Part 6-

Lena was lounging on the couch when Bianca walked through the door with a hot dinner from BJ's, a bag full of ice cream for late night cravings, and a smaller sack full of prenatal vitamins with a booklet on prenatal health and exercise clenched between her teeth. She shut the door with her foot and made her way to the kitchen counter, not letting a guilt-ridden Lena take any of the bags.

She put away the ice cream into the freezer, got out the plates/silverware and some napkins, and got out dinner fixing it on the plates. Lena sat and marveled with a smile on her face thinking about how lucky she was to have such an attentive and caring wife. With the booklet placed back between her teeth Bianca brought both plates over to the table, giving Lena the larger portion, and placed the booklet between the both of them. She then went to get the glasses of Orange Juice and 2% Milk, one each for the both of them.

Lena waited for Bianca to sit before taken the napkin and placing it into her lap and grabbing the folk and prepare to devour the Chicken and Rice with Green Bean Casserole and two buttered rolls on the side. They sat and ate in silence, while Bianca perused over the prenatal health and exercise booklet Lena watched her with a hint of bemusement. It amazed her at how absolutely caring, selfless, and strong her wife could be. As they finished their meal, Bianca got out some prenatal vitamins for Lena.

"I know it's not what you've been look forward to all-day, but we got to take care of you and that little bundle of joy you're carrying." Bianca said after noticing the grimace on her wife's face, as she patted Lena's now already slightly showing tummy.

"Yeah, you're just happy as can be not to have to be the one to carry the bundle of joy, go through 9 months of morning sickness, swollen ankles, and the pea sized bladder, to finally spend 32 hours of agonizing hours of labor to squeeze out a 8 lbs bundle of joy. The next one is your's to have, my dear!" Lena finished in a mocking tone. It however, did not deter Bianca at all, she just leaned over and kissed Lena's bare tummy (after have left the shirt up) and make googily baby noise while telling the fetus, "Don't worry mommy is just cranky right now, once you get here she'll be as happy can be. We'll both be so proud of you." She finished the baby talk and looked up at Lena and told her "You know I don't care what gender this child is, I just want it to be healthy, safe, and happy. I love you so much, beautiful!" Bianca ended as she rose up and finally pressed her lips to her wife's lips gently, but soon it turned to passion. They soon got up and made their way to their bedroom.