Chapter 1

Fleetfoot Lorenes was Lady Velvet's most trusted hare. Second in command, she was not only the fastest, but the strongest fighter on the mountain, and the only hare who could boast about being able to kill six in one swing. She was the tallest hare on the mountain, too.

The hare we were just talking about stood on the shoreline, thinking about the battle coming soon, and watching the ship grow larger on the horizon. Glancing over to her right, she saw the new hare, Disodeum. Gritting her teeth, she returned her gaze to the ship. Disodeum and she had been feuding over the second in command post since he had come a few seasons ago. Fleetfoot figured that she had to watch her step or Disodeum might do something evil to her.

You see, Fleetfoot had noticed Disodeum exhibiting some strange habits, such as sneaking away from the mountain. She believed he was working for the enemy.

How right she was.

Giving the signal, Lady Velvet, a huge female badger appeared from behind the mountain with the rest of the Salamandastron hares.

"Ship landin' marm!" Fleetfoot said.

"They should watch you."

The corsairs landed. After disembarking, both sides charged in a clash of steel and wood that with the first blow to either side would cause the darkest time in all of Mossflower's history.