"You have got to be kidding me! Shit like this shouldn't exist!"

"Would you like to repeat that hanyou?" A bony hand held in front of the latest youkai almost sarcastically.

Gold narrowed. "No, what I'd like to do is KILL you, you-" Suddenly, Inuyasha stopped and felt a shudder rip through him, then his mouth opened and he spoke without thought. "You have got to be kidding me! Shit like this shouldn't exist!"

The group stopped and gaped at their comrade as he glared at the youkai standing in front of them all. Five seconds ago...the same thing said with the exact same amount of emotion. So it was true. Not only did animal and elemental youkai exist, but so did creatures that warped time.

The clawed hand gripping tessaiga tightened as Inuyasha glowered. The tip of the behemoth sword pointed mere feet away with the promise to be shoved through its painfully thin body. "Knock that shit off and take it like a youkai! The only reason you're so powerful is because you have those shikon no kakera!"

A cold smile appeared, loathing and smug in appearance. "Yes, they do come in quite handy at times, don't they? Without them, I'd never be able to manipulate time so skillfully. With the two shards I now possess, none of your attacks will stand up to me." It took a meager step back and extended a hand again. "With this accelerated power, I can now do this."

There was an almost visible blur through the air, but the only one who felt the effects suddenly had an arrow back in her hand and notching it for a strike.

After sheathing the arrow, Kagome shivered, conscious and unharmed for that entire 'rewind'. "Damn it!" She wasn't much for swearing, but unless this youkai was caught by surprise, none of them could get a hit in. Swearing to vent her frustration seemed appropriate at the time. As was shown by her releasing an arrow and having the whole grab, notch, and release suddenly rewound to nothing.

"Houshi-sama...any ideas?" Sango quietly muttered, meant for his ears only. The grip on hiraikostu tightened in hesitation to be used. The whole scene with Kagome-chan showed that their weapons could be easily turned against them if there was enough force. Thankfully the arrow had just been released and hadn't had enough speed yet to do any harm to her good friend. But the same with her boomerang wasn't able to be said.

Miroku's grip on his shakujou tightened as well in growing apprehension. The being was powerful, but that was only aided with the kakera. If there was a way to get them back, there'd be no problem. If only there was a way to sneak up on it and surprise attack. Perhaps wound it to slow it down? Maybe his ofuda could help dispel some of the evil.

His jaw clenched. That was probably one of the only few weapons they could use right now. "Someone has to find a way to sneak up on him. Perhaps my ofuda will help to stun it long enough for one of us to get in a hit." He lowly answered.

"Humans talking amongst themselves? Plotting my demise no doubt. Well come on...you want these two kakera so badly...let's see you try and take them."

There was a battle cry from Inuyasha as he unconsciously accepted the challenge and sprang forward, tessaiga above his head to strike.

All of a sudden, the youkai's arms clenched at its sides. There was a massive ripple from the center of its body and then the sound of Inuyasha's cry echoed on for what seemed forever. The remaining party stood in disbelief and watched in shock as he seemed to hover in midair, slowly inching his way forward.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried. She pinned a fierce glare to the youkai who casually walked out of his path. "You! What did you do?!" Kagome was met with a smirk as the two locked eyes. A hand held in the air and another ripple came from its body. Everyone jumped when Inuyasha rather roughly landed in the dirt face first and skidded a few feet before stopping.

"Slowed time to evade his attack." A condescending look appeared on its face. "You honestly think a measly hanyou would do a youkai in??"

A loud growl came from the ground as Inuyasha almost sprang to his feet, as best he could so soon after that little fall, and grabbed tessaiga. "Temee..." Another fierce glare met the youkai, who stared back impassively.

They needed a battle plan and they needed a damn good one. Inuyasha's attacks would be fruitless, as would Kagome's arrows, Sango's hiraikostu - heck they ALL couldn't do anything! Miroku's eyes narrowed in calculation as Inuyasha sprang to attack again and was evaded the same way. It when seemed the youkai concentrated the blurry vibes he emanated, they didn't harm them. Perhaps it had to focus on a specific target in order for its attack to work. So far, it only attacked a single person and not the whole group. Both he and Sango jumped out of the way as Kagome jumped their way to avoid being hit with Inuyasha as his path to the ground led him their way.

In a totally innocent gesture, his cursed hand reached out and gripped Sango's arm to gain her attention. She was understandably startled, and that tell-tale sign of annoyance that he dare touch her at a time like this surfaced, but he ignored it. The look in his face helped calm her infuriation by his attention to battle and she gave a matching, sever look. "Sango -" The two dodged another of Inuyasha's falls before regrouping. "I have a theory. So far the jikan youkai seems to be twisting time around only one person. Perhaps multiple attacks, though could be repelled, might be able to hit."

Sango dared a brief look before staring in scrutiny at Inuyasha's latest, fruitless attack. She studied the internal effects that happened when the hanyou was 'frozen' in time before released again. She still felt normal, so the houshi's cause might be true. She discretely caught those dark eyes before giving him a nod, mentally agreeing to give it a go. "You take right, I'll go left. I'll let Kagome-chan know." She gained a nod in return before the two edged away from each other, eyes locked on the youkai.

