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Soul Mate, Guardian and Lover
Anthony and Dylan

When they got home, Dylan told Anthony that she needed to change his bandages for the night.

Rolling his eyes, Anthony allowed Dylan to lead him up the stairs and into their room. For the past two days, Dylan had been keeping close to him, almost mothering him. Although he acted like he was annoyed by it, Anthony actually enjoyed the attention he was getting from her.

As he sat down on the edge of the bed, Anthony watched Dylan as she got together some medical supplies in the bathroom.

Anthony thought that she was an extremely beautiful woman. Her hair was a striking copper color, and its scent was the most unique he had ever smelled. Her green eyes were very expressive, they revealed all her emotions.

His last thought as he studied Dylan was about her body. As his eyes took in the woman before him, he felt a deep lust for her. He remembered that night they had been captured; he had wanted to make love to Dylan badly. And since Anthony knew that she had wanted to do the same, he decided to continue what they had started at the Orphanage.


I walked into the room and I set the bandages and ointment on the nightstand. "Okay Anthony," I said, turning to him. "Take off your shirt." He did so and I started to take off the tape that was holding the gauze on his shoulder. As I took off the gauze on his neck and then his leg, I noticed that he was breathing harshly.

"You okay?" I asked, looking down at him.

Gazing at me intently, Anthony nodded.

I threw away the gauze and I picked the bottle of rubbing alcohol and a washcloth up. As I splashed some of the alcohol onto the washcloth, I felt Anthony run his fingers up my side. "Cut it out," I muttered, pushing away his hand with my elbow.

I sat down next to him and I started going over the wound on his shoulder carefully. As I was doing that, I felt his fingers brushing on my side again. "Anthony, would you stop!" I said a little annoyed. I hated to be touched on my side on that, I was very ticklish there.

Smirking at me, he kept tickling me on my side.

I then rubbed the wound on his shoulder hard with the washcloth and he hissed in pain. "Serves you right," I said, grinning at him.

Giving a small growl in mock anger, Anthony grabbed my wrists and pushed me back onto the bed. He then raised my arms above my head and held them down with one hand. With his other hand, he started to tickle my side.

I tried to move my legs to kick him, but his leg was hooked over mine so I couldn't move. I struggled for a while, and then I stopped. "Anthony, yo- you've got to, ahh, stop!" I exclaimed a few moments later.

Anthony stopped tickling me, but he kept a grip on my arms and legs.

We stared at one another before I raised my head and out lips met.

I could feel that Anthony was a little tense at first, but then he relaxed.

He lifted his hand from my side and placed it on my cheek, his thumb stroking the skin softly.

I moaned and arched my back slightly, realizing what Anthony wanted to do. And knowing me, it was really amazing at how long it took me to go to bed with him.

Finally letting go of my wrists, Anthony placed his hand under my head, holding my lips to his.

I let me tongue dart out into his mouth and I was surprised when he moaned a little. I then wrapped my arms around his shoulders, using a finger to stroke the back of his neck.

Anthony pushed himself up, breaking the kiss. "Dylan," he whispered his voice husky. "My Angel."

I smiled and placed a hand on his cheek. "Anthony, my Guardian," I said, my voice husky too.

His eyes widened slightly, and then he sat up.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Shaking his head, Anthony signed, "It would be uncomfortable if we lay on the bed like this."

I laughed slightly and I sat up. Then I moved around so that I was lying on a pillow. "Anthony," I whispered when I was comfortable.

"W-what?" he asked.

"I think that we've wasted more than enough time," I said.

Nodding, he grabbed the buttons on my blouse and started to fumble with them. When the shirt was opened, Anthony looked down at me appreciatively, and then he kissed me over my heart. After kissing my lips softly, he trailed his lips down to my stomach.

After that point, as he undressed me, I completely shut out every thought and emotion except for the feeling of Anthony's lips on my skin. And a few moments later as we made love, I felt as if something that had been missing from my life was returned to me.

I woke up the next morning and I opened my eyes slightly. My clothes and Anthony's were thrown all over the room. I then realized that someone's arms were around my body. Anthony.

I smiled, sighing happily. Most, if not all, of the men I had made love to left as soon as he had finished. Anthony, however, was very different. Last night he had held me close to him, stroking my hair whispering my name and calling me his angel.

I closed my eyes and snuggled back into his embrace as I remembered last night and how tender he was with me.

The first time we had made love it was a little awkward since we didn't really know one another that way yet. The second time was a little more relaxed, but we were still getting used to each other. The third and forth times, however, were the most wonderful experiences I ever had with sex.

Obviously we didn't get too much sleep last night. Thinking that, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was two in the afternoon. I turned over and looked at Anthony, he was awake.

"G-good mor-morning," he said softly.

I smiled and said, "I think you mean-"

Anthony quickly interrupted me by kissing me intently.

My eyes rolled back and I closed them tightly, enjoying the sensations I was feeling as Anthony rubbed his hands all over the skin on my nude body.

At that point, we started to make love again. I think that my cell phone may have rang, but I was too busy enjoying the love of my guardian.

And for the rest of our well deserved vacation, Anthony and I spent most of our time in bed, memorizing the feel and the look of each other's bodies.

Six months isn't really a long time. But when I look back on the six months between HALO and 'J,' it seems like an eternity. Now however, time seems to pass by very quickly.

I've learned an important lesson from everything that happened during the 'J' case. I learned that everyone in the world has a soul mate. As for myself, my soul mate is also my guardian and my lover. And I have a great feeling that Anthony and I will be together for a long time.