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Shades of a soul - [ Act I ]

By: Lily Maxwell


The day was rainy, the night was cold. No one stayed out in the horrible weather, and everyone hurried home just as the evening started. Without an umbrella or raincoat, the figure walked through the lonely and deserted streets, not really minding it at all.

Yami Muoto walked around towards home, the blonde bangs falling over his eyes, keeping the ruby flames that were the pools of his eyes from view. Wearing black leather (A/N: I'm not drooling... I'm not... I'm.... not... *drools*) pants, and a warm black jeans jacket, within a black shirt under, the 16-year-old walked home hugging his arms, trying to keep the warmth part of his being.

The crown of purple and black that was his hair was totally wet, however he didn't really tried to get out of the rain. The soft drops of water fell on his skin freely, but his only attempt was to keep warm. Not to be dry. It was useless.

His day was, as all seemed to be, boring. Going to school, facing his stalker (A/N: You might know who the person is...), going home, going out of home and staying with his friends until evening... His days were all the same.

He walked through a very beautiful path that leaded to his big house. Trees were at his left and right, and his only light was the one the full moon gave him through the wet leaves of the big trees that surrounded him. This was, indeed, a shortcut that happened to be near the park, but was a better and sweeter way to get to his cold house.

The wind blew the leaves on the trees around him, and a soft whistle reached his ears. It sure was cold. Oh yeah, sure is. And he couldn't help the wetness of his being right now, and that didn't help.

Then he heard it. A low and sweet sound, that heard by a very sensible person would break its heart. The little sound making its way to his ears was nothing more than soft sobs coming from someone within the mess of trees around him.

The sound seemed to come... from somewhere just a little further his path. Curious about who would be out in this cold and wet night, and finally feeling able to 'change' his day at least a little, Yami walked a little faster forward, looking left and right for any sight of someone around.

When he was halfway his path through the trees, Yami heard it again. After a short while with its stop, he heard the little sound of sobbing again. He walked silently but quickly towards the person, and when he was beside a very old, and the biggest tree there, he sensed the person's presence. Just on the other side of where he was standing.

Walking carefully, he turned around and spotted a glimpse of a hair. Strange... its color was the same as his own.

Coming closer, he heard the killing sobs again. They were so low, but they could melt one's heart and hurt one's soul easily, for they seemed like child's sobs. So sweet and soft. When he was finally able to see the person, he felt as he was hallucinating.

It was like a petite form of himself, with the tri-colored hair and golden bangs... And the little look-alike was there, sobbing, hugging his knees, and face buried between his arms.

"Are you... okay...?" he said in no more than a whisper, afraid of scaring the child. The little one did look up... and Yami was once more caught by surprise. Those big violet eyes were slightly red of crying, but held such... purity and innocence he had never seen before. The school's loner and silent boy stood there, lost in pools of violet, watching the little form that sat just ahead of him, for no more than mere seconds.

The little one then looked surprised, and more tears fell down his face, the milky-colored skin reflecting with the raindrops in the moonlight, and his cheek, so smooth-like, were also wet from tears. He muttered something Yami couldn't hear, and once again buried his face on between his arms and cried.

"What...?" he asked, kneeling in front of the boy, curiosity and concern making their way to his own eyes. The boy looked at him again, and wiped his tears.

"I'm alone." He muttered in a sweet but sad voice, looking at the ground. "I'm... all alone." He said, and looked at Yami, who happened to be taken back by his answer. He was alone?

"What do you mean?" he asked again, but it was a mistake.

"I'm alone! No one cares, and no one will! I'll just... stay alone... till the end!" he blurted out, and more tears made their way down his cheek, and he began to shake. Yami shook his head and mentally snapped himself for making the boy cry more. He held his hand out and touched the boy's cheek, muttering a low 'shh...'.

"You're not alone. I'm... here." He said, and the boy looked at him, eyes so full of amusement mixed with his own innocence that made him look really cute. Yami did not know why he was there, and why he was trying to make the boy calm down and stop crying, but something in the boy had drawn him there, and something in him was making him want to immediately comfort him.

The boy extended out his arms in a pleading way for Yami to hug him. The childish look on his face made Yami smile and do so, holding him close to his body. The boy sniffed his scent, and closed his eyes. Yami just stayed there, his chin touching the boy's head, sensing the sweet perfume that came from the boy, not having idea why he was right there.

"Why... are you here?" came the voice of the boy, asking the one question Yami did not know how to answer.

"I don't know." Yami answered sincerely, and closed his eyes, keeping the boy close. The rain continued to fall, and the boy no longer sniffed, or didn't look like was going to cry again. They stayed like that for what seemed like a long time, but was nothing more than a few minutes.

Finally releasing the boy, Yami let go of him and looked into his eyes. Before he could say or even think on saying anything to him, the boy drew closer and touched his lips with his own, in a simple and innocent gesture. The simple "kiss" made Yami's eyes go wide, and the boy, after pulling away, smiled.

"Thank you." He whispered, and leaned again against Yami's warmth, hugging his chest, while the taller boy stayed there, surprised and amazed.

"I don't feel so alone anymore." He whispered, and out of nowhere, sniffed. "I'm sorry." he said, and that sure drifted Yami out of his trance.

"Why?" he asked, after all the only thing the boy did was give him a peck on the lips. The simple gesture wouldn't get Yami mad at him... it only surprised him.

"I thought it would drive you away." The boy replied. "Everyone goes away from me."

'If you keep doing that out of nowhere, it sure will keep happening.' The thought echoed in Yami's mind.

"I have to go..." Yami said, but before he could get up, the boy had gripped his wrist.

"Don't... please, don't... leave me..." he said in his little voice, and Yami didn't know what to do.

"I... I... have to..." he said.

/Please don't leave... I don't want you to go away like everybody does..../ came the voice in Yami's mind, and that surprised him.

He quickly got up, and looked down at the boy, crystalline tears making their way down the boy's face once more. It startled him. The boy had gotten into his mind somehow, and he was scared.

"Don't... leave me..." the boy whispered again, and Yami looked away.

"I have to go." He said, and left, heading home, not really looking back.

Getting home, Yami headed to his room. There, he grabbed some clean clothes, and headed to the bathroom. After cleaning and drying himself, he got back to his room, and let himself fall on the comfort of his bed.

Thoughts of the unknown boy from before came to his mind, and he was totally curious about him. He didn't know whom he was, the reason why he was there, and why... he kept saying that he was alone. He couldn't be all alone. No one is... right?

Yami closed his eyes. He didn't even know his name. And he now thought it was foolish of him of going away like that, when the boy pleaded him to stay. But no... he had gotten into his mind. And that wasn't.... normal.

The next day, the rain had stopped. At the same time as the previous day, Yami headed the same way through the trees, but...

He heard no sobbing, or saw no little boy. He was disappointed.

[ To be continued... ]

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