Lucia pulls Vergil up to his feet with the ball of her fists wrapped around his collar. Vergil pushes her away, "I can take care of it! Damn, are all you french women pushy?"

"Only to you."

"Now that's just being prejudiced, you know that? You don't even know me. Maybe if you did, you'd actually come to like me."

"So sure of yourself, aren't you? You're not even trying your best to fight me! What's the matter? Am I not challenging enough for you? I would LOVE to keep fighting."

"Well, come on! I've got time. If you want more of me--take me." With that last retort, he teleports himself around her and uses the butt of his sword with enough force to knock her ten feet back. She recovers quickly and rolls into his peripheral area to jump over and cut him with her throwing knives. With as many as she throws, they felt like tiny bites of savage piranhas on Vergils skin.

They resume their fighting, Lucia making battle cries as she throws her daggers in the air toward him and Vergil deflecting them with his sword every so often. The sharp objects hit the dusty ground around them and the redheaded lass quickly grabs them on her way as she forward lunges. Vergil then translocates himself in areas where she least suspects it. Once grabbing her from behind to hold her fast and translocate her with him. That brought a surprise to her face and she elbows him sharply in the process.

"Ask before you do that!"

"OOOF! Fuck! What's the matter? Can't a guy take you for a ride?"

The fight ensues for several more minutes, Lucia flying out of the way as Vergil attempts to use his sword to lunge at her. He really didn't want to hurt her but she was asking for it the way she kneed him in the groin and called him names.

"Had enough?" she calmly replies, her breath coming in fast. Noting that her voice came on a little shakier this time, and her attire stained and torn from a hard fought and playful battle, it was a wonder she continued on as she did, trying to prove something.

The man across her, gasps for air and manages to say, "Yes, enough. You're obviously very well trained. I can't deny that. It's been a pleasure."

He stepped slowly away, as if he didn't trust her. Trust her? Vergil scoffs inwardly, almost laughing out loud. She had the blood of a demon and the purity of a human that she was suppose to be. If no one believed that blood lines and ancestry were partly responsible for the characteristics of your temperament then he must beg to differ.

Vergil looks up, searching for Dante. The signal--quick and ready, brought on the initial round of surprise!

The noises in the arena rose to a high pitch and Dante devil triggers his way up above--firing rounds of ammunition into every demon there! Vergil does the same, the twin of the same blood, forward double flips over onto the walls and flies up to give more of his energy balls into the surprised audience of demons.

Lucia takes this well opened chance to fly up in her white glorious glowing devil trigger mode, white wings spanning out and sharp blades shooting out like silver bullets. The target--Arius!

Arius was deeply enraged at this turn of events and he tries to call his minions but they were otherwise preoccupied at the scene of madness and mayhem from the repeated attacks Dante and Vergil brought on. He creates a portal and tries to run away but Trish, who takes a break from throwing Sparda whizzing in the air--decapitating a dozen demons in it's wake comes up against Arius, stopping him from entering his time continuum.

"Play times over, Arius! Your ass is history!"

Lucia and Trish both attack him before he goes into his Arius disembodied mode (or was that ONLY for last time?) The pathetic part of it was, was that he was too easy to beat with all his minions too busy to fight off the blasts and the shooting of gunfire coming from Dante. The head chopping and teleporting manipulations from Vergil--avoiding attacks and giving it back with full fury. Trish uses Ifrit moves to finish him off and just in time for Sparda to come swinging back into her hands, stained with new blood and sharper than ever!

The entire arena was demolished. Many of the demons were eradicated and the few that could escape were less worthy to fight with anyway. Vergil recieved several wounds in the process, his energy dipping lower than Dantes since the previous fight with Lucia and the serpent had drained him. Dante used the magical rounds of his ammunition to wipe out the last departing demons. Blasting them to shattered pieces. The sounds of Ebony and Ivory making a symphony that created new music.

In the aftermath, Trish in her leather attire covered in bloodstains wipes off the rest of her hands and exclaims in anger, "I swear! I am going to have to get a new wardrobe!"

"You should, Trish. Dante and myself got the demin look awhile back. You should try it!" Lucia pipes in.

Dante grunts in, "Humpf, I didn't exactly like them on me. I looked really lame."

Vergil laughs, "What's wrong? Thought you looked kind of like a pussy? A lame ass devil hunter wuss!"

At that taunting remark, Dante starts to go at it with his brother, jaw punching and fist fighting on the floor, both struggling to see which one would win. Since Dante had the most strength at the moment, he had the upper hand and was about to beat Vergil until Lucia stops him.

Trish stands idly by shaking her head at the display of brotherly affection. "I swear! I am going to have to get a new occupation!"

Dante looks up at Lucia in a stunned expression. "Uh, yes?" His fist was going to make one last contact with his brothers face. Vergil lay there groaning in agony and he wonders how much longer his healing system was going to kick in before he can gain strength to teach his little brother a lesson in humility andreturn the favor.

"Cet homme est le mien."

Dante let that sink in and nodded his head. He got off his brother and walks over to Trish who stared back at him with some confusion. She was still wiping off the rest of the blood that stuck to her body. Damn if she had less clothes than anyone else! It did no good for a girl like her. Blood on skin just doesn't bode too well for her complexion. Yet she was curious as she asks Dante,

"You understood her?"

"Not really. But I thought she might want a few minutes alone with Vergil."

The moment Vergil opened his eyes, he sees two bright green eyes staring back at him. Or was it because his vision was so blurry that he was seeing double?

"Je pensais que toi et moi pourrions peut-être avoir ce rendez-vous après tout?"

The smile on his face split into a grin, his handsome bruised face alight with a mischevious glint.

"Je savais que tu te rendrais à l'évidence tôt ou tard."

You could hear Lucia's quick intake of breath and her eyes had widened in complete shock.

Trish and Dante turned around to hear the resounding slap and an angered Lucia stomping away.

The end

a/n: for those who want to know the translations:

"Cet homme est le mien." this man is mine.

"Je pensais que toi et moi pourrions peut-être avoir ce rendez-vous après tout?"

Perhaps I thought you and I could go this date after all?

"Je savais que tu te rendrais à l'évidence tôt ou tard."

"I knew you would come around sooner or later."

(Special thanks to Zeynal who helped me out with her perfect french! MERCI!)