The Outer Limits of... The Ducky


Chapter 1: Will and Four Hobbits


William Turner, better known as Will, was spending the afternoon gazing out at the ocean surrounding Port Royal. He had been hoping Jack Sparrow would happen by this day, but all signs of him or of the Black Pearl, were nonexistent. The breeze was cool, the first signs that winter was occurring anywhere. Certainly it never snowed, like it did back in England, but Will was grateful for the change in temperature. However, to the blacksmith's surprise, an odd object just started to float past him in the water.

Will knelt down, examining the strange yellow object which, to his knowledge, looked something like a duck. Suddenly, he could hear the shout of someone swimming through the port.

"I'm a gonna get it!" The voice cried.

Will looked up to see a very bizarre sight. Two very small people were rowing in a lifeboat towards him and the object in the water. Before the small boat, was an equally small person who appeared to be swimming after something.

Puzzled, Will called out to them, "Do you need some help?!"

One of the small beings in the boat, the younger of the two he seemed, shook his head. "That's a'right. We just gotta get 'he ducky."

"I'm a gonna get it, Mr. Frodo!" The small man swimming shouted, reaching out quickly for the duck.

As if out of nowhere, another equally tiny being stepped up beside Will, "But Sam! You can't swim!"

This of course was news to the swimming man and quickly he went underwater.


Will looked from the small man on his left to the bubbles in the water. Deciding that it was possible that none of these small people knew how to swim, he dived into the ocean with all speed. Quickly locating the drowning swimmer, Will pulled him to the surface and up onto the dock.

"Is he going to die?" The younger man asked.

Apparently while Will was busy rescuing their friend, the two in the boat had rowed up to the dock and gotten out.

Will shook his head, "No, just a little water logged. That's all." The blacksmith sat back, eyeing the four men curiously. "And who are you?" he asked, never having seen men as short as these, save for a midget whom was part of Jack's crew.

"Meriadoc Brandybuck." one of the men, this one with blond hair, stated. "And this is my cousin, Peregrin Took. But you can call us Merry and Pippin."

The younger man waved slightly, but turned his attention back to their friend who was lying on the dock, now breathing normally.

"And I am Frodo Baggins, and this is my faithful servant, and gardener, Samwise Gamgee, or just plain Sam if you like."

The half drowned swimmer stood, bowing to Will. "I thank ya kindly, sir. Beggin' your pardon but, seeing as how you're the only one o' us who can swim, could ya get that?" He pointed to the small ducky still floating in the water.

Will smiled, "With pleasure." he reached over the dock's edge and, seeing as how his arms were longer than the other men's, easily picked up the object, handing it to Sam.

"Thank ya." Sam repeated, handing the ducky to Frodo, "Safe 'ack home where it belongs."

Frodo smiled, "Thank you, Sam."

It was an endearing moment, almost so sweet that it made Will's stomach turn as Frodo and Sam hugged one another.

"Well, now that's settled, can we get back to the Shire?" Merry asked.

"The Shire?" Will asked, slightly perplexed.

Frodo gasped, "Forgive me, we don't even know your name."

"It's Will Turner, I work at the port's blacksmith shop. Is there anything I can do to help?" he asked.

Pippin nodded, "Aye, ya can help us get back to the Shire."

"And where's that?"


"Pippin!" Merry scolded, "You're not supposed to go tellin' others."

The younger man, if they were indeed men, looked down to his feet. "Sorry, Merry."

Will cleared his throat, "How did you get here?"

Frodo held up the ducky, "Somehow this transported us. Though, we're not really sure how that happened."

"Ah.... Well, maybe I can..." but just before Will could answer, a ship docked right alongside them.

In the commotion, Will had forgotten about his searching as well as stopped taking any notice of the going ons in the harbor. Now, he was faced with someone whom he had been hoping would drop by for the better part of a month now.


Captain Jack Sparrow smiled that half drunken smile of his, "If it isn't the whelp! Excuse me, the kid!"

Will rolled his eyes, "Fancy you coming into port at such a time."

"Why's that ya say?" he asked, swaggering up to the small assembly.

Will pointed to the four small men, "These fellows needed a little help."

Jack stared at them for a moment, as if half crazed before his eyebrows shot up, "By the code! Hobbits!"


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Yeah, uh, I'm reviewing cuz you told me to and I'm scared you might beat me up if I don't. That, or you might shoot me with your bow...or you might sic those bats on me. *is standing ready, with fly swatter* Parlay! I demand parlay!
Anyway, very funny, and thank you for using my Sam idea!...I just forgot the little bugger couldn't swim. LOL!! Bugger! Reminds me of Angry Kid!
"I think I'm lost...bugga'..."
Hahaha...anyways, going to finish Johnny Depp movie now. Laterz!

Lita The Vampire Slayer:

LOL!! This is awesome!! Please continue it! This had to be my favorite part right here:

It was an endearing moment, almost so sweet that it made Will's stomach turn as Frodo and Sam hugged one another.
I aggre with you, what's with the two of them always hugging?? :)