The couple looked at the little white wand, both minds in a state of fugue.

Despite her already formidable abilities, try as she might, she couldn't will back time to prevent that ... that cross appearing.

"This ... this is ..." he was many things, an orator wasn't one of them. "... strange."

"I hope you're stating the obvious, because I don't feel like explaining to you how this state of affairs came to be."

Deadpan, he raised a mid-digit. The news was too much of a shock for a better retort.

"What do ... what do we do?"

The we made his eyebrow raise. "I could ... how do you feel about a little place in the country?"

She sat across, facing him. "An apartment?"

"House in the suburbs. Ritzy."

"I've always thought 'upscale' was a more appropriate phrase ..." She leaned back, massaging her temples. "I never thought a one night stand ..."


A small smirk. "You kept count?"

"Hey, you did things that surprised even me."

"I'm not even half way through my little bag of tricks."

He moved forward, taking her hand. "What about a name?"

Emma put her hand over his. "We'll talk about that later, Logan."