Alright here isthe ending to cabin fever. It is nothing special. Not ever anything good but it is the only ending i have. Enjoy.

One Year More

My Journal…

It's been a year since the ski trip out class took. It was definitely a trip I will never forget. As of tomorrow it will be a whole year. Our one year anniversary. I still don't know what happened there to make us come together. Was it us having to be in the same room or was it something else?


I would love to believe it was fate but I won't.

You don't like the thought of fate. You want to believe you are in charge of your destiny. So did you plan it? I should hope not you bastard. You will not run my life. It is mine and mine alone.

Ryou is fine. He used to cry a lot but he has gotten over it. We both know what happened…or who happened to make that stop. Mokuba is not the person I ever saw with Ryou. But if they're happy…

Otogi never gives anybody problems about being gay ever since Mokuba's coming out a couple of months back. Actually his hasn't done anything like that in a year. Yami did something and don't think I really want to know what it was.

So what about tomorrow? What will we do for our anniversary? Are you even going to remember? No…you'll end up working all night like always.

It pisses me off how little time we get to spend together. I know how it goes though. First Mokuba, then work, than me. I think that's how it goes. Maybe I'm even further back on your list.

You are first on mine though. Well, when we finally are together nothing else could take me away from you. I love when we get sit beside each other. Nothing is said. Most of the time we aren't even touching but we're together.


Jou looks up from his notebook at looks at the clock. Ten minute left of class and than freedom. Seto is in the seat behind him reading. Jou looks back at him and taps his book.

No answer.

Jou writes a note to Seto and folds it into a paper football and manages to flick it back to his boyfriend. Seto sighs and picks up the note…

Anything for this weekend?


Seto sighs again. Only Jou would write a short note like that and spend time folding it and toss in backwards. Ten minutes is all he would have had to wait but no patience in him. Seto guessed that's why he is so cute.

Seto doesn't worry to reply and goes back to his book. Jou of course not wanting to take no answer as and answer write another note and sends it back. Seto opens it…

Do you enjoy ignoring me?

Seto resists the urge to strangle the blonde and continuers to read.

Jou simple sits back in his seat and pouts. What is he going to do with him?

That's it. Since I have had no luck ending this story, I am just going to leave it there. Seto and jou are together. Ryou and mokuba are together. Otogi hates the world and that's it.

I have honestly spent the past year trying to figure out how to finish it. Kill me if you want but that's all I have. It's just kinda simple that way.

Anyways, if I ever get around to it. There will be side stories to explain Ryou/Mokuba/Bakura and the Yami vs. otogi stuff.

Happy Reading