Aftermath of Rage

"I've got the coordinates based on the kids' homing signals," Duke said as he piloted the jet. A medium sized convoy of tanks, planes and jeeps were advancing on the Leader's base.

Hawk responded from his jeep. "Yes we should be right on top of them at any…" Suddenly there was an explosion up ahead. "Minute?"

"It's Cobra!" Roadblock pointed. He was also in the jeep with Hawk and General Ross.

"Not quite," General Ross growled. "Take another look! Looks like we have bigger problems!" The Hulk was rampaging, throwing several Cobra Hiss tanks around.

Then the Hulk started rampaging on the army tanks. Duke gave the order to fire missiles at the Hulk, but they had no effect. "HULK BASH STUPID PUNY TOYS!" Hulk screamed as he grabbed a bolder and hurled it right at Duke's jet.

Fortunately Duke ejected before the bolder hit his jet. "Oh great," He grumbled as he parachuted to the ground. "There goes another jet."

Meanwhile the Misfits and the Leader managed to escape from the destroyed lab. "Oh great!" Pietro groaned. "Now the Hulk's after the army!"

"Figures," Althea grumbled. She glared at the Leader. "You would have to have your lab in the desert where my powers are useless, would you?"

"Well I'm so sorry," The Leader droned. His hands were tied up in front of him. "Next time I make a secret laboratory I'll keep your desires to trash it in mind!"

"We gotta do something!" Todd said.

"Avalanche, Blob, Scarlet Witch you three have the best chance of doing that," Althea said. "Try to at least slow him down huh?"

"You got it," Lance and Wanda ran off.

"Here you take him Xi!" Fred shoved The Leader to Xi. "I gotta help."

Xi glared at The Leader. "This is your fault," Xi growled. "Go ahead. Give me a reason."

"Uh…no I think I'll just stay right here with you," The Leader gulped nervously. "You know a chance to talk to someone. Green person to green person." Xi growled and flashed his claws. "Okay shutting up now."

"Quicksilver, Toad you two will help me try to get any soldiers to safety," Althea said. "Xi, you take the Leader over to General Hawk. I think I see him over there. You know what to do if he tries anything stupid." They ran off.

"Yes," Xi hissed. "What I used to do when Cobra created me to be an assassin. Would you like a demonstration?"

"No, not really," The Leader whimpered.

"Then shut up and don't cross me," Xi snarled dragging him by the collar.

Wanda tried using her hex powers to stop the Hulk. All she did was slow him down for a minute. "My powers aren't strong enough!" She cried as the Hulk broke loose of them.

"PUNY HUMANS ANNOY HULK!" He roared as he stomped towards Wanda.

"Back off Not So Jolly Green Giant or I'll rock you!" Lance shouted as he sent a massive tremor towards the Hulk. The Hulk not only withstood the seismic wave he hit it back with a huge force that sent Lance flying.

"AGGGGHHH!" Lance screamed in pain as he hit the ground.

"AVALANCHE!" Wanda shouted.

"Quicksilver! Toad! Get him out and take a look at him!" Althea ordered.

Lance was screaming in agony. His arms were bent at strange angles. "MY ARMS! MY ARMS!"

"I think they're broken!" Quicksilver shouted. "And he didn't even touch him!"

Fred glared at the Hulk. "YOU HURT MY FRIEND!" Fred shouted with rage. "OKAY NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY!"

"Blob no!" Wanda shouted as Fred charged the Hulk.

"Holy cow now the Blob is taking on the Hulk!" Hawk's jaw dropped.

"Maybe we shouldn't have sent Trinity back to the Pit," Roadblock gulped.

"They're too young for this kind of combat," Hawk said. He winced as both Fred and the Hulk collided. "I'm not too sure I'm old enough for this either!"

Fred managed to get in a few hits. But he was no match for the Hulk who threw him backwards. "I had a feeling those kids wouldn't stop him," Ross took out a huge laser like weapon. "Take this you Gamma Green Menace!" He fired randomly, barely missing Fred and the other Misfits.

"ROSS YOU MANIAC!" Hawk shouted. "Watch where you're aiming that thing! You nearly hit the Misfits!"

"Yeah and now the Hulk's gonna hit us!" Roadblock tried to drive the vehicle away from the rampaging Hulk. Another tank hit him with a missile that changed the Hulk's attention span and sent him after a new target.

