*If you had listened it said that her eyes glazed over some. That means that she looked out the window and made eye contact with Monofluro and he made her say that. She won't regret it until night when the rest of Plan B goes in effect. That's how long Monofluro put that hypnosis in effect so it won't wear off and make her change her mind until then.

**Velvet may seem like a pushover, but remember that she is hypnotized

*** This is where all the cells are. Trust me, read Lord Brocktree!

**** I chose a dog because a dog is only mentioned in Redwall.

*****That was probably the hardest thing Fleetfoot has done yet. It was painful to walk through the same door she had been outcasted from, yet she wanted to return home. Of course, if she had refused little Friska would have gotten the sword, referring to a more confusing term of gotten killed.