Author's Introduction

Hello all! I hope you all like my little story, because it's been here in my head forever, and I need to let it out. This begins in the summer following Order of the Pheonix, and will contain spoilers. I promise to try and keep everyone as plausible and in character as possible.

In this section, I will hereby cover my ass. This story is rated R, for my dirty mouth and dirtier mind. You have been warned. Another warning: The places aren't mine. The magic isn't mine. The characters, no matter how much they'd like to be, aren't mine. Well, one is. I may throw in a few extra when the whim strikes. The plot belongs to me as well, something I may live to regret saying later on. But probably not. It should turn out well. In summary, everything recognizable belongs to JK Rowling. And this is not suitable for children. I'm not saying it again. If this changes, I'll let you know.

The one character that belongs to me is Lorena. You'll get a formal introduction to her once the story starts, but I wanted you to know her name. It is from her prospective that the prologue is written. The rest of the story will be third person omniscent (guess who pays attention in English class, like the nerd I am?). This is the only part that isn't. I was compelled to write it in diary form, so I did. The next chapter will begin about 24 hours before the prologue is being written. Don't expect to understand the way my mind functions. Just accept it and everything will work itself out. This is also way shorter than the rest of the chapters will be, so don't complain in your review. Because I know you're going to review, right?



You could add this scene to the long list of things I'm sure no one would ever guess about Severus. I can see him through the open door as he sits in his office, recording the last of the grades before we leave for the summer. He's facing me, and I can see his dark eyes framed in small, square, golden eyeglasses. I think it's from vanity that he only wears them when he reads, but I really find this image appealing. A white quill twirls in his fingers as he waits for another excuse to use it. Despite what I'm sure everyone thinks, he really does seem to enjoy this job. I can tell by the way he hums while he's working. This is the one fact I alone know, and it brings a smile to my face. The only other soul to brave these dungeons has been the headmaster, and his presence is announced with a knock that arrives in time to bring Severus out of his revery before the secret is discovered. He himself isn't aware of this habit.

It's amazing in a way, that aside from Dumbledore, I probably know him better than anyone else. Amazing, because it was at about this time yesterday that we first met. In that time I've heard stories of his childhood and Death Eater days. I've learned that he can play the piano and loves Edgar Allen Poe almost as much as I do. I feel lucky to be where I am, as odd as that may sound. Lucky, because I know that I'm the only person he's let behind his walls so easily. I also know how close I am to falling in love with him, at least I think so. That's probably the oddest and most amazing thing of all, luck and closeness be damned. Imagine! Wondering if I'm falling in love with my own husband. Maybe I'll take another day to decide.


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