"Blast it Roadblock you're driving away from the Hulk!" Ross raged.

"That's the plan, man!" Roadblock shouted. He managed to stop long enough to pick up Duke.

"Thanks for the lift," Duke told him.

"Where is that blasted containment unit?" Ross shouted.

"You mean that one?" Duke pointed behind them.

"EAT GREEN!" The Hulk roared as he threw the tank at the chopper which held the containment unit. It collided and the pilots barely had time to escape before it exploded.

"Over here!" Xi waved to the jeep. The Leader had a black eye beside him. Somehow the rest of the Misfits managed to make their way towards the jeep as well. Todd and Pietro were carrying Lance as carefully as they could. "Tried to escape," He indicated the Leader.

"Well now it's time we did too," Althea said. "Get ready to transport Misfits!"

"Go," Hawk nodded. "We'll keep this party going as long as we can."

"You can't leave now!" Ross shouted.

"We can't win against this!" Wanda said. "And we have to get Lance to a hospital!"

"Sorry Ross but you're on your own!" Althea punched in the transporter codes. "Besides we also have a prisoner to take back!"

"Yeah," Fred growled. "Maybe we should break his arms!"

"Well let's not get carried away," The Leader gulped just before the Misfits dematerialized with him.

"Blast those mutants!" General Ross snarled. "They turned and ran!"

"That's because they're smart!" Roadblock shouted. "Now I think it's time that we all depart!" The Hulk was rapidly destroying what was left of the convoy.

"This isn't over!" Ross shouted. "We still have some tanks left!"

"Are you nuts?" Duke shouted. "Didn't you just see what that thing did? Tanks and missiles are useless against the Hulk! We might as well be shooting spitballs at him!"

"NO!" Ross shouted. "It's not over! It'll never be over until the Hulk is destroyed!"

"You're insane!" Hawk shouted. He grabbed his Comm unit. "This is General Hawk! All units retreat! Repeat! All units retreat!"

"Don't tell these men to retreat!" Ross shouted. "I'm the highest ranking general here Hawk!"

"Then act like a leader man!" Hawk shouted. "If this keeps up you'll be putting the lives of these men at risk for no good reason! Does somebody have to get killed before you realize that?"

"Don't you realize that if we don't stop the Hulk now it'll just keep destroying everything in its path?" Ross shouted. "We have to destroy that monster!"

"It's not the only monster around here," Hawk growled.

"You can take charge over my cold dead body!" Ross snapped.

"Well I wouldn't go that far," Hawk gave him a judo chop and knocked him out cold. "Looks like I'm in charge now," Hawk grunted. "All units retreat!"


"And then they got out of there faster than Pietro hyped up on pixie sticks," Althea told her remaining team members back at the Pit. It was several hours after the attack. Lance was not in the group but in another room recovering. Fred had a black eye but otherwise they were fine.

"I can't believe it," Todd shook his head. "Hawk really punched out a general?"

"Hey if he didn't do it I would have!" Pietro snapped. "That guy's a jerk! Speaking of jerks, how's the Loser?"

"Foaming at the mouth in his cell the last I saw him," Xi grinned. "SHIELD is coming to pick him up."

"Good riddance," Hawk walked into the room. "How's Avalanche?"

"Lifeline says both his arms are broken but other than that," Wanda shrugged.

"How about you soldier?" Hawk looked at Fred.

"I'm okay," Fred removed the icepack from his eye. "Stings a little but no biggie. But boy do I feel bad inside. I'm supposed to be the unmovable Blob and he threw me around like a rag doll!"

"Well if memory serves you got in some good punches," Hawk said. "There's nothing shameful about the way you kids acted. I'm proud of you. You acted like real soldiers out there."

"Hawk…are you gonna get in trouble for what you did?" Althea asked.

"No he's not," Gabriel Jones stepped out of the shadows. "As far as the brass is concerned, General Ross merely was knocked out by some debris."

Hawk glared at Jones. "You…You knew the Leader had the Hulk under surveillance didn't you?"

"We suspected it," Jones looked at him.

"What?" Althea yelped.

"Then why the heck didn't you brief us about it?" Pietro asked.

"To be quite honest," Jones said calmly. "We wanted to see how well you would do out in the field with an element of surprise."

"Who's we?" Wanda asked.

"I think I have a clue," Hawk growled.

