Title: Choosing Loyalties

Author: ntamara

Rating: R

Pairing: HP/SS, SS/LV; SS/AD, SS/Quirrell and HP/LV implied

Genre: AU/Angst/Action-Adventure/Romance

Warnings: Slash. Violence. Non-con. Further implied nastiness.

Summary: Ten minutes before Hagrid arrives to tell Harry of his wizarding parentage and destiny, Harry is kidnapped by a Voldemort controlled Quirrell while Peter Pettigrew casts a doppelganger spell and takes Harry's place. Nobody could suspect that the Harry Potter at Hogwarts is an impostor, and that the real Harry Potter is locked away in Riddle Mansion.

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine, hardly anything of this is mine. They all belong to JKR, Warner Bros and probably lots of other people who all aren't me. Oh, and I'm not making any money out of this either. Unfortunately.

Archive: AfterClass, FF.net, my livejournal, ISF in single file format (inkstain.slashcity.net/isf/archive/14/choosingloyalties. h t m l)

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This fic is a response to the following challenge issued by Diagonalist on the After Class mailing list (groups.yahoo.com/group/After_Class):

108: How about on Harry's 11th birthday Hagrid does not come to get him as he has been intercepted. Instead Voldemort fetches him. None of the other death eaters know, and Voldemort keeps Harry in a secret wing in his mansion. Severus finds out eventually and saves him in the hope that Harry can help them in the fight against Voldemort. How will Harry be persuaded to work for the light side after all he's been through? (Diagonalist)

A/N: Thanks to Skye (BeckyHoadley) for the text to 'Hush Little Baby'; to Lantana, Erin LaCroix and Diagonalist for their wonderful beta and encouragement; and to Lawrence who indulgently and patiently listened to me plot out the story way back in April and encouraged me to write it. Any and all mistakes left are my own fault.

This is an edited version. The parts that have been edited to stay within ff.net's rating requirements, contain links to an unedited version on my livejournal.

I hope you enjoy this fic. It's complete although I may at some point write some additional stories in this 'verse. Please review and let me know what you thought: hate it, love it? Let me know, and make sure to leave your email (in the add-on or on your profile page) for I'll definitely reply.