Note- my very first seventh heaven fic. Not a huge fan of the show, so don't get too offended. This takes place after the season 7 finale. Please review.

Eric stood at the door speechless. It dawned on him what had really happened. This was a dreaded house call. One of those calls where a policeman and a religious official from the respective parish come to your door to tell you of the sudden tragic death of a family member. Eric was amazed he hadn't known the second they had opened the door; he had made many of those calls himself.
"Come in." he heard himself say.

Lucy stared at the pregnancy test. It was pink. She was going to have a baby. She stared at it for a long time, mulling over in her mind what had happened. Why it had happened. How it happened. She could not believe it was true. Aimlessly, she went out the back door and returned to the garage, not noticing Lou and the officer enter the house or her father's car empty in the driveway. She walked up to her apartment. Glancing in the mirror, she remembered herself, earlier that day putting pillows in her shirt to see how she would look pregnant. She wanted to slap herself for how silly she had been. She had always been silly. Loony Lucy. Cute yes, boy-magnet yes, but always so naive, so pathetic. She remembered how she acted toward Roxanne. Again, she had the urge to slap herself. She had always been stupid. Pitiful and stupid. And now, look what had happened. Not that this was her fault, a voice in her head told her. And she knew it truly wasn't. But her life was serious now. The stakes were higher; everything she did had more consequences than ever before. How would she tell them all? She was only 21, barely legally old enough to drink. And now pregnant. She had goals, in school and everything. Yes, she had let them slide because of the wedding, but now she was more motivated than ever before. Seeing her father in church again had shown her once again what her path in life was. She was supposed to become a minister, and preach. Maybe not in her father's church, but preach just the same. She felt so embarrassed for a few months ago wanting to quit school. She knew her life's purpose was not to become her mother, a stay-at-home mom, always trying to do something more with her life but in reality the farthest pace she ever made it to was the supermarket. Sure, that life suited Annie Camden, but it did not and would never suit Lucy Kinkirk. She was surprised at her own thoughts. She had always wanted to be just like her mother. All the Camdens were. The girls would be strong in school until the end of middle school when a boy would take over, and by senior year they would only like one or two classes, go to college for awhile, then get married and have children, and never do anything more. Lucy was reminded of years ago, when she said she did not want to be "just mom". It had greatly hurt Annie's feelings, and Lucy saw her mother's view and was sorry. But now Lucy knew she had been right all along. She couldn't be "just mom" and she most certainly couldn't be mom at 21 years of age. She wanted to have babies eventually, but not now. Not at this age and not this baby. She felt her stomach and looked down. She sighed, knowing in her heart what the choices were.

She knew people had done it before, but she could not stay in school and raise a child. She could barely stay in school as it was. She could not bring a child into her marriage at this point either. Kevin and her were very much in love, and she knew the marriage would last, but they had their problems, and having a baby right now wouldn't be good for anyone. It wouldn't be right for the baby. Annie and Eric would do most of the raising of the child if she stayed in school, and Lucy knew she wanted to be the baby's mother, not have to share the position with her own mother. But, if she quit school to raise the baby, and even if they moved out of the garage apartment and into a place of their own away from the Camdens, she would still never feel whole. A part of her, her religious calling, would be lost. And she knew she could not return to school after the baby, she just wouldn't be able to handle it. The decision to be made was what would leave the bigger hole in her, the loss of her schooling, or the loss of her unborn child. She stared at her stomach, and then her eyes drifted to a picture of her father preaching. She knew her answer. Losing her baby would hurt more than the death of someone living. She knew how hurt she would be and how hurt she would stay. And for all the years of her life, she would always think of her first unborn child and be sad. But she knew that in time, she would be able to make peace with herself. But, losing her calling, her mission, would hurt more than a thousand deaths. She would never be able to make peace with her loss and would regret it forever. She knew she would feel remorse toward the baby also, if she left her college to give birth. And she knew most of all that she could not stay in school and have the baby for Annie to raise. She loved her mother very much, but she did not want her to raise her baby. She wanted her to be the doting grandmother to children Lucy would have years from now, not a substitute mother to a baby Lucy would have in 9 months. She sighed and got up. She walked out of the house, and got in her father's car. Then she began to drive to the hospital, to schedule an appointment to have an abortion.