Identity Crisis


Morning rose on the Hinata and Kitsune woke up to a strange but familiar feeling. Immediately, Kitsune looked down and sighed in relief. 'Yes!' the girl thought triumphantly, 'I got my body back!' Practically skipping with joy, Kitsune got dressed and stepped outside her room.

At that moment, however, four separate screams echoed throughout the Hinata. 'Oh no!' Kitsune thought as she first rushed to Keitaro's room.

"Keitaro, is that you?" Kitsune shouted hurridly as she slid open the door. Keitaro, dressed only in his boxers and holding his foot looked up at Kitsune.

"Of course its me! I just stubbed my toe is all!" the boy shouted. "I just woke up weird, that's all, I guess."

Kitsune, not entirely sure of Keitaro's state of being, decided to investigate the other screams. Quickly, she vaulted up the hole in Keitaro's room to Naru's. "Naru, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine!" the longhaired girl said. "I just bumped my knee against the table.

Sighing, Motoko's screams echoed through the Hinata yet again and Kitsune sprung out and ran as fast as she could to Motoko's room.

"Motoko-chan, are you alright?!" Kitsune asked as she slid the door open. Inside, Motoko in her half pulled sleeping robes standing on a chair from a flying Tama-chan.

"Of course I'm not alright!" Motoko shouted. "This turtle's driving me batty!" Another exasperated sigh and Suu's screams echoed the Hinata.

Another leaping vault and Kitsune arrived at Suu's room and slid the door open, to see a grinning Su in her fuku. "Why are you screaming, Su?" Kitsune asked.

"Because everyone else is and it sounds like fun!" the foreign girl said with a grin.


The day progressed normally as if nothing ever happened. Kitsune listened as Keitaro and Naru studied with a small twinge of regret. "I guess it's for the best," Kitsune mused.

Shrugging, Kitsune stood up and decided to walk around the Hinata to see how the other girls were. She walked up to the second floor to see Motoko nervously gripping her sword while hanging a small piece of raw lumber from the ceiling. "What's the matter, Motoko-chan?" Kitsune asked as she walked up behind the nervous sword woman.

"AIEE!" Motoko screamed nervously as she haphazardly cut the wood. "Don't do that when I'm concentrating!"

Kitsune looked at the nervous Motoko, her kendo garb a little loose around the shoulders. "Are you alright?" Kitsune asked.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Motoko repeated as she caught her breath. "Tama just flew into my shirt a minute ago."

"Okaaay," Kitsune said suspiciously, but continued on her walk. Next, Kitsune stopped at Su's room. Su was hanging on a new, giant palmtree, looking around the ground curiously. "Whatcha doing, Su?"

"Looking for mines!" Su said.

"Mines? Is this a new game?" Kitsune asked as she kicked a stone into the room, only to watch an explosion follow. "You don't remember where you placed the mines?"

"Was I supposed to?" Su asked as she hung upside down on the tree by her legs.


Kitsune felt extremely unsure of what happened to everyone in the house. Keitaro could be back in his own body or have swapped with any of them, it seems. Just to be sure, she decided on one more stop: Naru's room. Stretching her arms above her head, Kitsune walked over to Naru's door and slid it open to see the two Todai hopefuls studying with a somewhat antique looking tea cup in the center of the table

"Hey you two, how's everything?" Kitsune asked.

"Fine," Naru answered.

"Pretty good I guess," Keitaro replied. Kitsune watched the two study for a minute and decided everything was probably back in its place and decided to walk back to her room. As Konno Mitsune took the first few steps away from the open door she heard something she never thought she'd ever hear. "-and that's how you do that," Keitaro finished explaining.

"Oh, I would have never figured that!" Naru exclaimed.

A big vein popped up on Kitsune's forehead but she kept on walking away. 'I will NOT try to figure this out, I will just assume Keitaro is in his old body and get something stiff and strong to drink,' the girl thought to herself.


Author's Notes:

Yes, a pleasant end to the Identity Crisis! Now to thank those that made this story possible:

First to thank is the awesome beta Toonfreak. MindKore helped A LOT with the story, as did Tuxedo Jack. KDH2KY helped quite a bit too(and his site host the uncensored version of the story later on, along with possible ALTERNATE ENDINGS!)