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Chapter 14 - Whole

"Are you sure you're well enough to come back?"

It was the fifth time Sango had asked her that question this morning.

"Yes, I'm fine", it was the sixteenth time Kagome had answered the question. After all, it wasn't every day that some one mysteriously fall into a coma with no reason and mysteriously recover a week later.

"And.." Sango hesitated. "What about.. him?"

"Inuyasha went back, to Kyoto.. this morning" she replied quietly.

"He.. what..?"

Kagome did not answer, a gust of wind swept across the school grounds, spiraling playfully at branches on a tree.

He left..

A small leaf, one of the first that welcomed the approach of spring snapped off from its branch. It flipped in the air of a brief moment, brushing against Kagome's cheek, before drifting towards the earth that bore it.

She had also gotten the news of his departure this very morning from Sesshoumaru, though deep down.. she knew this would happen eventually..


"Kagome? Kagome? Are you OK?"

Kagome stood absent mindedly, Sango's voice seemed so far away.. sinking and blending with the whispers of the wind. She looked down toward the leaf, blankly watching it shimmer in the afternoon sun.

Yet..he left.. without saying goodbye..

Her vision blurred and she felt coldness gliding down the side of her cheek, it landed on the ground with a soft splash.. joining with the glittering tears on the fallen leaf.


Winter was slowly passing away from the land it had stayed in for the past three month, but not before shedding the last of its moisture to the earth it had embraced. Rain, hitting roof and bounding on the roadside branches, shielded the world in its gray curtain where all voices fade into the faintest whisper against the melancholy melody.

Kagome slowly made her way up the sodden street, allowing the freezing droplets of rain momentarily drown out all her thoughts. Painful thoughts, regretting thoughts.. she had every reason to hate him for leaving her.. yet strangely, she found that she had not wished to.. and she wondered why.

It was foolish, she had told her self. She should have expected his departure, Sesshoumaru had told her so that very dawn which they were freed, he had told her that her about Inuyasha's back ground that had been unknown to her. He had been the son of a wealthy merchant and she, merely an ordinary girl in the busy city. He had his destiny.. and she too, had her own.

Their destinies were never meant to intertwine.

He must go.

She stopped and looked around through the mist of rain, subconsciously, she had taken her self to that street again, the dark, isolated path that had once been her favorite short cut..

The place where she had first met him.

She knew now why he had attacked her that night. She had felt Inuyasha's anger and pain, fuel by rejection in him as he watched Kikyou turn away from him.. yet unable to stop her fading into the darkness..

He had formed a wall then.. a shield that kept away the outer world and shut in his own inner wrath, a murderous intention Kagome had seen the night she was attacked.. Though unknown to both her and Inuyasha, that night was the night his wall began to fade, grain by grain.

She traced her fingers on the ancient wall by the street, feeling the marks of erosion left by the passing months and years. Would Inuyasha's wall disappear eventually? Perhaps one day, instead of a soul marked by scars of pain, she will see the true Inuyasha..

perhaps.. one day..

She would see him again..

She closed her eyes and focused, her fingers moving across the rough surface with a unconscious grace..

I.. want to see Inuyasha.. one last time..

Yet there was nothing..

The traces of Inuyasha and herself on that night were no longer there..

It was the past.. and it would stay in the past.


"Kagome! Mum says dinner's ready!"

Kagome replied shortly, before standing up from the chair beside her window. The rain continued to drizzle out side, but she was safe and warm in her shelter, protected from the harsh and unbearable regions of life.

Just like the old times

It would have been easier if she simply allowed her self to forget, simply erase the experience from her mind..

Simply forget about him

Yet she couldn't.. no matter how hard she tried, there would always be an empty spot unpatched where the rain would eventually penetrate into her protected shelter.

She made her way down the stars in her bunny ear slippers, pink and soft against the soles of her foot. The television blared out music from some familiar commercial from the down stairs room, the aroma of cooked food reached her even before she reached the last of the stairs.

The door bell suddenly rang, playing out a little tune like the sound of wind chimes. Kagome watched Souta hurry to answer the door, disappearing from her view as he moved around a corner.

Minutes later, he reappeared from the doorway, staring right at her. "It's for you!" he said.

Who would come around at this time? She moved quickly, down the stairs and through the small dining room, avoiding the scatters of chairs and other objects on the floor. Some where deep within, a tiny flicker of hope danced, refusing to be extinguished. Her footsteps ceased when she saw the tall figure by the doorway..

He stood there, raindrops sliding down his magnificent silver hair like pearls on a broken necklace. His golden eyes were on hers and made no attempt to look away.

She watched his lips form the shape of her name, somewhere in the living room, the news reporter busied himself reporting a whale sighting in the harbor, yet the sound had began to fade, as though if it was sinking into another world.

They were alone, in this world.

"Why did you come?" she demanded, so quietly and weak that she doubted that he had heard.

For a moment, she didn't care what his reply would be. She had wanted to see him.. and he was here.. she was looking at his familiar face again.. that was what made all the difference..

Even if he was here to merely say goodbye..

He hesitated for a moment, a light glowing softly in his eyes, no longer hinting pain and anguish.. "I couldn't.. leave.." she heard him murmur. " If I did.. I would regret.. and I.. didn't want to regret anymore.. "

No more regrets..

Tears glimmered in her eyes, threatening to fall and suddenly, he was beside her, arms around her shoulders in an embrace. She gasped in start as she was pressed against the warmth of this body. Never had she been so.. close..

She allowed herself to exhale, quietly.

"I went back to Kyoto this morning, Father agreed to let me stay here.." his whispered to her ear. "I won't leave you again.. never"

He had came back.. for her.

A smile graced her lips and she allowed him to draw her closer, feeling the calmness of his vibrations that were full of promise of a new beginning..

Every thing was going to be fine..

All things come to an end. When it does, harmony will be restored and the broken soul will become..


~The End~


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