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False Hope Chapter 3 New Hope

'I don't care if I fail or not this time, I'm going to see my Zelda after tonight, one way or another.' Thought Link. He played Saria's Song

What is it Link?She asked

I need you to make me something to keep me from being paralyzed for at least a day. Can you do me this favor?he asked.

Sure! Anything for you Link.She said.

Thanks Saria Said Link. He went to find his Zelda.

Meanwhile In Korik Forest.

'One of the ingredients I need for the Potion Link wants is in the Gerudo Valley.' Thought Saria. Saria went to the home of the Female Thieves. She got the plant she needed, and was on her way out when She over heard Scorpion talking.

" We will strike Link where it hurts the most! His Heart! At the Banquet tonight in Hyrule castle we will use a special Spell to paralyze Link and then Kill Zelda."

' That's why Link wants this potion so bad! To save Zelda.' Saria got back to the Korik Forest as fast as she could least one of the Gerudo see her. When she got home she started thinking.

' If weren't to give Link this potion Zelda would die and I would have Link all to myself. As soon as the banquet was over I could comfort, him, help him get over Zelda and he would love me! But Link seems so happy with Zelda, I hate to be the reason his fiancée died.' In the end, her selfish side won and she decided not to give Link the Potion. When he came to get it, she hid in the Lost Woods. So Link went back to the castle with a heavy heart. When the banquet was over and Zelda lying in a pool of red liquid on the floor, Link held her cold hand and with his other,

He drew the Master Sword for the last time.

When Saria arrived ready to 'comfort' Link, what she saw horrified her. Link was lying next to Zelda, holding her hand. With the Master Sword growing out of his back. Saria fell to her knees and cried her heart out.

" Link(sobs) I'm so sorry! I let my jealous and selfishness blind me. (cries more) Please forgive me." She cried.


NOT!! Did you really think I was going to end the fic on such a sad note?

"Why are you surprised? Didn't you know he would do this?" asked Imp.

" I didn't want to think he would do this(sniff) I thought my plan would work." Said Saria.

"You spent all your time in the forest, while I was here, I knew how deeply in love they were with each other. I'm not surprised he did this, but what does surprise me is why he didn't use the Ocarina of Time." Said Impa, putting special emphasis on "Ocarina of Time".

'Of course!' Thought Saria. She took the Ocarina of Time from Link's pack and Played the Song of Time.

One day ago Saria's House

Saria appeared in her house watching her past self pacing, She put a hand on her shoulder and she turned around.

"Who are you!? "Her past self asked in shock

" I'm you, only a day smarter." She answered. " You must give Link the potion we made."

" But if I do that, Zelda will be saved and be with Link. It tears my heart apart whenever I see them embracing or kissing." Her past self said.

" If you don't, Link will kill himself!" She shouted.

" Really?! But why?"

" To be with Zelda in the After Life." " I am you so I know You Love Link with all your heart, but The person he loves is Zelda not us."

" Alright" her past self said. She went to find Link and gave him the potion.

" Thanks so much Saria." Said Link. He bent down and hugged her. Then pulled back and drank the potion. He mounted Epona and went back to the castle for the banquet.

At the Banquet

"LONG LIVE GANNDORF!" the Gerudoes attacked. But this time Link was ready.

"Nayru's Love!" he called out. A blue Aura appeared around all of Link's friends. Protecting them from the Gerudoes attacks. The seven Sages and all soldiers present attacked the Thieves without risk of getting injured. Link went for Scorpion.

" Your plan failed this time!" Said Link.

" Don't be so sure!" She said. Then she charged at Link with a lance. In one smooth move he blocked the attack with his shield then stabbed her in the stomach with the Master Sword.

"What are waiting for? Aren't you going to torture me?" she asked.

" No, I wouldn't stoop to your level. It will quick." He said, and with a horizontal slash, he decapitated her. Link returned to the Banquet Hall and the love of his life ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

" All the attackers have been caught." Zelda said.

"It's finally over." Said Link. Zelda thought He meant the attack but what he really meant was his punishment from the Gerudoes.


"Link do you take Zelda as your lawfully wedded wife?" asked Raru who was the priest.

" I do."

"Zelda do you take Link as you lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

" Then by the powers vested in my the Goddesses themselves, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Link was only too willing to oblige. He lifted Zelda's veil and kissed her passionately. The newly weds got into their chariot. Saria watched them with a mixture of sorrow and happiness.

" You did the right thing, letting him go." Said Impa. Saria didn't reply she was too overcome with emotion.

' I Love you Link, and Zelda you don't know how lucky you are to have him.' she thought. She watched the chariot with a " Just Married" sign on the back, pull out of sight.

In the chariot

Link and Zelda were entangled in each other arms, it was like a slice of heaven. Everything in Link's life was prefect again. He pulled his new wife closer to him. No, it was so beyond perfect, there was no word to describe it.


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