Arise on the Occasion

Chapter I

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Ten years Rowen has lived with the consequences of losing his best friend after making a horrible mistake. Countries apart, Sage starts a new life after being denied the love he felt for a certain blue haired archer.

London, England

"Humph." The blonde haired man exclaimed while reading a so-called invitation. He carelessly, and effortlessly tossed the extravagant piece of paper into his trashcan he nicknamed the shredder. Within the designated thirty seconds, the invitation was shredded into several small pieces where it then floated to rest at the bottom of the deep, plastic can.

He continued on with his work and ignored the nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach...was it his stomach? Or his brain? Well, wherever it was, it was nagging at him.

Sage frowned to himself and cast a glance out his 23rd story window of his corner office. It was a clear day in London, surprisingly for the season. Usually this time of the year the weather was anything but pleasant and here it was! A perfect 70 degrees, clear, sunny, and well, perfect.

It was Cye's invitation that had annoyed him, to say the least. The crazy Brit was throwing a "get together," as he was calling it.

Not just any get together. A Ronin infested get together.

It had been ten years since he had seen another Ronin, well besides Cye. Cye and him had tea weekly at the café on Houghton. And the only reason was because Cye was rational, their personalities complimented each other perfectly. Cye was sensible and Sage was composed.

And the fact that the three other Ronins found Sage's sexuality a bit appalling kept him from seeing them on any kind of basis.

To say the least.

I suppose that was the reason Sage had left Toyoma in the first place. Luckily his family's name and reputation prevailed him well not only in Japan, but in the States, and England as well.

Supported by his family, he had decided on an exceptional desk job in London where he could continue schooling and learn proper English upbringing. He worked hard and after college found closure in a Vice-President job in a rather large English corporation.

And he fit in.

People in the past had rarely thought Sage had problems fitting in with society, but he did. He had them since birth. He supposed it was his curse.

Sage was one to conceal his feelings and thoughts, because as proved on many disastrous occasions, sharing one's feelings could only end up in a severe backlash.

England was the only place he had ever visited that treated him as an equal. Most of his acquaintances and friends in London didn't know of his Japanese inheritance. He was thankful that his blonde hair and pale lavender eyes made people believe he was English. The only hint of Japanese in him was his faint, and fading accent.

And soon, he suspected, he would lose that too. Finally being rid of anything that would bring up memories...

Sage rolled his eyes and stared dumbly at the plastic tin known to many as his "trashcan."

How could Cye betray him like that? How could he go and invite London? His sanctuary, his safe house? Why? Why? Why?

And how dare he invite Hashiba no Touma to England when it was obvious his place was in Toyoma, the closed minded little shit of Japan that it was!

Sage snorted and reached down suddenly and negligently tossed the shredder off the top of his trashcan so that it landed precariously on the floor. He reached in and grabbed the pieces of the invitation that he could and began to shred the pieces into even smaller fragments.

He continued on like that for some time, ripping the tatters into smaller and smaller pieces. Finally, when he thought the invitation could get no smaller, he continued...ripping and ripping, until his trashcan was filled with a pile of confetti.

Feeling unsatisfied, the former warrior of Halo pushed the tin away and sighed loudly. There was only one thing left to do!

Sage picked up his cell phone that had been sitting unused on his desk and quickly dialed Cye's condo.

It rang two times before a cheery British accent answered, "Hulloh?"

"Traitor." Sage growled.

"Oh hulloh Sage. I see you got my invitation. I assume you're making your reservations, so I'll see you next Saturday at nine?"

Sage hung up the phone without another word. His fingers went to his temple and he began to rub his aching head.

"Note to self. Kill Cye when time allows." He grumbled to himself and buzzed his secretary, "Yes Terry, this is Sage. I'm leaving for lunch now. Hold all my calls."


A girl with dark red hair grinned from ear to ear as she saw Sage enter the terrace.

Sage was greeted by a host and was promptly shown to his seat next the eerily grinning woman.

Another café. Another coffee. Blah, what an afternoon.

"Oh perk up Sage, I have good news."

"Vigil, your news is never good." Sage groaned, pulling a chair from underneath the green iron table and sat down. He placed his laptop bag and cell down as well.

Sage's words only caused Vigil to grin even more, "So, how was work?"

"It was work. What can I say?" Sage shook his head.

Vigil took a sip from her drink, which looked like a giant Strawberry Daiquiri with a plastic umbrella nestled quaintly amidst the frozen goodness. She watched as Sage eyed her delight and she snickered, "Don't worry babe, I ordered you a white wine. I have good taste you know, a California Chardonnay, hmm? Thank God this is one of the finest café's in London otherwise they would've been short on selection."

"I take it your afternoon went quite well?" Sage asked, raising a thin blonde eyebrow.

"You could say that." She took a sip of her Daiquiri.

Sage rolled his eyes, "Americans."

"Don't get me started Seiji." A young waiter came by and elegantly plopped a plate of salad at each of their beckoning.

"I hate it when you use my Japanese name." Sage's hand went for his temples again.

"I know." Vigil answered with a smile and grabbed her fork and took a bite of her salad.

"What did you order me?" Sage looked at her suspiciously, picking up a fork with ease.

