Bring Me To Life (formerly known as What Dreams May Come)

By: angel74

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Rating:  R

Warning: SLASH, abuse, rape, cutting, violence, language (all non-graphic!)

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Summary: This story begins during the summer before Draco's sixth year. Draco is placed with the Weasleys for his own protection.  Away from his father and his wealth, Draco learns the true meaning of friendship and family.  He discovers that Harry doesn't lead the perfect life he has always imagined, and begins to fall in love.  Together they will face the first battle in the war against Voldemort on Halloween night.

Themes: soul mates, friendship and love, very Harry-centric

POV's: seen through the eyes of Ron and Draco, alternating POV's

Pairings: HP/DM, HG/RW, GW/NL

Category: Angst/Romance

Spoliers: for OoTP (and for all other HP books, obviously!)

Slight AU!!

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Chapter One- Sins of the Father

Draco had been home already a  week, and he was still upset that Potter and his friends had gotten the better of him on the train home from school.  He was currently lying in his bed at Malfoy Manor wondering where his mother had gone off to and contemplating the events of last year.  He glanced lazily around his lush surroundings and thought about his so called life.

Draco had returned home from his fifth year at Hogwarts with mixed emotions.  He had heard about what had happened at the Department of Mysteries from his head of house and godfather, Severus Snape.  He knew that his father had been captured by the aurors during the attack and had been taken to Azkaban. At first, he was furious that something like this could happen to his father.  He had no idea what was going to happen to him and his mother now.  After further contemplation he realized that he was no longer under the thumb of his tyrant father, and he was beginning to reevaluate what it meant to be a Malfoy.

His father had raised him to be a well-bred, high society brat.  Draco believed whole-heartedly that the ultimate goal in life was to require as much wealth and power as humanly possible. This meant by any means necessary. He was brainwashed to believe that the key to that power was in following the Dark Lord, the most feared wizard of all time.  No one would be able to stop them once he had regained his power and began his rein over the world.  Together they would rid the world of such infestations as muggles and mudbloods.  These lowly beings were not worthy of living along side those who were superior to them. Draco tried to inquire once about why these people were inferior to them, but he was never given a specific reason why.  Instead, he was given a healthy reminder of who was in charge of the house and what the consequences were for asking such a question.  Brainwashing can be quite effective when the victim has no other choice but to believe what they are being told.

Draco wanted to be accepted and loved unconditionally by his father, and only saw one way for this to occur. For a long time, he obediently followed in the footsteps of the man the he idolized so much.  It was not his natural disposition to be so cold and calculating by any means, and adapting himself to the ways of his father took constant vigilance. He molded himself into the very image of his father, even going so far as adopting the drawling way of speech and making snide comments to his classmates.  He justified to himself that it was necessary to be cruel to Potter and his band of merry gryffindorks because that was the way things were meant to be.  They had to be in opposition with another because that is what fate had deemed necessary.  The light struggling against the dark.  Lucius had thoroughly convinced his son that the dark would be the winning side, and that Draco had best choose the path that would bring him the most success. Defying his father was never an option.  He knew all to well what the consequences were for disobeying his father. The punishment was always cruel and painful.

Draco realized that everything he held to be true changed dramatically once the Dark Lord got his body back during the third task of the tri-wizard tournament.  He didn't know the details of what happened that night, but he knew enough to know that Potter was tortured before he was forced to give his blood in order to resurrect the Dark Lord. For some reason he was deeply disturbed by this.  He always knew that the day would come when Potter would be confronted by the Dark Lord, he just never realized it would happen when he was a mere child.

Through the course of the summer last year, Draco was forced to attend some of the death eater meetings.  He loathed going to each one, but Lucius always insisted that it was necessary prelude to the inevitable; the day that Draco would become a death eater himself. He was terrified when he first saw the Dark Lord in the flesh.  His body was thin and grotesque, and his face was snake like and repulsive. He was even more shocked to find that his father was nothing more than a servant to him.  Draco always pictured his father as the Dark Lord's right hand man standing proudly in service. He never imagined staring down upon his father as he was groveled at his lord's feet like a lowly house elf.  Draco watched as his father was punished with the cruciatus curse over and over for allowing Potter to escape on that faithful night.  Is this what Draco was going to become?  What he too be tortured and forced to beg for forgiveness? Was this price for ultimate power?  He wasn't so sure that this was what he wanted any longer.  Draco wasn't even sure that he ever truly wanted to be a death eater. He was never really given the choice.

