As the World Turns.

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Chapter One: The Wedding Part 1

Twenty-four year old Buffy sat in the dressing room of the church. She waited anxiously as she waited for her bridal party to arrive at the church for her wedding. Her wedding. She never expected that day to come. She had been through so many things over the past few years that she never dreamt that she would be walking down the isle, especially not to the man of her dreams. She wasn't entirely sure she deserved this day.
"Buffy, the flowers are here," the only other person in the room announced.
"Good, thanks Dawn."
"Where should I put them?"
"Keep them in the box until the wedding starts." Buffy told Dawn. She looked at her baby sister. The baby sister that she knew growing up was developing into a beautiful dark haired young woman. Dawn would be attending college in the fall.
"Do you want help getting into your dress?" Dawn asked.
"Not yet. I am going to wait until the curlers come out of my hair and my make up is done. Then I will be needing some help. Where are Willow and Mom and the others?"
"They are getting some last minute things. They should be here any minute. And Tara and Anya are probably in traffic somewhere. Or they waited until the last minute to leave. They will be here soon." Dawn paused and looked at her sister. "Are you nervous?"
Buffy sighed. "Dawn, you know how the past few years have been. I mean, do I deserve this? Really, so much as happened I am nervous. I am nervous that this is just a dream and that I am not really marring him."
Dawn hugged her sister. "So things were kind of soap operaish in the past. It's over and in the past now. You are going to marrying him today, in three hours. The only type of dream this is, is your dream, coming true. And Buffy, the past few years haven't been all roses but you are going to be happy. You deserve it."
A smile found it's way to Buffy's face. "When did you grow up and get so mature?"
Dawn walked away from Buffy and towards the box of flowers. She was moving them onto the table. "What can I say? I am maturing and growing up. I hear it happens to the best of us."
The two sisters shared a laugh before Buffy grew serious again. "I wish dad was here."
Dawn nodded. She knew whom she meant. "Buffy, even if he hadn't died, do you think he would have came? He just gave up on Mom and us and ran off with that younger woman when I wasn't even two and had other children with her. He, he never sent cards for our birthdays or for the holidays or even pick up the phone to talk to us until he found out he was dying."
"I think after he found out he was sick, he felt guilty and that's way he got back in touch with us again. It was nice having him around again. It almost felt like how things were so long ago." Buffy explained.
"I can never forgive him. Mom struggled to raise us and I am glad he isn't here. He doesn't deserve to enjoy our happiness because he caused us so much misery for so long." Dawn said as she place the box back on the floor and walked back over to her sister. "I'm glad Mom found someone else. He is my father Buffy. He has been here for us through everything. I mean, where was dad during our teacher conferences, or out dance recitals or our father-daughter dances during Girl Scouts? He didn't care about that. You know who did? Rupert did. He is our father. He is the only father I have and will ever know."
Buffy could see that this was a loosing battle. The argument over their deceased father had been on going since Hank Summers had gotten back in touch with his children from his first marriage after being absent for so many years. Dawn thought of him as a selfish person and pretended that he died a long time before he did. Buffy, on the other hand, felt compassion for him and did long to have him at her wedding.
Dawn was also right about Rupert Giles. He was their father. He adopted the two girls after he and Joyce had married. He always made time to be in the girls' lives and enjoyed being with them.
"I'm sorry Buffy, I shouldn't have gotten mad."
Buffy got up and placed a hand around her sister. "Hey, it's alright. It was just my feelings you don't have to agree with me. I know you never do." Buffy smiled. "So, how is that boyfriend of yours, Andrew? Is he going to be here?" Buffy said changing the subject. That topic mad Dawn smile.

