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Chapter 2:

Numbuh 5 went over and shook hands with them, and she smiled. "Make yoselves at home!" Numbuh's 21 and 23 both nodded looked at their brother/sister. "Can I stay in your room sis?" Numbuh 21 asked 3. Numbuh 3 looked at her and frowned. 'Does she have to stay with me?' She thought to herself as she absentmindedly nodded. "Great! I'll take my stuff up." Numbuh 21 turned, picked up her bags, and headed towards the stairs. "Where should I put it?" She asked Numbuh 3. 3 turned her head to look at her and shrugged. "I don't care.anywhere's fine." "Okay!" Numbuh 21 said happily as she skipped up the stairs. Numbuh 3 sighed. This was going to be a long 'while'.

Numbuh 3 stared after her happy-go-lucky older sister, and shook her head. "Sometimes she's worse than me." 3 thumbed towards Numbuh 21, knowing she acted ditzy herself. Numbuh 4 looked at her and started laughing. "I don't think so Numbuh 3." He said. She had to agree, she was really oblivious and hyper almost all the time.

The gang stood there in silence for a moment or two, then Numbuh 23 broke it. "So.bro, can Ah stay in YOUR room?" Numbuh 4 sat there thinking as if he was wondering if he should go insane now or later. He got so lost in his thoughts that his eyes glazed over and just stared at the wall.

His brother sighed and walked over to him, waving a hand in front of his face. "Bro? Are ya there?" Numbuh 4 jerked his head back as he came back to reality. "Oh, um.sure." Numbuh 4 said flatly. He watched with amusement as his brother's face lit up. "Awrigh'! Ah'll be back then!" Numbuh 23's voice cracked as he ran up the stairs. They all looked at Numbuh 4 and he smoothly picked up and dropped his shoulders. "Puberty." He said. They all shuddered at the thought of becoming a teenager, and how they would have to comply to the adults more. The older you are, the more responsibilities.

Numbuh 5 decided to break the uneasy silence. "How 'bout we have a party!" She said. Everyone's heads popped up from looking at the floor and excitement filled the air. "Party! Yay!" Numbuh 3 squealed at the thought of listening to music with balloons and streamers. Numbuh 1 even got into the act. 'This might not be a bad change after all.' He thought as he said, "Let's celebrate the coming of our two new Operatives!"

Everyone cheered except for Numbuh 4. "Stupid, cruddy parties." He said as he slid his hood over his head and slumped down on the couch. A very happy Numbuh 3 pulled up right when he sat down he back. "Come on Numbuh 4! Don't be party pooper!" She said as she let go of his arm. Numbuh 2 then walked up to him. "Lighten up man! Let's just have some fun!" He said. Numbuh 4, for the first time that day, cracked a small smile. 'Yeah. Maybe it won't be so bad havin' my oldah brothah here.' He thought as he went along with everyone and screamed, "PARTY!"(a/n: Not like Numbuh 4 huh?)

"Finally, this party is getting started!" Numbuh 5 said as she walked over and turned the boom box on. "What CD should we listen to?" She asked. Everyone stopped suddenly and looked at Numbuh 4. His face showed confusion, and they knew it. "You have the CDs Numbuh 4." Numbuh 2 said. Numbuh 4 smiled and ran upstairs, coming back as quick as a flash with a leather case of CDs.

"Here ya go." He said as he tossed his case at Numbuh 5. She slowly flipped through the pages, carefully inspecting each CD. On some her face was distorted, and on others she simply smiled. Then her smile got so wide that it could've gone right off of her face. She yanked out the CD and popped it in. "This is my favorite group!" She said happily as the other leaned in to listen. It started out low, then progressed and got louder.then BOOM! The music was blasting full power through the speakers, the base making the floor shake violently.

Some people fell over from the blast, while others shook from the vibration. "What group is it?" Numbuh 2 yelled over the loud rumble. "It's Linkin Park! This song is called 'Faint'!" Numbuh 5 yelled from where she stood over at the boom box. After a few minutes of getting used to the base and the volume level, everyone started dancing. "This is fun!" Numbuh 3 said as she jumped up and down.

I am

Little bit of loneliness

A little bit of disregard

A handful of complaints

But I can't help the fact

That everyone can see these scars

I am

What I want you to want

What I want you to feel

But it's like

No matter what I do

I can't convince you

To just believe this is real

So I let go

Watching you

Turn your back like you always do

Face away and pretend that I'm not

But I'll be here

'Cause you're all I got I am

A little bit insecure

A little unconfident

'Cause you don't understand

I do what I can

But sometimes I don't make sense

I am

What you never want to say

But I've never had a doubt

It's like no matter what I do

I can't convince you

For once just to hear me out

So I let go

Watching you

Turn your back like you always do

Face away and pretend that I'm not

But I'll be here

'Cause you're all I got I can't feel

The way I did before

Don't turn your back on me

I won't be ignored

Time won't heal

This damage anymore

Don't turn your back on me

I won't be ignored No

Hear me out now

You're gonna listen to me

Like it or not

Right now

*End song*

"That was a good song!" Numbuh 4 said as he breathed heavily, trying to calm down after dancing. Another song started to come on, and Numbuh 3 sat down. "I'm too tired to dance. I'll sit out on this one." She said as she lazily watched the others dance away.

