The Outer Limits of... The Ducky


Chapter 2: Mogadishu Blues


"How do you know what a Hobbit is?" Will asked, looking at the Pirate with surprise evident on his face.

Jack simply shrugged, "Good guess?"

A moment of silence took hold as Will glared at the other man, still waiting for an answer.

"Alright. Alright. I've seen 'im before, thought not these particular Hobbits. I've seen some on my travels."

"But..." the blacksmith was confused as he looked from the captain to the four Hobbits and back." I don't get it... So these guys are from here?"

"Blazes, no! They be from another world entirely! Bloody hell, Will... don't you know anything?"

The four Hobbits were starring at Jack in confusion as well, until however, Frodo finally spoke up.

"So... others have traveled here?"

"Aye." Jack replied.

"Which means we can get back home?"

This question caught the captain off guard and he shrugged. "I don't know how ye got here, so I can't be sayin' if you can or can't get back home."

Pippin frowned before glancing over at Merry. "Are we never to see the Shire again?"

Merry placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "It'll be alright, Pip. Frodo'll find out how to use the Ducky and we'll be home in no time."

"That's it!"

Everyone turned, looking at a now rather embarrassed Samewise Gamgee.

"Beggin' yer pardon, Mister Frodo. But can't we just use the Ducky the same way as before?" Sam said with a blush in his cheeks.

The other Hobbits were stunned that such a thought would, or could for that matter, come from a gardener of such humble beginnings.

"A splendid idea!" Jack said, putting his hands together. "Why don't you start tryin' it right away, ay?"

Will looked at the captain for a moment, "Is there something you're not telling me, Jack?"

The captain turned, "Whatever do you mean, Will my lad? I've told ye all I know myself."

"Uh huh..." came the blacksmith's response.

Frodo held up the Ducky, looking at it quizzically. "What did I do last time?" he asked, glancing at his friend.

"I know!" Pippin shouted and quickly pulled the Ducky from his cousin's hands.

The young Took squeezed the small toy with all his might and suddenly a near deafening 'Squeaky Squeaky' issued from the yellow object.

Suddenly, all four Hobbits and Will disappeared into thin air, leaving Jack standing all alone on the dock.

"By the code..." he whispered before his voice raised in slight agitation, "Will's gone and done somthin' stupid again! I hope he won't need rescuin' this time around." and with that, the pirate captain made a beeline for the nearest tavern.


"PIPPIN!" Merry's voice exclaimed as he stole the Ducky from his friend's hands. "Why do you always have to touch things?!"

The youngest Hobbit shrugged, "I'm sorry. I canna 'elp it."

"Why are you here?" the gardener's voice rose as all the Hobbits looked at a stunned Will Turner.

The blacksmith was rather puzzled himself, as he looked about their surroundings. "I... I don't know... Wait! Where's Jack?!"

"Probably left behind, and rightly so." Sam said, "You shouldn't be here." he was standing rather protectively in front of the oldest Hobbit.

Will glared at him, "It's not my fault."

"True enough. It was Pippin's." Frodo replied.

The young Took hung his head, "I said I was sorry."

"Well, it's not good enough... Where are we now?" Merry asked, also looking about them.

Apparently, they had landed on a beach... a beach which bordered a desert region. In the distance they could barely make out a large city with dirty walls and roofs in serious need of repair.

"It looks like a desert." Will said, stating the obvious, before turning his head to look up at the sky.

Suddenly, the air above them filled with a harsh noise and a large black contraption of sorts shot overhead.

"It's a Ringwraith!" cried Sam.

But Will looked at it closer, "No... I think it's some sort of strange bird, perhaps."

It passed, but soon turned and headed back toward the group.

"Take cover!" ordered Frodo, yet before they could do that, the black contraption stopped, hovering directly over the small group.

"Remain where you are." a voice from above commanded as a large group of men suddenly rained down upon them.

All of the men dressed alike in mix matched shades of green and brown, and each pointed a strange object at the group.

"Some sort of spear?" Sam asked Frodo.

Will shook his head, "No... it's a pistol... I think..."

Suddenly, one of the mean spoke.

"Todd, search them for weapons."

And that was how this wandering band of unlikely heros met Todd Blackburn.


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