"Hello? Is there a bride in here?" Willow Rosenberg asked as she opened the door. Willow and Buffy had been best friends since Buffy moved to town and enrolled in the town's junior high school. The red head walked in and closed the door behind her.
"Hey Wil!" Buffy said as she threw her arms around her maid of honor.
"I was hoping you wouldn't start to get ready without me. Your mom is coming in a few minutes. I got something for you. You know, as your 'something old.'"
Willow handed Buffy a small gray velvet bag with a pull sting on it. The bag looked as if it came from a jewelry store. Buffy reached in and pulled out two necklaces. The necklaces had a half a heart pendent on each of them. Buffy knew as soon as she saw it what the necklace was. It was a best friends necklace set the two had bought in the end of sixth grade.
Buffy hugged Willow. "I can't believe you found these! Where were they?"
"Your mom found yours in your old jewelry box in the attic. I found mine when Tara was helping me move a few months ago. It was tucked away in a scrapbook. I called your mom after you got engaged and asked if she could find it. It took time but it's here."
Buffy smiled as she stared at the necklace. "Let's wrap them around our bouquets." Willow nodded. Buffy hugged her friend again. "Thanks Wil, and not just for the necklace. Thank you for being there for me for all these years and through all those mistakes." Willow smiled. "Buffy, it's nothing, it's what friends do. You have been there for me too. When my parents shut me out of their lives, you picked them up and became my family. So you made some mistakes, I think that's called growing up. Mistakes make the world turn, it's part of learning."
"So we're even?" Buffy asked.
"Yea, I guess we are." Willow said as she and Buffy shared another hug before Buffy's mom entered the room.
"You're not ready yet? Why aren't you dressed already?" Joyce asked her daughter.
"I am waiting to get these curlers out of my hair and get help getting into my gown. Plus I have almost two hours to get ready. I'm not rushing. Plus, even if I run late, they can't start without me." Buffy explained.
"Well, let's get those curlers out of your hair and get ready to get you married." Willow suggested.
"But the photographer isn't here yet." Buffy pouted.
"He's outside taking pictures of the groom's party. I'll tell him to come back in an hour. After you are done getting dressed." Joyce suggested.
"Thanks Mom." Buffy smiled at her mother as she walked out of the room.
After Dawn had reentered the room, Willow asked her to get both Tara and Anya. They were out side talking to the groomsmen as they posed for photographs.
When the three women had entered the room, they helped Buffy get the curlers out of her hair and put her make up on. Then, she got into her dress.
"Buffy, you look like a princess." Dawn told her sister
"You look beautiful." Tara added.
"Thanks. Now can someone button me up?"
Willow and Dawn walked over and both buttoned Buffy's dress.
Anya got her veil and carefully placed it on her head.
"I think I am ready."
"Buffy, you look so gorgeous!" Joyce told her daughter as she came back into the room. "Your father is going to come in a few minutes with the photographer."
The woman in the room began talking for a few moments before there was a knock on the door.
"Come in." Joyce said as Willow smoothed out Buffy's dress.
Rupert Giles entered with the photographer. He was taken back when he saw Buffy. "You look beautiful beyond any words Buffy." He proudly said as he kissed her on her cheek. "Your mother and I have something for you." Rupert said as he reached into a pocket inside his tuxedo jacket. He pulled out two small jewelry boxes.
Buffy opened the larger of the two boxes and found a pearl necklace. In the smaller box was a pair of sapphire earrings, the color of her bridesmaid's dresses.
"The necklace was my mother's and her mother's before her. Your mother and I bought the earrings right after you picked the bridesmaid dresses. I guess that's your something new and blue." Rupert explained as he put the necklace on his daughter. The photographer proceeded to begin to take pictures of the bride with her parents and then with her sister and then with the bridal party.
After rolls of film and an hour of taking pictures, the wedding was ready to roll. Everyone got into place and proceeded to walk down the isle.
"Are you ready to do this?" Rupert asked Buffy.
With tears in her eyes, she nodded. Buffy was nervous and scared and excited and so incredibly happy all at once.
As she began to walk down the isle, she began to reflect on her life. Once she saw him, she began to feel so happy and so grateful that the events in her life lead her to this point. Instead of looking forward to the future, she began to go back to the past and think of how she got to this point.

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