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The first thing that Harry saw was the blood. It covered everything in the room: the floor, the walls, even the furniture. He was so shocked that he simply stood there at first, right in the middle of all that mess. He couldn't comprehend what he was seeing. He only jerked out of his stupor when a voice groaned weakly. Knowing that there was only one person who could possibly be in here, Harry called, "Hermione?" He was answered with yet another small groan, and as Harry scanned the room with his eyes, he saw her. She was sitting in the farthest corner of the room, covered in blood, though she didn't seem to be bleeding. Harry rushed to her, kicking aside a small rag on the way, and knelt beside her.

"Oh, God, 'Mione, what happened?" he asked as she reached her. Hermione lifted glazed eyes to look at him and let out a soft giggle. "Gone", she whispered softly. "All gone." Harry frowned. "What's gone?" he asked, and she giggled again. By now, Harry was seriously worried for her, and he reached out a hand to comfort her somehow, maybe stroke her cheek, or brush her hair out of her eyes.

Hermione was having none of that. As soon as Harry's hand got close enough, she leaned forward and bit it, drawing blood. Harry let out a frightened yelp and jerked his hand back, staring at Hermione with wide eyes. Once again, she giggled. Raising her own hand, she wagged a finger at him in mock admonishment, saying, "No touch", as though she were scolding a small child. Harry decided that the best thing he could do right now would be to humor her, so he fixed her with a solemn expression and shook his head. "No touch," he repeated, and Hermione nodded, satisfied, before turning her head to look at something behind Harry.

Harry turned his own head to see what she was looking at, and saw the rag-like thing that he had kicked earlier. It was completely drenched in blood, and Harry assumed that Hermione had used it to try and clean up the blood on the floor. From the looks of things it hadn't worked, and not for the first time Harry wondered just where all that blood had come from. He turned back to Hermione. "Are you bleeding?" he asked her softly, and Hermione grinned at him. "Nope", she said cheerfully, "I fixed it." She waved her wand in front of Harry's face, and he nodded. "Okay then, why didn't you clean this mess up?" Hermione looked at him as though he were stupid. "Clean what up?" she asked, and laughed.

Harry stared at Hermione incredulously. "All this mess", he said, gesturing around the room. "Don't you want to get rid of it?" Hermione frowned. "Get rid of it?" she echoed. "Why? S'pretty. I did it myself", she added, looking around the room with satisfaction. Then she shook her head. "No", she said, "Baby helped. Baby helped a lot. But now it's gone, all gone."

"Baby?" Harry echoed, "What baby?" He was becoming increasingly frightened, looking into Hermione's almost dead eyes and listening to her talk. He had known she wasn't better, he had known…and now she was going on about a baby—wait a minute, baby…

Hermione was speaking, but Harry barely heard her. He was too busy moving towards what he had thought was a rag, but hadn't the rag been rather solid? Hadn't he thought that it was odd for Hermione to just use one rag to clear the mess, or even use a rag at all, as she had a wand and knew more cleaning spells than anyone else at Hogwarts? Horror mounting, Harry approached the 'rag', and when he got a clear look at it, promptly threw up. It wasn't a rag, after all, oh no. It was much worse.

What Harry was staring at was the remains of what had once been a baby. It was destroyed, a bloody mass of tissue. Its arms and legs were covered in scratches and slashes of what Harry knew were from a knife. Its little belly had been sliced open, and its skull had been crushed. But the worst part was how it had been twisted, turned, wrung out and drained of its blood. Harry supposed Hermione had done it so that she could finish…it all became too much for him and he threw up again, and came very close to passing out.

When he had gotten himself under control again, Harry turned back to Hermione, raising horrified eyes to meet hers. She was grinning, advancing on Harry, one hand behind her back. "Do you like my project?" she asked him. Harry didn't reply, and she continued, "I knew that baby would be perfect. I really couldn't let it live anyway, could I? No, oh no, no, no, no, not that baby…couldn't let it live to be like him. But I could make pretty things with it…oh yes, pretty, pretty things. Don't you think they're pretty?" Harry gulped and backed away from Hermione, not noticing as his wand fell from nerveless fingers. Hermione waited patiently for him to answer, but Harry was too repulsed to do anything more than back away. Hermione smiled. "Don't want to answer? No matter. I think it's pretty, and really, that's all that matters, isn't it?" she looked around the room again, and suddenly the dazed look left her eyes, to be replaced with horror. "Oh, God," she whispered, "What happened in here? What did I do?" She looked at Harry, then at her floor, and her eyes fell on the baby.

