Torn Apart by: Sakura

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"You have hereby received a warning, Miss Urameshi. The next time this happens, we will have no choice but to take the boy." The man walked out, closing the door behind him.

Atsuko looked down at the slip of paper in her hand. It was a warning from the Child Protection Agency. They had heard from an anonymous source that Atsuko was not fit to be a good mother to her son, Yusuke. Tears welt up in her eyes as she reread the notice.

"Inspection complete. Social Worker Koji Ikimachi will be notifying the CPA (Child Protection Agency) of the following:

Filthy house- clothes and garbage lying around the rooms

empty beer bottles and numerous cigarette packages

Unsafe- stove on and left without supervision

front door of apartment never locked

Child- son, Yusuke Urameshi gone from house without notifying parent or guardian

has become a well-known thug at Sariaki Junior High"

Yusuke came home later that night. He, as usual, expected his mom to be in a drunken state, and as usual, when he opened the door, Yusuke found a note on the counter, letting him know that she had gone drinking and would be home later.

He also began reading the larger note under Atsuko's. All that Yusuke had to do was read the heading to understand what it had been about.

"Child Protection Agency- the CPA," he read aloud. Atsuko had passed these, what she called "tests", every other time, and had gone without a warning. But just one more notice and Yusuke would be living with another family.


"Shouldn't you be a bit less happy, detective?" Hiei sat in his tree, which was just a few feet above the others. They had gone to talk about this in a more public place (like the library), but when Hiei neglected to get off the high shelves, they had been forced out into the park.

Yusuke shook his head, still smiling. "Nah, I don't care. They can't force me to leave, and even if they did, I don't have any other living relatives to stay with."

"They could always send you to a foster home... or an orphanage," Kurama said sounding upset with the way Yusuke was handling this. If Atsuko received another warning, Yusuke would never be able to see her again. He might even lose his job...

"What about your job as a Spirit Detective? If you live with different parents, then they're not going to be like Atsuko. They're going to know where you're going and when you'll be back."

Yusuke was surprised to hear this from Kuwabara, but covered it up quickly enough. "Heh, like I said, it doesn't matter..."


It was six months since Atsuko had had her last inspection. This time, she tried to clean up her act, but more likely her house. Yusuke was in charge of cleaning the place last week (he invited the other detectives to help, which they did); Hiei refused to show up though.

So now the house was clean, the trash was thrown, and Yusuke was forced to stay put when the CPA arrived. The inspector, Koji Ikimachi walked in, and made himself comfortable.

"Let's begin with some questions, alright Yusuke?" Koji said in a mock-like voice. Yusuke shrugged, letting Koji know that he was ready.

"Where do you go during the day, and why don't you let anyone know that you're going there?" Atsuko was not permitted in the room while Koji was there asking questions; so Yusuke thought it would be alright to tell him about his job as...

"I work as a detective for Spirit World." Koji raised an eyebrow. "Spirit World is the agency I work for. It's a program for... juveniles," Yusuke added. He smirked inwardly, remembering that it was Botan who told the same thing to Keiko before the Dark Tournament.

"I see," Koji scribbled this down on his clipboard. "And do you mind it when your mom drinks?"

"I could care less, really. I'm never here -working- when she does drink though."

"Do you think Atsuko is fit to be a good mother to you?"

Yusuke hesitated. "...Of course I do!" he said loudly. Koji nodded and began writing on his clipboard again.

After a while, he stood up. "Alright Yusuke, that's all for my inspection. I just need to leave a copy of this for your mom, and then take it to the CPA." He was indicating to his clipboard, Yusuke thought.

Yusuke was eager to know what he meant, and what Koji was going to tell the CPA, but before he could, he realized Koji Ikimachi had already left.


The telephone rang, and Yusuke answered it urgently. When the caller asked to speak to Atsuko Urameshi, he sighed deeply, handing over the phone. Minutes later, while Atsuko was still talking away on the phone, a knock came at the door. Yusuke stepped over, opening their apartment door. It was the mail delivery guy; he handed over an envelope to Yusuke. He read who it was addressed to, and seeing that again, it was for his mom, laid it beside her.

Atsuko came through the hall, many minutes later, envelope and phone in hand. She hung up the phone, turning to Yusuke afterward. There were tears falling down her face. Atsuko ran out of the room, throwing the envelope at Yusuke. He read:

Atsuko was not fit to be the mother that Yusuke left the impression of. Her son, Yusuke Urameshi will be sent to live with another family relative, after he goes through court. It is there in the courtroom, that Atsuko can try to claim back her son. The family relative responsible for Yusuke will be fighting against her.

Ichiro Kamigawa- Child Protection Agency (CPA)


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