Tachigair Jakunen Written by: Fira Flame

I do not own these characters; they belong to their respective owners. Keeren belongs to me and Missy and Teri belong to Missy and Teri.

This is a re-written version of the original copy of Tachiagair Jakunen, which I had written in the fall of 2002. It sucked, really bad, so here I am, re-writing it...



Chapter 1

Goggles, sun screen, swim-suit, sun glasses, four changes of clothes, towel, pillows, several books, empty notebooks for short story writing.... what's missing? She went through her bag again, checking everything. Maybe she should have made a list like she was told? Nah. Melissa scanned around her room, what was she missing? Her eyes landed on the tessen, carefully laid on Tasuki's dresser.

"Genrou won't miss it that much." Melissa grinned, placing the diamond fan into her gym bag. She zipped it up and skipped out of the room. Her, her sister Teri, her best friend Keeren, and the whole rest of the house residents were going camping in the upper peninsula of Michigan, their home state. Some lake named 'Lake Paitt'. She'd never heard of it but she trusted the blue hair monk who'd told her. While walking down the halls, she met Tasuki, the flame haired bandit, the one she loved.

"Hi Genrou." Melissa smiled. She held her gym bag behind her so Tasuki was not to see the tessen shaped bulge in it. She used his nick name instead of his suzaku given name, because she felt she would become closer to him.

"Hey." Tasuki replied, with a smirk. He eyed her hiding the gym bag but passed it on as just trying to get it out of the way. "What's up?"

"Ceiling, attic, sky, the usual." Melissa replied, rolling her eyes. "You ready to go camping yet?"

"Just gotta go get the Tessen." Tasuki grinned and started walking towards their shared room. "Just a sec, lemme go get it now."

Melissa gulped, gripping her gym bag tighter. Last second decision, she bolted down the stairs. At the bottom, she tripped over a gym bag or two and she rolled across the carpet, looking back up the stairs on her back.

"Ow...." She frowned, not really meaning it. She sat back up, glaring at the bags. Her eyes darted across the room to find the owners. Her eyes fell upon Keeren, who was standing in the doorway of Chiriko's room, chatting cheerfully with the teen. Melissa growled and stood, stomping towards the lavender haired Saiya-Jin.

"...perhaps a computer could hel-" Keeren was interrupted when she found a pair of hands latched onto her shoulders and gripping tightly. She looked up to find Melissa's fuming face near.

"Hi?" Keeren said, annoyance showing in her tone.

"Move your bags, now." Melissa ordered pointing at them.

"I will in a minute, now get off m-"

"NOW!" Melissa barked, shoving Keeren back. Keeren stared blankly before glaring at the healer and dragging her bags to the side of the stairs.

"Happy?" Keeren scowled, going back to Chiriko's doorway.

"Very." Melissa clapped her hands together, as if to dust them off and went to pick up her own bags. Sudden pounding on the winding stairs above her alerted her attention. Tasuki suddenly heaved himself off the top of the stairs onto the landing and then to the floor. He stood erect in front of Melissa, a full inch taller than her. A firm glare was set on his face as he stared at her.

"Tessen, now."

"What're you talking about?" Melissa asked, pushing the gym bag away with her foot.

"You know exactly what I'm talkin' 'bout. Give it up."

"Well I was going to keep it in my bag so we'd remember where it was!"

Tasuki growled. "It's MY tessen."

"YOU can share!"

"Maybe I don't want to!"

Keeren frowned, folding her arms and leaning against the door frame. Could these two argue any more often? She swore she watched them fight at LEAST four times a day. Usually it revolved around petty things such at the tessen or how to do things one way, compared to another. Keeren remembered her brother and girlfriend doing this a lot, but it was easily resolved up to an hour later.

"Who do you think's gonna win this this one?" Keeren asked, sensing Chiriko walk up to her. The young genius looked between the two, momentarily analyzing their dialogue.

"Neither. They're going to be dragged off and be told to shut their mouths the whole way to the camp grounds."