Tears filled her eyes as she stared down at what she had done, and a hand slowly came to cover her mouth as she whispered, "No, no, oh no", shaking her head and backing out of the room. "I-I think I'm going to be sick", she said, then bolted from the room.

Harry stared after her. What the hell had just happened? One minute she's talking about how pretty everything is, the next she's acting horrified by what she's done. He didn't get it at all. Deciding that he would get the hell out while she was occupied, Harry began to look for his wand. He spotted it next to the baby, and started towards it.

"You're leaving, aren't you?" her voice asked, startling him. Harry looked up, and saw her standing in the entrance to the room, a sad look on her face. He didn't know what to say. Hell yes, he was leaving, and then he was going to get Hermione some help. She was seriously fucked up. But he wasn't sure that telling her this would be a good idea. Hermione just stared at him, tears filling her eyes. She looked back down at the baby and shuddered. "I don't know what happened", she said softly. "I knew I was pregnant, of course, but I couldn't tell anyone. I was just so ashamed. And then I had the baby, and he—he was so beautiful, but he looked just like him, and I-I just couldn't…then I guess I blanked out…Oh my God, what did I do?" she cried, then broke down sobbing, and suddenly the revulsion Harry felt was replaced by pity, with no small amount of guilt. Hermione was a mess, true, but had he really tried to help her? Had anyone?  They all shared a part of the blame for this, Harry thought, and the least that he could do was to help her.

With this in mind, Harry crossed the room and took Hermione into his arms, stopping only to pick up his wand. She stiffened, then relaxed into his embrace, burying her head into his shoulder as she cried. When her tears had tapered, she raised her head to look at Harry. "What are we going to do?" she asked, and Harry sighed. What he was about to do could get him into serious trouble, but Hermione was his friend, and he couldn't bear to see her receive the Dementor's Kiss because of what Malfoy had done to her.

"What we do", he said, "is clean this mess up. Then, we go down to St. Mungoe's and you check yourself in. You need help, 'Mione, but no one needs to know about this at all." Hermione sent him a grateful smile and said, "Okay, Harry. You're right, I need help, and soon." Harry gave her one last wand, then went back into the room and raised his wand. "Scourgify" he intoned, and the room was instantly spotless. Gritting his teeth, Harry next pointed his wand at the baby. "Incendio", he said, and the baby turned to ashes at his feet. After getting rid of the ashes, Harry turned back to Hermione, only to find her smirking, the dead look back on her face.

"So easy", she told him. "You're too noble for your own good, Potter." She smiled at him and raised her wand. Panicked, Harry started to raise his, but she was quicker. "Expelliarmus", she cried, and Harry's wand flew across the room and out of his reach. Giving him a beautiful smile that Harry remembered from happier times, times before Malfoy, Hermione said, "Since you helped me get rid of the mess, I'll go easy on you. Avada Kedavra." And then there was a brilliant flash of green light and The Boy Who Lived was no more.


Hermione Granger's house had been Charmed to detect Dark Magic, and alert the Ministry of any Dark Magic used in or near the house. If any was used, a small red light would glow brightly, and several Ministry officials would be at the house in less than a minute. However, as the months had gone by, nothing had happened, and those who were supposed to be checking the light got sloppy. It was sometimes several hours before anyone would remember to check it, but as nothing ever happened, no one got in trouble. By the time that Hermione killed Harry Potter, the light hadn't been checked for several days.

So when someone finally noticed that the little light had turned red, it wasn't a shock to anyone when they Apparated to the house, only to find it empty. What was a shock was to see Harry Potter sprawled out in the middle of the living room, dead…and for quite awhile, if the flies were anything to go by.

Sadly, Harry had been missed no more than Hermione, having become a recluse himself since the betrayal and death of his lover. No one had thought to make sure he was okay, and now they bitterly regretted it, feeling that they might have been able to stop this horror from happening. Sadly, they gathered Harry up and gave him a proper burial, then started their manhunt for his killer; assuming that whoever had killed Harry had taken Hermione as well. They put out a reward for anyone who had information about Hermione, and got several false leads, but never anything concrete.

The years passed, and gradually, the search for Harry's killer stopped, as well as the search for Hermione Granger. If someone had kidnapped her, there was no way that she was alive now, and the trail for Harry's killer had long since grown cold. No, the case was never solved. Instead, it was tucked in a back room of the Ministry, only to be thought of when the older Ministry officials had nothing more to talk about during get togethers, an old story that had many villains, and any ending the teller could think up.

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