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Ruthie, Sam, David, Lucy, Eric, Kevin and Julia were all in Simon's hospital room. Ruthie had apologized to everyone, and they had accepted her back with open arms. She sat with Lucy, and Julia sat on Kevin's lap. The twins stood at the wall and Eric sat in the center of everyone.
"I-I think we should all say goodbye to him separately, and then bring the doctor in. if you don't want to be here, when Simon goes to God, I completely understand." Slowly, everyone left the room except for Julia. She walked up to her uncle's bed.
"Uncle Simon. I'm going to say good bye to you. I know you are going to heaven soon. I hope you like it up there. I'll miss you. My mommy told me all about you, what you were like. I'll miss that. I know that I never really got to know you, but."

Lucy and Kevin watched their daughter threw the hospital window.
"Luce, I know now." Kevin said softly. She turned to him, puzzled.
"Know what?"
"Why you had your abortion ten years ago. I supported you, but couldn't understand it. Now I do. Having Julia was the best part of my life, but having her, raising her, is so much work. So much emotional growth and all. Ten years ago, we couldn't have handled it, with the situation at hand. With raising your brothers and school, and everything we had to deal with, the child would have suffered. I understand now. And I know you made the right choice." Lucy looked at him for a long time, then hugged him.

Sam was the next to go in to see Simon. He was in their for a long time, then brought David in with him. Then Sam left, leaving David some time alone with their brother. Matt and Sarah had called. They now had three children of their own, and had come and seen Simon last month, when Lucy and Eric made the decision to take Simon off the life support machines. Matt sounded distant, and said to say farewell to his baby brother for him. Ruthie went in after the twins.
"Simon, I'm sorry I haven't been here. I'm sorry I've been gone from the family. I really am." Ruthie stayed in the room the longest with him. She left sobbing. Then Eric went in, to say goodbye to his middle son. Then Kevin, then Lucy. After that, Kevin took Julia home, and the others stayed. They all went into the room, and the docter came in. after having a few quiet word with Eric, and Eric re affirming that this was the best thing, he turned the support machines off. Within a minute, it was obvious Simon had died. At that time, they all broke down and cried."

"So dance now, wherever you may be, for I am the Lord of the said he." the people sang the upbeat hymn. The Camden family looked upon Simon's headstone.
Simon Camden
The world was not made
For one as wonderful as you

They stared at the stone. They were in mourning for the brother they lost ten years ago, but died but yesterday.

Lucy looked at the stone, but suddenly, felt happy inside. It was closure. Simon was in a better place. Her sister, the sister who loved her was back again. Everything was still in shambles, but could be the way its supposed to. Lucy smiled, and knew it was time to tell Kevin something.
"Kevin?" she whispered, and squeezed his hand.
"We're going to have a baby." Kevin looked at her in amazment.
"A baby boy." She said to him, grinning.
"A boy named Simon." Kevin replied. Lucy nodded.

Maybe, just maybe, she thought, everything could be okay again. She put a hand on her stomach, and a hand on Julia's head.
Somehow, she knew it was possible