching his nails softly up Draco's spine. Draco shivered as Harry's warm hands touched him so eagerly. Harry's hands trailed down his back before resting on Draco's backside, pulling Draco's hips against this as Harry kissed him passionately. Draco gasped into Harry's mouth as he ground him self against Harry. Draco broke the kiss, panting heavily against Harry's cheek as Harry's rubbed against him. Harry began kissing down Draco's neck , softly nipping as his pulse.

Draco let out a frustrated growl as he pulled back from Harry's administrations, quickly shedding himself of his own shirt. He instantly went back in Harry's embrace, moaning at the sensation of skin against skin. Draco sat up pulling Harry to the ground on top him, enjoying the sensation over the carpet gently scratching his back with Harry's light, warm body on top of him. Draco finally saw the benefit of getting his own room and was grateful for once at Dumbledore who suggested moving into the tower when tensions with other Slytherins continued to rise. Harry breathed heavily as he looked down at Draco beneath him. The lush, black carpet contrasted nicely to the golden white hair which was disheveled from the sudden fall. Not to forget Draco's pale skin, and his crooked , sly smile . The site Draco presented just then was enough to make Harry's breath catch in his chest and his heart to swell. Draco squirmed erotically underneath him. Harry wondered if Draco realized how he looked just then. How beautiful he truly was. If he didn't, Harry silently swore to him self he's spend his life trying to show Draco how much he loved him.

"Bedroom?", Draco asked softly, his voice sensually husky as he raised an eye brown playfully at Harry. Harry smiled as he leaned forward down onto Draco, nuzzling Draco's neck with kisses. Draco sat up, sliding out from underneath Harry. Draco reached down and grabbed Harry's hand, pulling him to his feet and guiding him to the bedroom.

Draco lead Harry to the bed, laying him down to rest on top on the covers, quickly laying down next to him. Draco began kissing down Harry's neck as his hands ran up his sides. Harry barely noticed the hand sliding down his stomach until he felt the cool fingertips unbutton the top button of his jeans, followed by the sound of his zipper. Draco pulled back from the kiss, letting go of Harry's btoom lip from his teeth gently last as sat back on the bed. Harry raised his hips as Draco gently tugged down Harry's pants along with his boxers. Harry's body flushed as Draco's slowly exposed him. Draco sat back on his legs as he took in the site of Harry's nude form.

Draco reached a hand out and ran it gently up Harry's outer thigh. Draco looked up into Harry's eyes, emotions which were all too clear to Harry shining through. Harry finally was able to exhale as he read the love in Draco's eyes. Draco crawled slowly on top of Harry, not breaking eye contact as he kissed Harry deeply. As Draco's eyes stared into Harry's , his emotions, his love showing so clearly to him, a tear slide onto Harry's cheek. It took a moment for Harry to realize it was his own as Draco broke the kiss a rose a hand to gently brush it away, kissing where it had been before Draco gently kissed Harry's lips once again. "I love you Harry...", Draco whispered as a tear slid down Draco's own cheek, much to Draco's surprise. Harry wrapped his arms as tight as he could around Draco, never wanting to to let go, wanting to pull Draco into him self, to make Draco part of him. And suddenly the empty part in Harry's body which had been tearing him apart slowly, suddenly stopped beating down so hard on him. It seemed to stop for once, and suddenly the pain wasn't so awful.

"I love you too, Draco...", Harry whispered, a silent sob racking Harry's body because he knew it was true. Draco suddenly wasn't afraid of being in love. Suddenly, it was ok. Because it was Harry, his Harry. Harry who loved him. Some how Harry managed to sit up a little, causing Draco to sit back in front of him. Harry kissed Draco neck as as he unzipped Draco's pants and pulled the last remaining articles of clothing off of him. Harry laid back down , pulling Draco on top of him. Both boys moaned as their bodies pressed together. "Draco... I want you...", Harry softly whispered against Draco's ear. Draco moaned erotically as Harry whispered gently into his ear. Draco forced him self to sit up and reach over towards the night stand table. He grabbed the small vial and returned immediately to Harry's embrace. Draco kissed Harry as applied some of the liquid to Harry's entrance. After a few moments of gently probing and preparation, Draco finally applied some of the gel to him self before resting his body between Harry's legs.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco as Draco slowly guided himself into Harry. Harry bit his lip at the slight, sharp pains Draco was causing. Draco paused , looking into Harry's eyes for guidance.Harry shook his head, mouthing "its ok" . Draco took once last moment to kiss Harry passionately before pushing all the way into him. Harry gasped at the sudden feeling of being filled.The pain suddenly numbing away to be replaced with a mixture of pleasure and pressure. Harry reassuring wrapped his legs around Draco as Draco slowly began pushing in and out of him. Suddenly Draco's slow pace brushed up against something in Harry, causing Harry's body to arch up into Draco's thrusts.

Draco couldn't believe how tight and hot Harry felt. It was unbelievable to think this simple act could feel this intense. And it was all too much. Not only the feelings Harry's body was causing, but also the emotions that came along with it. This is HARRY who's causing my body to feel like this. Its Harry who's making my heart burst. Its Harry.... and I wouldn't want it to be any one else. Suddenly Harry's body was thrusting up against his , causing Draco to moan deeply, his pace increasing. Harry gasped as pleasure over took his body. Suddenly Draco was pushing faster and harder into him and it felt, if possible, even better than before. Harry began moaning Draco's name unconsciously as Draco thrust-ed into him.

Hearing his name being chanted from those lips made Draco gasp with the emotions such a simple act was able to cause. Draco reached between their bodies and grasped Harry's dick in his hand. Stroking him along with his thrusts, making Harry go at the same rhythm with him.Harry's hands clawed at Draco's back as Draco grasped him, the pleasure the most intense thing he'd ever felt. Draco felt himself near the edge as he thrust into Harry. Harry felt the same pressure rising in him self as Draco's rhythm suddenly sped up. And just as Harry felt he couldn't hold back any longer he suddenly felt Draco release his seed him. The feeling causing Harry to go over the edge as Draco continued thrusting into him. Draco cried out as he came, seconds later Harry's walls contracting around him as Harry did the same. Harry spilling his cum between the two boy's bodies as Draco continued to thrust until finally slowing down. Draco remained inside of Harry a moment longer before pulling out and falling to the bed beside Harry.

Harry's arm wrapped around Draco beside him as both boys breathed heavily, their eyes closed in concentration. No doubt both their minds racing with what just happened. Draco wrapped him arm in return around Harry's waist, pulling their sweaty bodies together. Suddenly sobs racked Draco's tired body. His emotions flooding with love and a sense of completeness. And Harry had to join in on the tears because suddenly that empty spot in him had no only stopped growing, but now suddenly he knew it was filled. And he also knew what had been missing. Draco...

" I love you Draco..." , Harry whispered loud enough for Draco to hear as he buried his head in Draco's chest. Draco wrapped him arms tightly around Harry, his heart slowing down to a bearable, but still speeding rhythm. And for some reason Draco knew that with Harry, his heart would always be racing. " I love you Harry." Draco kissed the top of Harry's head as he felt Harry's breathing slowing down. Moments later he knew Harry's had fallen asleep. Draco soon joined Harry in sleep, for once having a dreamless rest. Because he didn't need to dream any more, he had everything he needed resting in his arms.

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