By Michelle Frodo

Dedicated to Obelia medusa, who asked for a Frodo-Bilbo poem. This ones for

I'm frightened, I'm hurt and I'm lost,
with the weight of the world on my back.
My head keeps on swaying; I'm dizzy,
I need someone to keep me on track.

I need someone to watch for my coming,
who cares for my strength and my glee.
And someone who cares what I'm thinking,
who'll take time to listen to me.

My hand needs someone to hold onto,
and someone to stop me from falling.
I want someone to say he'll stand by me,
for someone to come when I'm calling.

I am pained with a weight on my spirit,
I need someone to tuck me in bed.
For someone to whisper `I love you`,
and give me a kiss on my head.

When scared I need someone to cling to,
and someone to hug when I'm sad.
For someone to say `You'll get through this`,
and tell me `It's not all that bad`,

If ever I'm filled with a sadness,
or fear that I cannot explain.
I need someone to squeeze my hand tightly,
to stop me from feeling the pain.

I know of the person I'm thinking,
I know who will give me this care.
I know who will love and protect me,
I know who will always be there.

A mop of grey hair swims before me,
a pair of kind eyes comes to sight.
And when he puts his arms around me,
I know that I will be all right.

He pulls me into his bear hug,
he could always tell when I'm sad.
`Bilbo` I whisper a `Thank you`,
He says `Anytime Frodo-lad`.

May Elbereth bless my reviewers.