Author's Note: This takes place from where Weekenders In High School: Freshman Year left off, so be sure to be familiar with that.

(TUESDAY, 9:45, TINO'S HOUSE, CARVER and TINO'S MOM stare at each other in horror.)

CARVER: OH MY GOSH! I'M SO SO SORRY! I don't know what I was thinking!

TINO'S MOM: No, Carver. I initiated it, I was just so upset about Dixon. I can't believe I did that, I mean, I'm not even attracted to you.

CARVER: Well. let's not say things we can't take back.

TINO'S MOM: Carver.

CARVER: Yeah, sorry. Oh my god, Tino must be going NUTS! What're we going to do? Someone's going to have to talk him down, and he's not going to want to talk to me.

TINO'S MOM: You? Any anger he has to you, he's going to feel to me ten- fold.

CARVER: I somehow doubt that.

(TUESDAY, 9:58, TISH'S front door, TINO rings the doorbell, TISH answers it. TINO immediately enters the house)

TISH: Tino? What're you-

TINO: Hi Tish, how're you?

TISH: Um. okay.

TINO: Yeah, that's 'cause nobody's making out with your Mom! [TINO notices TISH'S MOM is in the room for the first time] Hi, Mrs. Katsufrakis.

TISH: Don't tell me, you walked in on your mom and Dixon making out and you got all. you-like.

TINO: Oh no! No. I've gotten past that.

TISH (non-believingly): Oh?

TINO: Yes. I still run from the room, but I've managed to stop shouting, "LEAVE MY MOMMY ALONE!" Anyways, this is much worse than that.

TISH: So it doesn't have to do with your Mom making out, because when you sa-

TINO: Oh, oh, it has to do with my Mom making out. But it's who that frightens me, and it wasn't Dixon.

TISH: Oh god! I was afraid this would happen. She was with that blonde woman, Lor and I saw her cuddling with on the beach that one time, wasn't she?

TINO: No, it was-Wait. what?

TISH: Oh. that wasn't it. well, good thing I was joking. So, who was it?

TINO: Carver!

TISH: You're joking!

TINO: I am doing no such thing! I walked in from dropping you off and there he was, making out with my Mom!

TISH: Tino, are you sure? You have a tendancy to over-react. Remember that time your Mom ran into Coach Collsen in the supermarket and you called the police claiming he was a stalker who was trying to rape your mother?

TINO: Hey, eventually he'll be revealed for the sexual predator he is.

TISH: The point is, Tino, that are you absolutely sure they were making out?

TINO: That isn't exactly a thing you can be mistaken about, they made out.

TISH: Well. I can't believe Carver would do this, worse I can't believe your MOM would do this.

TINO: I think Carver probably drugged her.

TISH: You don't think it's possible your Mom initiated it?


TISH: I'm just saying, you should give Carver the benefit of the doubt. He is a good friend. At any rate you should talk to them about it.

TINO: How could I talk to my Mom about this! Do you know how awkward that would be? And Carver's my best friend, this is just so weird!

TISH: Wait, I'm not your best friend?

TINO: Not the time, Tish. You know what I want to do? I want to find him and kick his ass. will you help me?

TISH: Look, just talk to them. I promise it'll do you good.

TINO: It's late I'd better get back.

TISH: Okay. Love you.

TINO: Love you too. And Tish, I just want you to know that I would never make out with your Mom, under any circumstances. [To TISH'S MOM] Bye Mrs. Katsufrakis. [HE leaves.]

(TUESDAY, 10:12 PM, TINO enters the house, TINO'S MOM is there, alone, pacing back and forth, she spots TINO who is heading up stairs)

TINO'S MOM: Tino, I am so sorry! Dixon and I had broke up and I was distraught and-

[Without saying a word TINO continues upstairs and shuts his door. TINO'S MOM sits on the couch, buries her head in her hands and begins to cry.]

(WEDNESDAY, 10:28 AM, CARVER'S house, CARVER sits on the couch by himself flipping through the channels on TV, HE hears the doorbell ring. HE answers it. It's LOR.)

LOR: You alone?

CARVER: Except for Todd, yeah.

LOR: What were you thinking, dude!!!

CARVER: I'm guessing you heard.

LOR: Yeah, Tish called me this morning. Have you lost your mind?

CARVER: Is it really that bad?

LOR: If it was a sister, I might've been with you. Maybe a hot-looking aunt. But a mom? You really crossed the line, dude.

CARVER: You're right. I feel terrible. Tino must be going nuts. Have you talked to him?

LOR (bitterly): No, apparently Tish thinks she should handle Tino and I should handle you. So I suppose you haven't talked to him either?