"It was an interesting test," Jones remarked.

"Interesting? Tell that to Avalanche! His arms are broken!" Althea snapped.

"Bones heal," Gabriel Jones waved. "He'll be fine."

"Fine? Avalanche was nearly killed along with the rest of the Misfits!" Hawk snapped. "Not to mention the fact that the Hulk escaped again!"

"So? What are you complaining about General?" Jones asked. "You and your Misfits came out of this smelling like a rose. Your team saved a town, captured the Leader and slowed the Hulk down. It's not your fault Ross dropped the ball."

"Which is what you were counting on isn't it?" Hawk growled.

"Doesn't it bother you that a member of my team is lying in the hospital because of you guys?" Althea snarled.

"An unfortunate incident, but hey that's what happens sometimes. You of all people should know that," Jones shrugged. "His wounds aren't fatal and with Lifeline's help his arms will be as good as new in no time at all. Besides, when I left him he wasn't exactly in agony."


"Oh Lance! You poor baby!" Kitty blinked back tears. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Lance lay there in the hospital bed, both arms were in casts. "Well could I please have another drink of water?" He said weakly. "If it's not too much trouble…"

"Oh of course not," Kitty put a glass of water to his lips and helped him drink it. "There, is that better?"

"A little," He sighed.

"What are you doing here?" Wanda asked as she, the Misfits and General Hawk walked in.

"Trinity called me just an hour ago and used the Mass Device to transport me here," She told them. She turned her attention back to Lance. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

"No, just you being here is enough," Lance said softly.

"Oh brother and people call me a ham," Pietro rolled his eyes.

"How would you like your arms broken?" Kitty made a fist.

"Oooh! I'm so scared!" Pietro mocked. "Run for your lives people! It's the attack of the Incredible Kitty!"

"Why you…!" Kitty growled.

"Ahem," Hawk made a polite cough. "Kitty if you don't mind I'd like to talk to the Misfits alone for a little bit."

"It's okay Kitty," Lance said in a weak voice. "I'll be all right."

"I'll be right back," Kitty kissed him on the cheek before she went outside the room.

"You're going to be milking this for all it's worth aren't you?" Todd grimaced.

"You bet I am," Lance winked.

"Well it's good to see that not everything got damaged out there," Hawk chuckled.

"Hey General," Lance grinned. "Sorry I can't salute."

"No problem," Hawk nodded. "Good work soldier."

"All the good that it did," Lance sighed. "We failed."

"No you got caught in the power plays of some very dangerous individuals," Hawk growled. "Ross and Jones were just using you in their private war against each other."

"War?" Lance asked. "I thought they were both trying to catch the Hulk?"

"They are, but each of them wants to be the one to catch him for his own purposes," Hawk said. "The only reason they're working together is that they can find ways of stabbing each other in the back and taking the credit for themselves."

"And Eddington knew that didn't he?" Althea asked. "But why did he let it happen?"

"To see who would win so he could make a potential ally," Hawk frowned. "I'm sorry to say I've seen it happen before. Duke was right. Eddington can't be trusted. However he did make one mistake."

"What's that?" Wanda asked.

"Up until now I couldn't be completely sure if Eddington was what he seemed to be," Hawk said. "Now that he's shown his true colors, we'll be keeping an eye on him."

Betty Ross knocked on the door and walked in. "I…wanted to see how you were doing," She said sadly. "I'm sorry Avalanche. I…"

"It's not your fault," Lance told her. "I just got a bad break that's all."

"Not that bad huh Lance?" Althea snickered. "Now that you have your own private nurse Kitty to keep you company." Lance turned red.

"I'm just so sorry you all got caught up in this," Betty sighed.

"Don't worry about it," Hawk told her. "You…" Then there was some commotion outside. "What the…?"

"Like I said I was sorry," Kitty's voice sounded.

"GET US OUT OF HERE!" Agent Gabriel shouted.

"HAWK! SOMEBODY HELP US!" Major Talbot shouted.


"What's going on?" Lance asked Althea and the others who peeked outside.

"Seems Kitty was in a hurry and kind of phased Talbot, Jones and Ross to a medical gurney," Pietro snickered. "They really look funny stuck together like that. Like a three headed ogre."

"Don't unstick them yet Kitty!" Hawk grinned.

"Pietro get the camera!" Althea laughed.

"I gotta get a picture of this," Betty grinned.