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Authors note (A/N) This story is pre-slash and could possibly go slash before the end. If the idea of two males together (mainly Harry and Snape) worry you then I think it is best if you leave now.

Warning: There are a few, so please be aware of them. The story will deal with the topic of suicide, rape and child abuse. If there are any more warning to add I will add them as the story goes on. As mentioned above, the story may also contain slash but if that happens, I will be very clear with the warnings.

Title: Mind Field

"Arrrhh, do you smell that Minerva? The smell of Christmas."

Mrs. McGonagall to the children, but Minerva to the person beside her, smiled at the childish look of pleasure on the elderly man's face.

"Indeed Albus, only a few more weeks and we will have the school to ourselves again."

Smiling at the hidden meaning, Dumbledore was about to say something else when a strange expression crossed his face. Swiftly pulling out his wand, Dumbledore mumbled a few words and closed his eyes. About to move closer to her companion; to ask what was wrong, McGonagall found herself stuck. It was only with great effort that she could move forward and even then it was like walking through concrete. Looking unaffected by what ever was happening, Dumbledore paced in a circle for a few moments, mumbling to himself. Barely two minuets after the strangeness started it stopped and McGonagall was released.

Dumbledore let out a long sigh.

"Minerva, I want you to assemble all the students in the great hall. Reassure them that everything is fine and that we just testing the school wards and therefore need the grounds cleared. I will let you know when they are to be released.

Not waiting for an answer, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster and very powerful wizard walked away.