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#thoughts #

"Words spoken"


Harry Potter was sitting in his little cupboard listening in on the party just outside his room. No doubt because Uncle Vernon got a raise again. He has all this money and couldn't even use a penny of it on Harry... The boy sat, staring at the ceiling with his bright emerald eyes blank with a glaze over them and his raven black hair all messy and blood clotted.

He was very skinny for his four-year-old self and pale. Harry was very skinny, showing all of his bones and telling the world he was very malnourished and the dirt and grime on him showed that he was very un-cared for. He would hopefully get some bath water after Dudley today if his fat cousin would forget to pull the plug so he could get cleaned up from his last beating.

Harry turned to open the door after the last guest had gone home when he knocked over Uncle Vernon when the door swung open too hard. This made Uncle Vernon furious indeed. Harry had just turned four years old today. His only birthday present was a nice long beating from his drunken Uncle Vernon again. He knew not to whimper. He knew not to fight back. As Vernon drug him out of his cupboard, he remembered that soon enough, he's be back in his cupboard unconscious and wake up with his whole body throbbing in pain.

"You have been here three years too long, Potter. You are a worthless excuse for a human!" Vernon yelled as he landed another kick to Harry's ribs with a satisfying *crack *.

Dudley, who always watched Harry's beatings, just laughed when Harry's eyes filled with tears.

The pain was almost unbearable. He was still hurting from his last beating, and it seemed that Vernon was going for the more tender spots that were still in various stages of healing.

"You will soon meet your dead parents, boy!" Vernon yelled between kicks, punches, and slaps from the belt. Harry soon lost consciousness from the pain.

*~*~*~*~ At Hogwarts with Snape and Dumbledore *~*~*~*~

"Are you sure Albus?" Severus Snape asked the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry anxiously.

"Arabella had not seen the boy for over a month and even then it was because he had to go out to get the newspaper. When she did catch a glimpse of him yesterday she noted his hair was blood clotted and he had bruises on his face, arms, legs, and hands. You know what you have to do, Severus. You know your relationship to him." Albus said. His eyes were devoid of their usual twinkle, and that made the younger wizard very uneasy. Whenever the twinkle was gone, the business was very serious.

"Very well the, Albus. I will retrieve the boy tonight. Is there anything I can do in the meantime?" Severus said with a long sigh.

"Yes... as a matter of fact, there is, Severus." Albus said with his eyes suddenly shining a little too brightly for Snape's pleasure.

All around Hogwarts, a loud "WHAT?" rang throughout the building.

!?!?!?!? That night with Harry Potter!?!?!?!?

A large crash. Swear words. A Bang. Footsteps.

Harry awoke with a start and sat bolt upright in his bed, adding to the pain all over his body at the sudden movement.

"Ow...." Harry muttered aloud. "Stupid relatives..."

"Who is there?" A deep voice asked, right outside of his door.

#Stay quiet, Harry. He'll hear you! # Harry thought.

"Hmm...." The voice mumbled something Harry couldn't hear nor understand and the lock on Harry's door *clicked * unlocked.

Harry tried to back up into the shadows and blend in but he cried out in pain and didn't make it in time for the stranger to miss him.

"Bloody hell.... Harry?" A man asked. He had shoulder-length greasy hair and weird black clothes on.

"Who... Are...You?" Harry asked difficulty. Uncle Vernon had gripped his throat hard and it was very difficult to breathe let alone speak without it hurting like a thousand fires were in his airway.

"Shhh... Potter, don't talk right now. I'm Professor Severus Snape and I'm here to take you away from these people. I'm not here to hurt you," the man said, reaching a hand to the boy.

Harry shrank back closer to the wall and flinched, but opened one of his swollen eyes when a hand only touched his cheek softly.

#Why does this happen to me? # Severus thought, watching the beaten boy slowly relax.

"Where?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Hogwarts, of course. Now come on, Harry. I've got a busy night planned out and we have to get you to Dumbledore." Severus said softly, picking the boy up.

Tears welled up in Harry's eyes from the discomfort that came when he was lifted in the air.

"Am I hurting you?" Severus asked.

"No." Harry lied.

Severus shifted Harry closer and accidentally hit Harry's head on the door and Harry promptly passed out.

"Harry?" Severus asked when the four year old went limp in his arms. He repeated Harry's name three more times and rushed out the door when he realized the boy might be dead.

~*~* At Hogwarts, a Knight Bus ride and an hour later ~*~*~*~

"Pomfrey!" Severus yelled, banging the doors open. "Albus!"

