Title: The Devil You Know Author: Deltachild

Rating: PG Pairing: Sam/Jack, Sam/Martouf, Martouf/Jolinar, Daniel/Sha're Spoilers: Anything up to and including "The Devil You Know" Notes: Something about "Jolinar's Memories" and "The Devil You Know" really struck me, I love them! This five piece fic is brief snap-shots of what Jack, Sam, Martouf and Daniel may have been thinking at different points in "The Devil You Know"


I can't let them take her. They should be taking me. I'm the leader, the one who answers for the whole team. They can take me, do what they want to me, but they can't take her.

I don't want her to have to do what Jolinar did. No one should ever have to do that. If Sam sacrificed any part of herself in an attempt to save us, I would never forgive myself. She is worth so much more than what they perceive her to be.

Every part of me is straining to get up, regardless of the staff weapon pointed at me and the burning in my leg. I need to get up. I want to take their cruel hands off her body, and place them on my own. To put myself between her and the servants of hell. I can't move though. Daniel and Martouf are pressing me to the ground, trying to stop me from moving. Why can't they see? Why aren't they trying to save her? Why won't they let me try? I want to push them off, but already my vision is blurring.

Through the haze of my own vision and the acrid smoke of the pit, I can see her face. She is trying to be brave, but the look in her eyes betrays her. They are wide with fear, and something primal is shining in them. I can tell that inside she is screaming. Her gaze locks on to mine. Love, regret, fear, acceptance, how can a look convey these?

She is hauled away from me, out of the protection I am no longer able to offer. She's not even fighting. Is that because she thinks it will do no good, or because they have already killed a part of her inside? Did Jolinar fight?

I know that regardless of what they do to her she will not tell them anything, but what will they do to her and what will she be willing to do for them? My mind is besieged by dozens of terrible images. I've seen and experienced the effects of torture. I know what it's like. She shouldn't have to do this.

Each inch further they take her away from me, the greater the despair I feel. Will this be the last time I see her alive?

Oh god no. Please don't take her. Don't take her away. Bring her back. I want to call to her, tell her one thing and many things.

Sam... Sam... she's gone.