CARVER: Nah. I wanted to call him, but I didn't have the nerve too. I'm not going to ever be able to hang out with him again, you know?

LOR: Really?

CARVER: If he'd made out with my mom, he'd be lucky I didn't kill him. I can't ever expect him to talk to me again.

LOR: So what'll happen? How're we going to be able to hang out with Tino and you?

CARVER: Well. maybe. I should take a step-back from the group.

LOR: Carver, no!

CARVER: One of us is going to have to, and sure as hell shouldn't have to be him.

LOR: Dude. this sucks. But it may not have to come to that, just. give it some time, okay? I'll talk to Tish after she finds out how Tino's doing and let you know, okay?

CARVER: Alright, seeya, Lor.

LOR: Seeya. [SHE leaves.]

(WEDNESDAY, 11:09 AM, TINO'S house, TINO'S MOM sits on the couch, the TV's on but she's not paying attention to it, the doorbell rings. TINO'S MOM answers it, it's TISH.)

TINO'S MOM: Oh. Hi Tish. Tino's upstairs.

TISH: Okay. Um, Ms. Tonitini, I don't know if it's my place. but can I say something?

[TINO'S MOM nods.]

TISH: You really did a very stupid thing.

[TINO'S MOM nods again.]

TISH: Okay, I just felt I needed to say that. [SHE heads upstairs, to TINO'S room. SHE knocks on the door. No answer. SHE knocks again. No answer.] Tino? It's me.

TINO'S VOICE: Oh, come in.

[TISH does so. SHE finds him sitting on his bed, reading]

TISH: Hey you, how you holding up?

TINO: Me? I'm hunky-dory, thanks for asking. Haven't left the room in more then twelve-hours, but hunky-dory.

TISH: You haven't left the door in twelve-hours. What about going to the bathroom?

TINO: Well, I didn't want to risk seeing my Mom is I left so I've just sort of held it. I haven't had to go really bad because I haven't eaten or drunk anything in the past twelve-hours either.

TISH: Tino, you can't go on like this! Eventually you're going to have to talk to her, she's your mother! Actually, I've been thinking about it, and I'm 15 years old, I think I'm past the age where communication with my mother is a must.

TINO: No, no, I'm serious.

TISH: Is there anything I can do?

TINO: I don't think so.

TISH (grinning): I think I know what could cheer you up

TINO (sulkily): No, anything that has to do with that makes me think of Carver and my mom.

TISH: Look, I'm going to leave if you're going to be like this. TALK TO YOUR MOM! Okay? Bye.

[SHE kisses him on the cheek and leaves. TINO sits on the bed for a moment, and slowly gets up and walks downstairs. TINO'S MOM notices him and stands up, staring worriedly. There's silence as they stare at each other, until.]

TINO: .Hey.

TINO'S MOM: .You mean that?

TINO: Yeah, I guess.

TINO'S MOM: Tino, I'm so sorry. Dixon and I had just broken up, I was distraught. I'm not remotely attracted to Carver.

TINO: Right.

TINO'S MOM: I would have kissed anyone at that stage of vulnerability. if it had been Lor I would have-

TINO: Not the direction to go, Mom.

TINO'S MOM: Right, right, I'm just. sorry.

TINO: I understand. Just think next time. I don't have enough friends that I can lose one every time you break up with a guy.

TINO'S MOM: What do you mean lose one? You're not going to stop being friends with-

TINO: Maternal advice, *really*?

TINO'S MOM: Tino, you've been friends with Car-

TINO: Hey Mom, who's the blonde woman Tish said she saw you cuddling with on the beach?

[Long pause.]

TINO'S MOM: Okay, so, you're not friends with Carver anymore, that's understandable.

(THURSDAY, 3:04 PM, Pizza Place, TINO, TISH and LOR sit.)

TINO: So this is great, eh? The three of us, eating a pizza?

TISH: Yeah, I hardly notice that there's a seat sitting there ominously empty.

LOR: Er. Tino. By the way. I sort of invited Carver.

TINO: WHAT? I can't talk to him! How could you do that?

LOR: Well, I just. I felt bad for him, you know?

TINO: Felt bad for him?!? He made out with my mom! Look, guys, I can't deal with him right now, I'd hope you'd be able to accept that.

LOR: Alright, alright, I'm sorry.

TINO: Okay.

[Camera moves away from the to show the outside of the pizza place, CARVER walks the door , about to walk in, HE stops and watches the three of them for a second through the window, he hesitates for a second, and then turns slowly and begins to walk back up the sidewalk.]