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Revenge on The Nerd

"So, is ALL your hair red then?" The beautiful model asked, sipping her champagne.

"Well, why don't you have a look?" Ron replied suavely.

"Oh, Ron! I can't imagine life without you! Take me now Ron!" He leaned in to kiss her

"Ron! Ron!" hang on. This wasn't her voice.. "Ron! Wake up!"

*Dammit.* thought Ron, opening his eyes and seeing Harry's face close to his.

"Ron, you weren't about to kiss me there were you?"

"No, don't worry mate."

Harry sauntered off, looking rather disappointed. Ron sighed and pulled himself out of bed. How he wished he was back in his own little world, where he was 'Ron Bond'-Superspy, getting all the girls and saving the world. But no, he was plain old Ron Weasley, second to Harry Potter. How he'd love to show everyone that he was just as heroic as Harry. But it would never happen. Or would it?

Ron wandered around for a while until he came to a room. Inside was Voldemort, trying to kill Harry. Ron watched as Voldemort sent a curse towards Harry. He decided that this was as good a time as any to save Harry's butt and be praised for it too. So he took a running leap into the path of the red beam of light.

*So this is what it feels like to be heroic! I could get used to this!* he thought.

But then it went wrong. Very wrong.

You see, it was at that moment that Ron realised that he was colour-blind, and that the light was in fact green.

*Oh great* he thought as he realised that it had just killed him. *But then again, they'll give me loads of attention AFTER I'm dead!*

But unfortunately, he didn't. Everyone decided that Harry had suffered the most in this ordeal, and he needed loads of attention. Ron's body lay in a corner, until it was used as a scarecrow by Hagrid.