Her heart leaped when the couch moved. She looked over beside her and there, staring at his hands, was Numbuh 4. INow's your chance. /I Numbuh 3 said to herself as she tried quietly to get Numbuh 4's attention. "Um.Numbuh 4?" Numbuh 3 said timidly, scooting closer to him. He seemed as though he were in a trance, continuing to stare at his empty palms. She sighed and gently tapped his limp shoulder.

She jumped when he jumped, and he was holding onto his hoodie for dear life. "Don 't evah do tha' again!" Numbuh 4 gently, trying to relax again. Numbuh 3 looked at him with her big green eyes (a/n: Dunno if they're green or not, just made that up.), trying to see what he was thinking about. His face was too complicated to tell, but she knew something was bothering him.

His eyes were uncertain, just as his face. They quivered in the light that was left in the living room while the others danced. She put her arm on his shoulder and he looked at her. A look of worry flashed across her face, and he saw it. "Ah is fine Numbuh 3. Ah.ah.just wish tha' mah brothah wasn't here.ah have a bad feelin' abou' it." Numbuh 4 said quietly as Numbuh 3 pulled him into a hug. He wanted to pull away, but he couldn't. He didn't hug back; he just let her hug him.

A few seconds later he felt something wet on his shoulder. He looked over her shoulder. "Wha's wrong Numbuh 3?" He asked her and saw her shoulders shaking. She was crying. He couldn't stand to see her cry, and his heart ached for her. She looked away, tears streaming and staining her tan face. His heart tore at the sight. He took her by the shoulders and made her look at him. "Wha's wrong?" He asked again.

She stopped crying and sniffled. He waited patiently for her response hoping that nothing was terribly wrong. "Well, I know how you feel about your brother being here. I don't exactly feel comfortable with Katie being here. It just doesn't feel right. Even when she was smiling at me and being nice, I have a feeling that she's not all that good." Numbuh 3 blurted out, Numbuh 4's face was expressionless. He couldn't believe she was feeling just like he was.

An uneasy silence sat between them as they looked from each other to the dancing operatives. "Ah'm gonna go an' see wha' mah brothah's doin'." Numbuh 4 said after a few minutes. He got up and briskly walked towards the stairs, and Numbuh 3 watched him. 'I'm going to go and see my sister too.' Numbuh 3 thought to herself as she ran to catch up with the down and depressed Numbuh 4.

"Hey 4! Wait up!" Numbuh 3 yelled as she ran up by his side. He stopped to let her catch her breath, and then kept walking. They walked in silence for several moments, until screaming broke it. All the two young Operatives could hear was "Get the hell out of here!" and "Damn you!"

They looked at each other with wide eyes, apparently shocked by what they just heard. They continued to stand there and see if they could hear any more, but all they could hear was muffled crying. The hall echoed with small mumbling, and the heavy breathing of Numbuh 4, who was pretty nervous about approaching his older brother at the time. "What happened?" Numbuh 3 asked as she turned to 4, who was just as confused as she was. He shrugged his shoulders lightly. "Ah dunno.let's go an' see." He said as he waved his hand over his head, her following willingly.

As they neared the door of Numbuh 3's room, they could hear a stifled cry. "That sounds like my sister!" Numbuh 3 said worriedly as she opened the door and saw her sister lying on the bed. She was staring at the ceiling, eyes red and puffy from crying. "Are you okay 21?" Numbuh 3 asked as she sat down on the edge of the bed, causing 21 to jump. "I'm fine.unless you think calling someone a son-of-a-bitch is okay!" Numbuh 21 screamed at her younger sister, causing her to look down at her shoes in shame for even asking.

Numbuh 3 got the hint, and she walked out of her room, followed slowly by Numbuh 4. She sighed lightly and continued looking at the floor, not even noticing that Numbuh 4 had placed his hand on her shoulder. She looked up and down the dark hall, her eyes landing on Numbuh 4's bedroom door. She didn't know what happened, but she knew that this wasn't going to be a very good 'quality time' with her sister.

She absentmindedly walked towards four's door, and turned the knob. Numbuh 4 stood behind her in fear of what his brother would do to him.or Numbuh 3. He had somewhat of a temper, and he knew that all too well. She entered the half-dark room, hearing the bass of the CD Player that was sitting currently on the wrestling mat above. The two youngsters gulped hard as they made their way up the ladder, the bass getting louder.

When Numbuh 4 stepped up onto the ring, Numbuh 23 shot a glance at his younger brother, making chills go up his spine. 'Now ah'm in BIG trouble.' He thought to himself as Numbuh 23 stood up, carrying his Walkman CD player with him. "What do you want?" He yelled at 4, acting as if he were deaf. His eyes narrowed at his short blonde brother, apparently annoyed.

"Um.we just want to know what happened between you and my sister." Numbuh 3 said timidly, slowly walking back to the ladder just in case. 23's eyes glowed red with rage. "Ah'll tell ya what happened! She thinks she's bettah than meh, and thinks tha' ah should always obey 'er! Who does she think she is.that.that.dumbass!?" He yelled at the two, making them jump slightly. 'I never knew that they could say those words.' Numbuh 3 thought to herself as 4 grabbed her arm and brought her back out of his room to let 23 cool off.

Once Numbuh 4 quietly closed the door, he wiped his forehead with his orange hoodie sleeve. "Man, ah though' he was gonna 'urt us!" He said, relieved. Numbuh 3 was quiet, nervous about the days ahead.she didn't know exactly how this was going to work out..


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