Cabin Fever

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Cabin Fever

Chapter One - Pass or Fail

The young CEO of Kaiba Corp. sat in his desk reading, just as he did every morning. He lifted his head slightly and watched his classmates join the room.

First to join the room was Yugi and his Yami. They chatted quietly until they noticed Kaiba glance at them. Yami continued to his desk, while it was common knowledge that he and Kaiba despised each other more than anything else.

Yugi however smiled and waved to Kaiba who just snorted and returned back to his book. Yugi took no offence to Kaiba's action and walked over to his dark side. Yugi had always been as nice as possible to Kaiba, only god knew why.

Kaiba ignored the rest of the class as they entered best he could. He pretended to read a book while he was truly deep in thought.

Why must Yugi be so damn nice to me? Why can't he just leave me the hell alone? I have given him every reason to hate me, just like I have to everyone else in the fuckin' school. Damn that Yugi.

"Alright class," the teacher began, pulling Kaiba from his thoughts. "I have here in my hand, permission slips to this year's class trip." Although, most of the class cheered, the teacher was able to find Kaiba's snort among them.

"Do you have something to add Mr. Kaiba?" Her eyes narrowed and she glared at the boy in question.

"Not a thing." Kaiba replied in his usual calm voice.

"Good, because you are required to come this year."
"What!?" Kaiba was instantly on his feet jaw dropped and eyes the size of diner plates.

She smirked. It wasn't very often a teacher got to rub Kaiba's face in something, but when they did, they played it fro all it was worth.

"You have to come this year, Mr. Kaiba. Would you like me to repeat that a third time for you?" Most of the class snickered until Kaiba shot everyone in the room full force Kaiba Glares.

Kaiba looked back to the front of the room. If look could kill, the teacher would have been dead a thousand times over. "And if I refuse?" Kaiba asked, his voice calm and cold like normal.

"You fail." Those two word struck Kaiba hard in the chest. Although he didn't show it, Kaiba was a little nervous. He had never failed anything before in his life.

Kaiba shoved all feeling aside before speaking again. "How could I fail for not coming on the class trip?" Kaiba's voice was getting colder with each word. By the end of the question, you could hear the ice fall off of it.

"Because, Seto," That was it. No one called Kaiba "Seto" unless they had a death wish. Kaiba grinded his teeth at hearing his name used as an insult to him. "It requires class participation. Everyone is required to come on the class trip unless they has a reasonable excuse. You don't have one, so you come or you fail."

"But I have a good reason." Kaiba blurted out. He was going to get out of this trip one way or another. "I have a company to run and a little brother to take care of. Aren't those reasons good enough for you?" Kaiba was still standing with his fists on his desk. He looked thoroughly pissed off.

"Sit down Mr. Kaiba. I will discuss this with you later." Kaiba sat back down but not before catching a glance at the person behind him.

Joey Wheeler

He looks so smug. He must think it is really funny watching me argue with that bitch. No, but that is not what he is so happy about. Its not the fact that I was fighting with her, its that fact that I lost to her.

"Alright class, as I was saying earlier, prier to our interruption, this year's class trip will be up in the mountains. We are going on a ski trip." Everyone one in the class cheered except for Kaiba. "Here, pass these back. I want these back in a week, signed with your $120 for your room."

At that last sentence, Kaiba heard Joey gulp behind him. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the Wheeler's were broke. Joey's dad was a bum who couldn't keep a job. There was no way in hell, Joey would ever have enough money.

(Kaiba POV)

Class was worse than ever that day. That bitch of a teacher wanted to talk to me after school about me not having to go on that lame ass field trip.

Finally class was over. I wanted to get this over with as fast as possible. I had to go get Mokuba and still make to the office to get at least some work done today.

"Good Kaiba, you stayed." I hated her so much. Her voice was always so damn annoying. I swear it was worse than nails on a chalkboard.

"Yeah. Now can we make this quick? I have a company to run and my time is better spent else where." I didn't have time for her crap.

"Alright than, Mr. Kaiba. Your company can wait a few days for your return. Its not like you run it all by yourself. That and your brother is how old now?"

This was getting really irritating. "He's 12."

"Right. He is 12 years old. He can live without you for a few short day. Besides, there are lots of maids at your house, that could take care of him if he needed anything."

Ok, that just went from annoying to suspicious. How did she now I had lots of people constantly around the house at all times. No teacher knew that much about my personal life. Something had to be up.

I didn't say anything to her, I just walked right out the door into the hall. I couldn't leave Mokuba by himself. I just couldn't. But maybe she was right.No! Don't think like that! Mokuba needs you to stay home!

I walked out to my limo that was waiting for me. I didn't want to wait for my chauffer, so I opened the door myself and then slammed it shut.

"To the grade school, and hurry like your job depends on it." I love making threat like that. Nothing makes my day like scaring some of my workers into think that they were about to lose there jobs. If I could, it would put a smile on my face. But thank god, I can't smile.

Meanwhile (Joey's POV)

There is no way I am going to get $120 dollars in a week. I need the money for the trip but there is no way in hell I am going to be able to get enough in time.

I decided to talk to my homeroom teacher and tell her that I wasn't going to go on the trip. I watched Kaiba leave the room. Man, he was pissed again. Who am I kidin'? Kaiba's always pissed at something or another.

"Oh, hello Joey. What can I help you with?" the teacher asked when I walked into the room.

"I just wanted to tell you that I won't be able to go on the trip. I'm not actually going to fail, am I?" I wasn't actually worried about failing. I would much rather fail because of my shitty grades instead of not going on a trip though.

"Of course not Joey. That whole thing this morning was just to scared Mr. Kaiba into coming on the trip. Just between you and me, his brother begged me to do it so that his brother would take a brake from work." I smiled.

That was pretty cool of Mokuba to care so much about his older brother like that. I knew Mokuba to know he tends to worry about Kaiba's health a lot. I feel sorry for the little guy actually.

"So tell me Joey, why can't you make it to the trip. It's going to be lot of fun." Well I knew that. I wanted to go more than anything, but then I heard about the $120.

"I can't afford it." I said as quietly as I could hoping she wouldn't hear me. Well, it was just my luck, she did.

"Don't worry about it Joey. I'll take care of it. You just worry about getting permission and I will worry about the money problems. Deal?" She held out her hand to me and I shook it.


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