City by The Lady Arianrod

A/n: I said I wouldn't do another Bebop fic, but this poem from back in January was still reminding me how much I like this anime... And I wanted to post something on my birthday (17!!)

here's the Bebop-inspired poem...

Disclaimer: Shinichirou Watanabe owns it, kid.



and so the golden light fades,

washes away like some unwanted song

lost on the breeze of time.

the sky is pale and grayish-blue

and i can't seem to think of a word to say

except, 'watch out for the rain, kid.'

the city is a flow of light and sound

our feet stamp the rhythm of rush hour

and still all i can do is wait for the rain

the clouds are getting heavy above this little joint

and the weather man offers no solace

so i sit at my table and look out the window.........

but the rain clouds didn't appear.

another big lie, another false day

life in the city never ceases to amaze me


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