Chapter8 Last time our Ash had just gotten challenged to a battle against an older man named Jake. Somehow Jake had heard of Ash and yet Ash wasn't at all famous was he? It was to be a 3 on 3 battle. "I choose you," yells Jake. Out of the pokéball comes a large pokémon. Ash holds up his pokédex and points it at the pokémon. In a computerized voice it says "Poliwath a water/fighting pokémon. This pokémon has a swirl on its stomach used to hypnotize its opponents. "Ok, it's all up to you buddy" Ash says. "Pika-pi (you're going down)". "Pikachu thunder shock." "Poliwrath dodge then hypnosis"Poliwrath dodges and starts it's hypnosis. "Pikachu, agility don't look at it" Pikachu uses it's agility and now Poliwrath is hypnotized. "It's down for the count," says Brock. "Poliwrath return". "Go Rydon." "Pikachu you know what to do" says Ash. Pikachu charges up and lets out a powerful bolt of lightning. It hits Rydon on the horn. "Return," says Jake now getting frustrated. "Go Charizard. You're my last hope." Knowing Pikachu can't win Ash returns him. "Go Lapas" "Lap-ras(what's up)?" "Charizard, flame thrower" "Lapras hydro pump!" The water extinguished the fire. Charizard is hit on the tail. "I guess you beat me. You are better than they say you are." "Who is they" Ash wondered aloud. " They are the gym trainers I have come across." "Oh" say Ash and Misty together. Misty kisses Ash on the cheek as a prize for winning the battle.