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"The Silent Voice"

By Night Youkai

Chapter 1

Autumn was his favorite time of year. He loved to watch the leaves turn color. The world was a rainbow of colors. School was about to start, but he didn't feel like going. Nobody would miss him. Who would miss a sliver hair physic-mute? He closed his eyes as he leaned back against the tree. It was more important to rest up for training with his brother. One false move and he might leave the dojo in a body bag.

"Inuyasha! Get out of that tree. School is about to start." Called a voice from below.

'Shut up Miroku! I'm coming.' Miroku was his best friend since they were in Kindergarten. He was the only one who wasn't freaked by his supernatural powers. Inuyasha jumped down from the high branch and landed next to a tall boy with violet blue eyes and black hair tied back in to a short pony-tail. 'You only want me to come to class so I can give you all the answers. So the teachers will think your smart.'

"Well that's not totally true. Inuyasha you've been mope lately what's the matter?"

'Nothing.' When they reached their class he felt like leaving again. Miroku was flirting again with Sango, a girl in their in their class who wore her hair in a high ponytail and bright pink eye shadow, by gently patting her behind. Which always lead to her slapping his face.


"She likes me! I know she does." Miroku stumble to his seat.

'You're so embarrassing.' Sighed Inuyasha and focused on his textbook.


"It's Friday let's go to the movies! You need a night out Inuyasha. Having perfect score must wear you out." Teased Miroku as the left their last class of the day.

'No you go. Sesshomaru is expecting me to be at the dojo right after school.'

"Man your brother is a real drag. Can't he see he's running you in to the ground with this training?" Miroku spent one day training at their level with the Inuhoushi brothers and he could get out of bed for a week.

'He only does it so we can be the best.'

"Well sometimes being the best could kill you. Huh? Inuyasha?" Miroku was talking to himself.

"Hey pervert, whom are you talking to you?" asked Sango who was walking toward him with her best friend Kagome, a shy quite girl with raven locks and sapphire eyes.

"Ah my friend, who seems to have left me talking to myself." He watched Inuyasha jump out of a tree behind the girls, ten yards away. Then he saw him run for the exit and leave.

"Well I was just wondering since you looked like you were going crazy." Sango didn't know why she was attracted to him. Sure he was cute, but did he have to try and grope her all the time?

"What are you two lovely ladies doing this week end?"

"None of your business. Come on Kagome let's go." Sango dragged Kagome to the bike rack leaving Miroku very confused.


"Sango don't you think that was a little rude?" Kagome asked as the rode home.

"I know, but he irritates me."

"Well what are we going to do this weekend?"

"I don't know. How about you stay the night at my house and we'll go shopping tomorrow."

"Okay I'll ask my mom." Kagome gave a mental sigh. When Sango went shopping it meant one of two things. She was either thinking about a boy or she wanted to get over one. Kagome was pretty sure this boys name was Miroku.


'Focus Inuyasha your last attack was weak. With half hearted movements like that you'll never master the Testsusaiga.'

'Yes Sesshomaru.' Inyasha was on the dojo floor gasping for air yet Sesshomaru barely looked winded. He got up gripping the Testsusaiga ready to start again.

'Now again!' Inuyasha started to charge straight for his brother. Sesshomaru quick movements seem to make him disappear then reappear above him. Inuyasha jumped back to advert the strike, but he wasn't fast enough Sesshomaru sliced through the sleeve of his red kimono with the Tensaiga. Inuyasha tried to do another strike, but he was blocked and thrown against the wall.

'Enough Inuyasha! You are not focused and your movements are sloppy. You're exhausted brother you need rest. No more training till Monday.' Sesshomaru turned and left. He was worried about him. It had been a year since their father had died in a car accident. Their mother had been in the same car lost the use of her legs. With time and therapy she began to resume to live a normal life. Inuyasha on the other hand hadn't recovered. He blamed himself for not being there to save them. He was suppose to attend the dinner held by an old master of the neighboring dojo with his parents but got in a fight with their father before they left. The last words they spoke were in heated anger. Their father refused to be disgraced by his youngest son at the dinner and left him home. Inuyasha cursed his fate to live and wished he had been with them, but there was nothing he could have done to stop the drunk driver from hitting them.

"Sesshomaru how is Inuyasha doing?"

"Not well mother. He seems distracted. He's training too hard and his body and mind can't take the stress." Sasami wheeled herself in to the kitchen after Sesshomaru. He retrieved a bottle of water and sighed "Mother I got a call from his school. Inyasha is passing with near to perfect scores. Which only proves my point. He would have to study till dawn to score as high as he has been. I fear he's pushing himself to the breaking point."

"I never thought he would go so far to live up to his father's expectations."

"All we can do is watch and wait. Inuyasha is as stubborn as father was."

"You're right. I'll finish dinner. You boys must have worked up an appetite."

"Thank you mother." Sesshomaru kissed his mother on the head and then left for the bath. Sasami had loved her husband dearly but he had be come a hard man. When Inuyasha was born mute with her psychic abilities, which she hid from her husband, he feared his son and dismissed his existence. He yelled and screamed and tore him down out of disgust. Tonaka prized Sesshomaru, his flawless heir, even if he didn't know Sesshomaru also had her gift. Yet Inuyasha had tried over and over to win his approval, but he was just pushed aside. 'Looks like he's still trying to please you Tonaka.' She sighed and went back to making dinner.

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