"...I agree." Keeren smirked. "C'mon, lets get our stuff out with everyone else's." She went over to her bags and picked them up, carrying them to the backyard. Chiriko trailed behind carrying a backpack and a green duffel bag.

"Are those two fighting again?" Teri asked, setting her bag in next to a pile of others.

"Yes... 'bout the tessen as usual." Keeren replied, pushing her bag near Teri's.

"Maybe we should lock the Tessen in a safe and put it at the bottom of the ocean." Teri snickered.

"That'd keep Tasuki away, but not Missy." Keeren sat down on the ground, soaking in the sun's rays. "But while Tasuki's on dry land, he'd rip to you bits and argue with Missy again as soon as she got back."

"I can believe that." Chiriko said.

Chiriko walked off towards his fellow seichiseishi, leaving the Saiya-Elf and Saiya-jin alone. Keeren looked around quickly, seeing if anyone was around before yanking on Teri's shorts to get her attention.

"Is what I'm hearing from Trunks true?" Keeren whispered as Teri knelt.

"About what...?"

"Y'know... you and... Leggie..."

Teri's eyes widened, her jaw dropping. "How did you guys find out?!"

"Have you ever heard of ki, you idiot?"

Teri groaned, pulling on a loose lock of hair. "I was hoping nobody'd find out till later on..."

"Whatever, but, is he 'good' ?" A slim grin slid across Keeren's lips, right before she received a rightful bash tot he forehead, sending her back a foot or two. Keeren laid on the grass for a while, staring up at the sky. She began laughing. She sat up and laughed at Teri. "He's THAT good?!" Keeren was suddenly tackled by the Saiya-elf.

"What are they shouting about?" Mirai asked Legolas. Legolas frowned, he knew what they were shouting about.

"Nothing." He said. "Nothing at all."


Teri clicked the capsule once, throwing it onto the pile of suitcases and duffel bags. The bags suddenly disappeared into the capsule in a small cloud of smoke. She went to the spot where the bags once were and picked up the capsule, which was now slightly heavier than it was before.

"The seishi are taking the airship?" Keeren asked Teri, holding a tissue to her nose where it was bleeding. She knew she shouldn't have brought that subject up, but she couldn't help herself.

"Yeah." Teri replied, shooting a glare at the younger Saiya-Jin. She put the capsule in her pocket and went over to Chichiri, who was holding the map.

"It's right.... there." Teri pointed to a spot on the map. Chichiri nodded.

"Alright, no da." Chichiri replied. "How long do you think it'll take to get there?"

"Three, four hours tops. It depends on how fast we go."

A loud hard slam called Teri's attention and she turned. Melissa came storming out of the house, the sliding glass door behind her shut. She had a tense look on her face and looked as if she had just lost the argument with Tasuki. Her gym bag showed no tessen shape bulge. Melissa went up to the Airship and threw her bag into it. She sat down on the step into it and sulked, a death glare on her face.

"Lose?" Teri asked.

"Fuck off." Melissa snarled in return.

"Ouch...." Teri said quietly, backing off. She looked to Chichiri. "Ready to go when you are."

Chichiri nodded and went over to the entry of the airship. He stood, waiting patiently. Melissa didn't look up as she glared down at the grass.

"Excuse me, no da." Chichiri said calmly. Melissa looked up, shooting a glare at Chichiri before walking off.

"Is she on the rag or something? Nuriko questioned, leaning over to Keeren.

"Hell if I know." The Saiya-jin replied. She looked up when the patio door slammed shut again and out came Tasuki, his trusty Tessen in hand. He took his bag and tossed it lightly into the airship, deliberately knocking Melissa's into the back. Afterwards, he climbed in.

Soon, all the seishi were aboard the Airship and Chichiri gave the go. Everybody took off and were on their way.


A/N: Wee, havin' fun with this have I have LOTS of ideas. I'll be WAY better than the original version. Better detail too...

To Be Continued...