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This story takes place during Katie's sixth year, Oliver's seventh, and Harry's third. This is a KB/OW fanfic, but I warn you that it's rather dark. If you are hoping for happy, perky Katie, run away. Now!

Some of the stuff that happens in this story is based on my own experience, and some of it is not. Not that that is very helpful. Do you realize that I just said "not" and "that" twice, one after the other? I tend to ramble, that would be my bad. Anyway, on the story!


Ch. 1 - At Home

"Katie! Katie, are you ever going to wake up?" Katie Bell's mum, simply known as Mum, called up the stairs. Katie roused from bed and glanced at the clock on the bedside table. Oh cripes, it was after eleven.

"I'm up, I'm up," Katie called halfheartedly down the stairs before changing into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. 'Ugly,' she thought, 'I'm very ugly.' She had blond hair, but it was long, hard to control, and enjoyed being frizzy. Her eyes just couldn't decide what color they were: in sunlight, they were green; in dim light, they were leaning towards blue; and in regular light, they were a mix between dark blue, green, and brown. Otherwise known as hazel. She glared at her reflection and headed downstairs for what she now had to deem was brunch.

"Finally! Breakfast is over, so you'll have to make yourself something," Mum said as she entered the kitchen. Katie shrugged and grabbed an apple, biting into it and enjoying it's tangy, almost sour taste. "Dave and I are going out for the day, so you'll be left to yourself."

"You're going out again?" Katie said incredulously. Over the entire summer all Mum talked about was Dave. Dave is doing this, Dave is working here, Dave and I are getting married...

"Well, you know..." Mum said.

'No,' Katie thought, 'I don't know. You and Dad have been separate for what, six months? And already you're married to some stupid, cocky little muggle.' Not that there was anything wrong with muggles, of course. It was just step-dad Dave, the most horrible muggle in the universe.

As if on cue, Dave walked in. "Hey, Katie," he said, reaching over the kitchen table to give Mum a kiss. Ugh, it almost made Katie nauseous seeing them snog each other 24/7.

"Where are you two going?" Katie asked, trying to be as casual as possible.

"Mum didn't tell you? We're headed out to downtown London to catch an opera, followed by a dinner at the nicest restaurant around and then to see a late-night movie," Dave explained.

"Brilliant," Katie murmured. Oh yes, that was exciting. Opera, dinner, and a movie! How lame could you get?

"Well, see you later dear," Mum said, kissing her daughter on the forehead. "Oh, and don't forget, less than a week and it's Hogwarts time!"

"Thank God for Hogwarts," Katie breathed, watching Mum and step-dad Dave stroll pleasantly out to the car - which Dave insisted on using instead of the Floo network - and drove off.

Finishing her apple, Katie headed back upstairs to her room and smiled when she saw Twit, her Barn Owl, sitting on the windowsill with a letter attached to it. After carefully untying the letter from Twit's leg, she gave him a few owl treats and let him into his cage, which sat on her dresser.

The letter was from one of her best friends, Alicia Spinnet. It read: 'Hey Katie! I'm back, finally! Aren't you excited? Hogwarts in only one week! When are you going shopping for your school supplies? Lina and I have been planning on going in three days. You want to come? Owl me back with an answer as soon as you have one! Love you, Alicia.'

Katie sighed. After an entire summer of not seeing any of her friends, she wished dearly for a day with them. But, no, Mum had specifically said that they would be shopping the day before Katie left for Hogwarts. No shopping with the clique, then.

'Hi Leesh, sorry but I can't come with you and Lina. Mum and I are shopping the day before we leave, and she said I couldn't make any other plans. Too bad, too, I miss you guys so much! How are-' She was planning on asking, 'How are the boys?" meaning Fred, George, and Oliver, but none of them had owled her all summer, and it didn't seem right to ask how they were if they didn't give a wit about her. So she continued the sentence with, 'How are you and your family doing? And how was Spain? I'm glad you're finally back. Love, Katie.'


Katie glanced at the clock. One-thirty in the morning and still Mum and step-dad Dave weren't home. Actually, it shouldn't have been a surprise. They were rarely home before one anyway. But still, they were a half-hour late. Katie was allowed to worry about her mum.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, the two traipsed into the house. Katie snuck out of bed and opened her door a crack. She cringed; both of them were good and drunk. 'Well, at least they didn't take the Floo Network. Mum probably wouldn't be able to pronounce anything other than "Ha, Ha."'


An hour later everything had settled down again, but Katie lay awake, staring at her eyelids and listening to the rare car drive by the house. Since she'd found out about Mum's divorce, and then new marriage, she'd hardly been able to sleep, but lately it had been getting worse. She was going to sleep between 2 and 3 in the morning, and waking up later and later. But she just couldn't get her mind to shut up. Finally, just as the clock turned 3, she fell asleep.

"Katie! Cripes, Kate, what's gotten in to you?" Mum asked, shaking her daughter awake at noon. "Go to sleep earlier!"

"I will, Mum," Katie murmured, waving her mother's arms off of her. "I'm gonna take a shower."

She let the water run cold to wake her up, and then set it at an almost scalding hot. She liked the heat. After spending about fifteen minutes under the water, she turned the stream off and stepped out. She only dressed in her smallclothes, though, before heading back into the bathroom and stepping onto the scale.

127 and a half. 'I've gained wait,' Katie thought with quite a bit of annoyance. She stepped off the scale and looked into the mirror, assessing her tummy area. It stuck out. Yes, it most certainly did. 'Hmm, what have I eaten lately?' she wondered. 'There was that apple yesterday morning. but I have an apple every morning, it can't have been that. What did I have for lunch? Oh, I forgot,' she almost chuckled, but didn't. 'I don't eat lunch. It must have been the steak Mum left for me for dinner. Yuck, steak is a nasty, fat-filled piece of cow. No more steak.'

And with that, Katie finished getting dressed and headed down to breakfast.


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