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Mind 5

After a large silence, Harry opened his eyes again to make sure that his Potions Master had not disappeared. Seeing an expression, opposite to any seen before on the pale narrow face, Harry tried again.

"Please. I beg you, please..." With his strength failing, Harry lay there trembling."

Knowing that time was growing short, Snape moved closer to the battered boy and brushed a hand over his face, electing a started noise and two green eyes, instantly opened.'

"Harry, we have very little time, I need you to stand. You must trust me and do as I say. If at the end of your journey, when you are in your right mind, you still wish me to help you, then I will give you a quick painless potion. But for know I need you to come with me."

Moving even closer, Snape offered his hand and waited for Harry to accept it.

Looking at the hand as if it was something from another planet, Harry tried to make his tired brain work. After all that was said, all that Harry could remember hearing was that Snape would help him end it, as long as he went with Snape now. Not caring about what Snape wanted, Harry put his hand inside the large one offered and nodded his head slightly.

Accepting the small hand, Snape pulled Harry into his arms and straightened up within the small cupboard. Barely glancing at the stunned ghosts around him, Snape took Harry through another door that had magically appeared and into his own mind. A place that he had had locked up 20 years until today. A place he did not want to go, but know that he had to. A place where Harry could see all the suffering Snape had experienced, and maybe find peace of his own.