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Chapter 1 - Uncertainty

Higurashi Kagome placed her hand over the small, round jewel that reflected its scarlet light in the brightly-lit room. She wanted to read it, to brush her mind's eye across its smooth surface and probe the secrets of its owner.

With a sigh, she walked tiredly into the bathroom and turned on the tap, watched as steam rose from the bottom of the tub. Tears spilled over and ran down cheeks as memories of the day bubbled and surfaced in her mind.

Memories of rough hands pushing her against the wall were still fresh. Kagome never liked the night, of its darkness and what lurks in it. Now she has a reason to fear it more..

Her hand absently reached and felt the bruise that was forming on her neck. It was robbery, she told her self; yet deep down, she knew it was much more than that. The attacker was far stronger than she and had attacked with frightening wildness, but when she was forced to look into his eyes, she had been stunned by the sadness in its depth.

Why did he attack? It was her question. But what had puzzled her more was another. Why did he stop? Of course, nothing good would come out of taking her life, but she still pondered the reason why he had suddenly released his grip and ran away, into the night, leaving her stunned by her self.

Kagome yelped as she realized the bath was overflowing. She switched off the tapped and stepped into the hot water.

There was a reason why she hadn't reported the attack.

She knew the face of the attacker, knew his name.


The exchange student who was still new to her school. He never talked in class, never socialized with others. In fact he was not seen at school most of the time. Why would he attack?

Kagome examined the scarlet jewel in her hand, she had brought it with her in her absent minded state. Inuyasha had left it behind.. dropping it on the ground when he ran off. Accidentally? Intentionally? Kagome had expected the fragile jewel to break as it hit the ground, but it hadn't, it wasn't even cracked.

The psychic imprints on the jewel were strong, Kagome knew. Even without focusing her powers, she could have easily read off it and satisfied her disturbing questions about the attack. But something was stopping her, something about his eyes.. something that told Kagome she didn't really want to know about the boy.. Inuyasha.

End of chapter 1 - uncertainty

AN: Like any other story I write, chapter 1 is always a test chapter. So if I don't get any response, I won't write any more. ^_^

Kagome is a high school girl and a psychic, she reads the psychic imprints off things to get an idea of what the person that owned the object is like and what they did... Kinda like Tokyo Babylon I guess. Inuyasha.. well.. um.. you'll have to find out about him. Review it please!