Life so complicated:

An All My Children love triangle-


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Okay, pretend the rape did not happen and therefore there will be no "rape pregnancy" for Bianca.


Okay, Lena was released on the 4th of July from jail and the charges erased. La Kane Wedding Fiasco 2003 came and went. Bianca and Lena just took off the very next day. However, the night before-Lena presented Bianca with two wedding bands. They flew over to Vermont (is that the state that has legalized same-sex marriages?) and signed numerous legal papers (Thanks to Uncle Jack, of course) that gave the other one "power of attorney" authorizing each other as the sole guardian to each other. The exchanged rings and took their vows. They were now legally married-till death do them part (maybe). Now, they are back from their honeymoon, slash, Summer Jaunt to Europe. They truly had an adventure of a lifetime. It's now early fall, the leaves had started to change color. Ah, to be living in New England at this beautiful time of year. They were making plans for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and of course, Valentines' Day. This holiday season would begin a wonderful, happy life together. One that Bianca had been desperate to find. She could hardly believe it, she was so young and her life was almost like a fairy tale come true. Erica had hired Lena back; however, not as the CFO. She gave Lena a "promotion" and a raise of sorts. Erica would never trust Lena with the finical future of her legacy to Bianca. Instead, she gave Lena the title of Chief Operating Officer/Vice President of Promotions with shares in Enchantment Enterprises, Inc. Enough to give Lena the finical freedom to not only take care of her mother in Chicago, but to be worthy of Bianca; but, not enough to try some corporate take-over plot. Not that Erica thought that Lena would do anything that could cost her Bianca and a future with her, but the past is always a good indicator to how you can trust someone. Bianca and Lena moved into Uncle Jackson's loft after he and Erica eloped at City Hall (Mother loved BIG showy weddings, however, after 10 attempts at it-Uncle Jack didn't want to take another chance of disaster striking him again. He had been burnt one too many times.) Jackson and Reggie moved into the penthouse.

They had only been away on their European Jaunt for about 6-weeks. Time sure moved fast. From the time Lena first declared her love, the discovery of Lena's lies and involvement with Michael Cambias, and the return from Europe. A total of 2 months, 3 weeks, and 4 days of the ups-n-downs of the Love Roller Coaster; it had been mainly highs rather than lows. I guess that's why Lena was able to cover-up most of her sickness, Bianca hadn't been around to witness it. That and Lena was pretty good con-artist (probably better than Leo and his psychotic mother, Vanessa put together) so lying with an unsuspecting "I am so innocent" look on her face wasn't that difficult; Lena after all had been doing it for over 6 years now. However, it was on the trip that Bianca began to notice certain tall-tale signs of something wrong. Even though, Lena wouldn't let on, she was miserable. Bianca tried to convince her to go to a hospital but Lena refused, stating that she doesn't like hospitals and especially European hospitals. Bianca let the doctor thing go while on the trip, but she was determined to get Lena to see Doctor Joe, if Lena was still sick when they got home. They arrived home and Lena was not doing any better, so with no exceptions and threaten to drag her Polish butt there if she had to, Bianca took Lena in to see Dr. Joe early the next morning. Despite the fact that they both were dead tired. Lena had gone willingly enough, feeling sick to her stomach.

They had arrived to the ER, were taken to the private room. Dr. Joe came in within 5 minutes. Bianca described the symptoms to Dr. Joe: Nausea- especially, in the mornings/her ankles have swollen/she's "late". "Hey, I don't think he needs to know that," Lena said all offended all of the sudden. "And, did I say extreme mood swings. She's been mainly cranky a lot." Dr. Joe just laughed and said that he'd have to run some test. He did a once-over and he had took some of Lena's blood. It had been all of maybe 30 minutes for all the physical examination and the blood to be drawn. He laid Lena back and told her to relax. As, he went to leave Bianca followed him out. Seeing the young woman looked extremely concerned, Dr. Joe just chuckled as he put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Bianca. I don't think it's anything major or life-threaten. If, anything I am willing to bet from the symptoms you've just described to me. That Lena is very much pregnant. We'll need to wait for the results to come in, for confirmation. Once we've done that, we will do an ultra- sound to see how far along she is. Now, if you're excuse me I'll go get those lab techs to hurry-up."

Standing in utter-shock and amazement. I guess it never occurred to her, but it wasn't totally impossible. "How could I've missed the signs? Pregnant, Lena is pregnant?" This just wasn't fair, they had just gotten their lives together and were happy for once; and now Michael Cambias has once again weaseled himself into their lives again, this time for good.