Draco also witnessed the Dark Lord torture a family of muggles who accidentally crossed paths with their death eater encampment one night.  Watching the scene made him sick to his stomach.  The death eaters skillfully disrobed each family member and levitated them into the air spinning their bodies around like floating tops.  They then proceeded to torture and maim each one until they no longer could stand it and their poor bodies gave up.  It was all Draco could do not to wretch before them. Their actions were unjustified and seemed merely for pleasure than anything else.  He knew that the death eaters all had a sadistic side, but this was too much. Thankfully, they seemed to ignore Draco completely.  He had heard some unsettling tales of the Dark Lord and his men using would be death eaters for sexual pleasure.

He knew that his father planned on having him take the dark mark soon, but now it seems that he might be able to escape that fate.  With his father in prison after the attack, maybe the remaining death eaters would forget all about him, and he would have chance at a semi normal life. He would no longer have to abide by his fathers rules, and could start to live a life that he had only dared to dream about before.  Draco decided that he would get through his last two years of school and maybe make something of himself. He found himself getting excited about the endless possibilities. He had a childhood dream about playing professional Quidditch, but he didn't think he was truly talented enough. He had always been interested in potions as well, but he though that he might rather be an auror if he proved to have the aptitude.

Draco was snapped out of his reverie suddenly when there seemed to be a commotion from the other side of the house.  Draco could see through the doorway some of the house elves scatter about. He got up from his position on his bed and stepped into the hallway to examine the situation.  The sight before him was not what he expected.  His father was storming down the great hallway forcefully grasping his mother by her arm.  Her hair was wild and there were tears streaming down her face.  His robes were filthy and his platinum blond hair unkempt.  The wild gleam in his eye was fierce to say the least.

"DRACO!" his father bellowed, heading straight for his son.

"Yes... yes, father? But how… I thought… you were in..," Draco muttered stupidly.

"Did you really think that they could keep me in Azkaban when the dementors are no longer there to guard it?" Lucius replied coldly.


"Shut up. You should be happy to see me.  Now both of you grab what you can.  We are leaving immediately. The aurors will be here soon," his father said.

"Just do what your father says, Draco," said Narcissa frantically who had just disappeared into the master bedroom. Lucius walked quickly into his study.  Draco could hear him rummaging around looking for important information and probably incriminating evidence.

Draco walked back to his own room.  His head was spinning and he was fighting the nausea that was overcoming him. He had never expected to see his father again.  Now here he was demanding that he and his mother leave behind the life they had become accustomed to.  Where would they go?  Would they leave all their money behind?  Would he still be able to go Hogwarts?  There were too many unanswered questions that Draco dared not to ask.

Most of his things that were of importance to him were still in his school trunk.  The house elves had unpacked his clothes and placed the trunk in his closet when he had returned home. He remembered that he had safely stowed away a precious object before returning home, and set about looking for it in his trunk. He managed to find the small blue marble that his godfather had given him in case of an emergency.  He placed it quickly in the pocket of his robe, not really knowing what he was going to do, but thankful it was there nonetheless.  He hastily pulled his trunk out and began throwing his clothes into it.  After finishing the job, he sank down on top of it and put his head in his hands.

No... this is not what I wanted. I thought I was finally free from him. What will happen to me if I leave with him?  Will I be a death eater?

Lucius entered his room and yelled, "Come on, Draco.  We need to leave NOW!"

Draco slowly raised his head and in a strong, steady voice he said, "No."

"Excuse me? What do you mean by no?"  Lucius was clearly agitated at the apparent disobedience.

"No, father. I am not going with you.  I do not want to be a death eater," he replied timidly.  He knew how violent Lucius could be.

"You ungrateful brat!"

As expected, Lucius back handed across the face.  The blow caused him to topple over the trunk he was sitting on.  Draco could feel his father pummeling and kicking his body, screaming hateful words at him.  He tried his best to protect his body by curling into a ball and mentally blocking out the string of obscene language.  It was something that he had to do occasionally when he angered his father.  Suddenly, the beating stopped abruptly. Draco opened one of his eyes and curiously looked at his father to determine why he had stopped hurting him. He only hoped that he hadn't stopped to retrieve his wand. He watched as Lucius walked over to the bedroom window to peer outside. The view looked down upon the grounds in front of the manor.

"The aurors are here faster than I suspected," said Lucius.  He walked past his son lying on the floor and entered the hall to yell for his wife. "Narcissa! Hurry!"

Draco seized this rare moment to retrieve the small blue marble from his pocket and grab his trunk. He feared what would happen to him if he stayed and waited for the aurors. He knew he could not go with his father.  His only hope was his godfather, Severus Snape.  He had long suspected that he was a spy for the light.  Draco only hoped that he was right.  Otherwise, he would land right back into the hands of his father. He activated the portkey, "Portus," and disappeared.

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