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"The Silent Voice"

By Night Youkai


"Do you take this woman to be you lawful wedded wife to honor and cherish as long you your spirits live?"

"I do."

"Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband to honor and cherish as long as you sprits live?"

"I do"

"Now by the power vested in me and the blessing of almighty Buddha, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." As soon as their lips touched the crowd jumped up and went wild with cheers. The blushing couple broke apart and turned laughing to the awaiting audience.

"May I present Mr. And Mrs. Miroku Satone." Miroku and Sango stole another quick kiss before the walk under the flying rice to the end of the isle of their garden wedding. They were not surprise to see the family that was waiting for them.

'Well, Miroku, you finally tied the knot. It only took you four years to do it.'

"Well I thought that I'd let you and Kagome go first. Since it was you idea to start a family." Smirked Miroku as he watched Inuyasha pick up a sliver hair child. The little boy was the mirror image of his father with the long sliver hair and golden eyes yet with a gentle soul like his mother. He had never seen his life long friend look so happy.

"Daddy said your go to the sugar moony so Ishote and I can have cousins!" the bride and groom blushed at their well-informed godson. Yet the three and a half year-old's innocent statement caused all the adluts present to laugh.

"We'll see Takune." Sango replied tickling the toddler chin causing him to burst in to a fit of giggles.

"Well I'm glad you two are finially together." Smiled Kagome as she shifted the sleeping sliver hair baby in her arms. "Seshomaru and rin are sorry they could be here. Rin wnet into labor last night and this morning she had a baby girl. Which they named Sukimi Inuhoushi." That was a great surprise and news the heard today. They could just imagine how the serious and calm presences of Sesshomaru deal with the joys of labor. Kagome giggle to remember the not so quite Rin threaten to purify his youkai parts off if he ever touched her again. Once the pain had pain was over and Sukimi safely in Rin's arms she returned to her quite shy-like self. This dramatic change in mood had Sesshomaru cave under the pressure eventually causing him to faint once it was all over. "Come on you two you have guests waiting. Inuyasha will replay the memory for you later."

"You're right Kagome. We'll stop by the hospital before we leave for Rome tonight." Sango smile up at new husband as she linked his arm with hers and they made their way to the guest filled reception hall.

There had been so many changes after the tournament and not all of them good. Naraku and Kikyo were committed to the mental intuition. The corruption of souls and the impurity of the jewels power at the time had drove them both insane. Also a week after the nationals Sesshomaru and Rin were married Kagome and Sango were bride's maids and Inuyasha and Miroku were the best men. Kagome had caught Rin's bouquet as before the drove off to their honeymoon. Later that night Kagome became really sick and Inuyasha held her hair as she spent the night throwing up. The follwing week, a trip to the doctor found the cause of her illness to be the early signs of Pregnancy. Suddenly the meaning of 'Take care of your pup.' Became all too clear. It' was that happiest moment and the quickest wedding march they ever seen. Kagome' grandfather was not to please at the news and insisted he marry them then and there.

After the awaking of the Shikon no Tamar's power all sorts of youkai came out of the shadows to take the jewel. It's seemed their new powers had come in handy in taking care of the unwanted pest. Inuyasha was recruited for the martial arts Olympic team and brought home the gold for Japan. While Kagome was training to take over the shrine from her grandfather Inuyasha started and online investment company which was a huge success. They started their family young but they had never been happier.

Inuyasha sat with Takune on his lap and watched as the toddler got cake everywhere but in his mouth and Kirara licked off the leftovers. Kagome leaned her head on her husband's shoulder while rocking her infant son in her arms as he hungrily ate his bottle. They talked and laughed with the newlyweds and danced as day turned into night. The children yawned and nodded their sleepy head and soon it was time to go. They drove to their home, which was three blocks from the shire and three blocks from the dojo; that way they could be close but not too close to family. Once the boys were tucked in all snug and safe in their bed and Kagome leaning into his arm she felt truly happy. As they watched their children slumber from the door Inuyasha realized this all happen because of one person. He turned Kagome towards him and gave her a passionate kiss with all his love poured into it.

"What was that for?" Her head was still spinning from feeling his love.

"For seeing beyond the hanyou and falling in love with the boy, with the Silent Voice.'

The kissed and loved each other long into the night. Knowing that there love had lasted a 500 years and it would continue to last another 500 years.

The End

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