"Severus, what's the - What's that?" Minerva McGonagall asked when she heard the noise her fellow Professor was making at 1:00 in the morning. She was dressed in an emerald green nightgown and had a cup of tea in her hands, obviously just getting back from the kitchens.

"Harry. He's unconscious." Severus snapped, leaping up the stairs.

"What is Harry doing here? Isn't he supposed to be with those Muggles?" Minerva asked.

"They beat him and - Albus!" Severus replied, seeing the headmaster in a blue nightgown and cap walking towards them.

"Severus, what's wrong?" Albus said in a soothing voice, following the Potions Master to the Hospital wing.

"Harry has been beaten by those good-for-nothing Durselys and he's unconscious." Severus repeated.

"Just what I thought." Albus said, running forward and opening the doors for Severus, Harry, and Minerva.

"POPPY!!" Severus yelled.

"Wassit?" Poppy Pomfrey inquired, rubbing her eyes and coming through the door on the other side of the room. She gasped and fully woke up when she saw what Severus was holding to his chest protectively.

"Put him on the bed. Who is he, how did he get like this, how old is he, and where are his parents or guardians?" Poppy asked. She pulled two bottles of potions off a cabinet and a little tub of salve.

"Harry Potter, abuse, four, one dead Severus is his father, and the relatives he has been staying with beat him." Albus rolled off immediately.

Poppy wasn't at all phased by the name, but instead looked to McGonagall. "Put this salve on his bruises," she ordered as she gave the Transfiguration Professor a small tub of brown lotion.

Minerva nodded and took the salve. She gently rubbed it on Harry's face.

Poppy looked at Severus who was watching this with a apprehensive face. "Take off his clothes." Poppy snapped at Snape.

Severus nodded and did as he was told as Poppy took Harry's vitals and poured the potions down his throat.

"What are you giving him?" Albus asked.

"Dreamless Sleep and Skele-Mend."

"How is he?" Minerva asked, finishing rubbing the salve on Harry's bruises and cuts.

"He'll be okay in a day or two."

"Severus, is the room ready?" Albus asked.

"Not yet." Severus answered with a sigh. It was obvious he was fighting back tears. "I can't believe they did this to him. Was it imperative you erase my memories of him and Lily until now?"

"Yes." Albus replied with his eyes twinkling.

"I'm doomed. I have absolutely no knowledge of how to be a single father." Severus said with a sigh.

"You loved her, didn't you Severus?" Minerva asked Severus, placing a hand on his arm.

"Yes. Now if you excuse me, I have some things to do." Severus snapped. He spun on his heel and stormed out of the room.

!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!Severus' Quarters!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

#So it is true. # Severus thought, conjuring a goblet of brandy and summoning a photo album from its place on the bookshelf.

He opened it up to a page with him as a 16 year old beside a pretty red- haired girl that was holding onto his arm and giggling. Four boys were in the background chasing a boy with silvery-blonde hair with bunny ears and a pink dress.

#He looks so much like James though...#

He turned the page where there was a wedding. Severus was 18 in this photo and the same red-head was beside him smiling so wide her face could break in half in a beautiful white dress.

#Maybe she put a glamourie charm on Harry. #

He turned another page that had the same woman in the last two pages with a bloated stomach and a shocked Severus and older image of Harry also shocked.

#Too bad she and James had to go into hiding... All because I was a coward and James was too brave to let her and he go into hiding alone... but maybe it was for the best...# Severus thought furiously to himself, almost crushing the bottle of brandy in his hand.

He turned more pages, sitting in thought.

#I wonder if Moony will accept Felaw back? #

Severus thought for a long while looking longer at one picture in particular. It was one of a big black dog, a silver stag, a gray wolf, a big black panther, and a gray rat surrounding a smiling red-haired woman aged 15.

#I really hope so... We need to be back together for this... I need my friends.... bloody hell! I am feeling emotion again! This feels...good...#

But he came upon a new picture, one with him not present. The very same red- head that was in all the other pictures was now on another man's arm... one that looked like a older version of Harry with a baby in his arms. This made Severus even more furious.

#what the bloody hell did any of us do to deserve this?! Lily and James didn't need to die! Sirius never needed to go to Azkaban! Peter never needed to die! Harry...#

Severus' heart filled with something as he thought of Harry.

#Harry never needed to go to his other relatives.... he could have stayed with me.... his true father...#

___________________End Chapter One__________________

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