"I didn't. I only ordered you salad. I know you hate it when I order for you, but I know you always eat salad with your meals." She waved her hands in the air, "It's tradition."

Sage nodded and ate in silence.

"So you aren't even anxious to know why I had a good day?" Vigil complained, stabbing her fork in a helpless cherry tomato.

"Not particularly." Sage responded.

"Bah, Sage Date you are no fun." She teased. "You sure you don't want to know?"


"You sure, sure?"


"Okay fine, have it your way."

Vigil and Sage continued to eat in silence until a fork clattered loudly to a plate.

"Oh fine! I want to know."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do!"

" don't!"

"Vigil, dear, I am turning thirty this year. We can't keep playing games like this."

"Somebody's gotta keep you young." Vigil grinned evilly and continued eating, "And I've been designated for the job."

Sage pushed his salad away and glared.

"I got an invitation to a 'get together' at Cye's for Saturday! I get to meet your old friends!" she clapped her hands together and Sage swore that if the grin on her face got any bigger, her face would've cracked.



"You have salad dressing on your chin."

Vigil blinked then hurriedly scrambled for her compact in her purse. She sheepishly wiped it away with her hand.

"Didn't your mother teach you manners?" Sage asked incredulously, shaking his head.

"Yeah, but I never listened. Why?"


Sage found himself back in the office again after lunch. At least Vigil kept him alive at times, and he was thankful for her. She knew everything about him...everything...and that included all the serene details about the Ronin Warriors, their encounter in the Nether Realm, to the times when he was young and his parents dressed him up as a girl.

Perhaps that was a key reason as to why Sage ended up gay.

It seemed reasonable.

The afternoon was quickly fading away in mass colors of orange and brilliant red while Sage sat in the same rolling chair he did day after lonesome day...

He couldn't believe Cye was throwing a party in which he invited the Ronins.

And that bastard had also invited his best friend.

Knowing Vigil, there was no way of stopping her from going to Cye's next Saturday. Her and Cye had become good friends since he had introduced them. Besides, Vigil always thought it rude to turn down an event a friend was hosting. American policy, she claimed.

Sage knew there was no such things in the U.S. The people there scared him and they had no manners whatsoever.

With a knowing yawn, five o' clock rolled around in London and he heard Old Ben go off signaling his departure.

The drive home was silent. He didn't turn the radio on to a smooth jazz station like he normally did, instead he drove in complete silence trying to comprehend the days events.

By the time he reached his own home, his mind was mentally exhausted. He turned his key in the door and upon opening it, he was greeted by the warmth of Vigil's cooking.

Sage didn't understand Vigil at all. She was attractive, even attractive was an understatement. She was beautiful, and he knew it. What he didn't understand was the fact that the twenty-five year old didn't get on with her own life, instead of being Sage's companion.

But here she was, always by his side. Through thick and thin. And somehow he knew she was happy here, a prospecting journalist, as she called it, waiting for the right opportunity. If Sage was to have a wife, without second thought he would chose Vigil. He loved her, and she loved him, but it wasn't in a sense of sex. It was friendship, something Sage thought he could never find again once him and Ro-

He shook those thoughts away as something came running towards him.

A cute, tiny Basset Hound ran straight towards Sage in a transfixed happiness that escalated when the little creature spotted him. It ran, being all floppy ears, nearly stepping on them the whole way down the corridor.

Sage leaned down and pet Vigil's dog, Puck she called it, and it licked him happily all the while wagging his tail so it looked like at any moment it would fly off.

Sage chuckled good-naturedly, looked up and was immediately bombarded.

Vigil ran through the mirrored entryway and bounded into his arms. Sage had to think quickly and drop his bag as to not have him and her go flying to the marble floor.

"You're home!" she exclaimed and planted a kiss on his lips.

Sage swung the girl around and gave her a soft smile, "What did you make for dinner?"

"Lemon Chicken with Rice Pilaf!" she proclaimed proudly, throwing a fist in the air.

"Proud of yourself?" Sage teased and set her down.

"HEY!" she poked Sage in the side, "Be thankful I didn't make hot dogs."

Sage made a face and headed into the kitchen. Everything was fine... In fact he was starting to forgot that horrible charade Cye was attempting to pull until...

He saw the refrigerator door. Where an identical invitation was sticking there in plain view thanks to a Corn on the Cob magnet.

"Vigil I am not going to that." Sage stated, sitting himself at their table crossing his arms defiantly.

Vigil frowned, "Sage..." she whined, "I can't go without my best friend." She plopped down onto a chair and crossed her arms, imitating him, "It just wouldn't be proper."

Sage couldn't help but smile and her words made him think of the last ten years. The last few years had really done wonders for him. He had changed.

Even he had noticed that he wasn't so closed off and silent.

"Besides, this is like a High School reunion." Vigil began to pile rice on her plate, "This is your moment in glory where you can show off what a ravenous, successful Sage Date you have become in front of your old friends. Have them, plus all the women and men drooling at your presence, ne?"

"I'm still not going." Sage returned.

Vigil slanted her eyes, "Fine. We'll see who's going and who's not going by Saturday, won't we?"

to be continued...