"Really hanyou...don't you think this is pointless? You won't win against me. And out of all of you here, you're the most threat with your brute strength. But if THAT'S all you have to give me, maybe I should kill you and just take the girl's shards and give you a swift death. I don't have all day to play with you." A smirk appeared on its pale face.

"Temee!" Inuyasha shouted, lunging again.

Kagome sighed and pressed fingers against her temple. She cringed a little at the latest impact. Really...one would think the baka would be smart and stop lunging like that with the knowledge that he'd only fall to the ground. 'The baka is certainly a glutton for punishment and pain.'

"Kagome-chan." Sango whispered. Kagome's head whipped toward the hand on her shoulder, meeting brown eyes. "Houshi-sama has a theory. He thinks if we all attack at once, the youkai won't be able to defend itself completely and we should get a hit in."

Kagome did a bit of split-second thinking at that when Inuyasha sprang again. She watched the not even full minute occurrence with wide eyes. She gave a nod to Sango and subtly went for an arrow.

"When I attack Kagome-chan, I want you to fire while hiraikotsu is on the rebound."

"Hai." Kagome whispered, narrowing her eyes in calculation. "I'll get us an opening." She tried to hide the arrow in her hand, to make it look less suspicious about what they were doing. She could already feel Sango-chan slinking away for room to attack and eyed Miroku-sama a little ways on the other side. She managed to meet his eyes and nodded, getting one in return.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called. She waited until he fell from one of the distortions to gain his attention. She got annoyed eyes at being interrupted at battle, but bypassed them. She wouldn't stand for him getting caught in the way of hiraikostu. "Osuwari!" Like a lead weight, Inuyasha dropped to the ground with a surprised cry that quickly turned pissed. Just before he could get words out of his mouth, Sango beat him to it.


"Petty humans and your futile attacks. You think that is going to beat me?" The youkai lazily watched as the boomerang swung high in the air and started arching for him. With an outstretched hand, it slowed the attack the same as Inuyasha. "Your brains match your physical weakness."


"Hai!" In the blink of an eye, Kagome aimed almost point-blank and let go without hesitation. Inuyasha was still safe with the spell, so there was nothing to worry about.

"Worthless!" The other hand stretched out and another, larger ripple spread through the air. It stopped the arrow almost immediately and when the youkai's fist snapped shut, it returned almost full speed at its releaser.

With a stunned cry, Kagome dove to the side, barely missing it. There was a searing pain in her arm however, as the speed of the end flew too fast to escape ground zero. Her sleeve tore open and a small patch of red soon appeared.


A hand went to her arm to stop the blood. "Daijoubu...it's nothing serious." She quietly answered; an eye cringed against the sting.

A second later, there was a whirling as hiraikotsu flew back to its master, Sango unable to catch it with her hands full of steadying Kagome when she jumped toward Sango to avoid the arrow. With double cries, the two flattened themselves to the ground as the boomerang nearly got the tip of Sango's ponytail and soon skidded over the dirt a ways away.

The youkai laughed. "Such enjoyment! That's where humans belong - in the dirt!"

"Temee! Yurusanai!"

There was a sudden piercing cry that hurt all sets of ears as Inuyasha managed to finally gain a swipe. It was a shoddy attempt, as the spell hadn't fully worn off yet, but his claws were at near point-blank range.

"Die hanyou!" Using its strength, there was a ripple-far more powerful than the others that shook the earth around the downed hanyou. There was a gurgling sound from Inuyasha before all was silent.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome knew this was bad, something in her heart told her that attack hadn't merely slowed Inuyasha down. The fact that he was waving a hand around choppily, told her he had his normal mobility.

"Be gone!" Suddenly, an ofuda sailed through the air and before the youkai could react, it landed to his forehead as if drawn and there was another echoing cry. The youkai stumbled back after a second and a knee met the earth. Seconds later after it paused in movement, there was a wheezing gasp from Inuyasha before he rolled to his back and took gulps of air. A clawed hand rested over his chest, almost savagely gripping part of his haori.

Kagome blinked in shock before running to his side, worry in her eyes. "Inuyasha?"

Gold remained fixed on the sky, a little wide in disbelief. If the bouzu hadn't - he'd probably have died from suffocation by now!

It took a few seconds to regain better breathing and Inuyasha slowly rolled over to push himself off the ground. He ignored Kagome's concern - even though he tucked it away - and stood. Again, he pointed tessaiga at the youkai, who seemed to look a little pained, and growled. "Temee..." Inuyasha harshly breathed. "Omae o korosu."

The youkai hissed a little through pointed teeth and ripped the now useless paper off its forehead. "That...HURT houshi." Death-inclined eyes turned toward Miroku, who held his shakujou in front of him in defiance. "Die!" Another large ripple extended from its body and Miroku, being no match for a jikan youkai, was unable to escape the onslaught. There was an almost matched gurgled sound like Inuyasha's before the shakujou dropped to the ground.

Seconds later, Miroku followed like a dead weight.

"Houshi-sama!" Sango stared in horrification, running and turning Miroku over. His face was scrunched tight, a hand shakily rising to her. There was a sound from his mouth; a strangled, meek cry that sounded like he was trying to force something out and physically couldn't. Without thought, Sango's hand gripped his, finding his hold bruising. Her eyes widened in fright. Breathing became choppy as she tried to find out what to do. Nothing presented itself, and the dread in her heart multiplied.

"Miroku!" Inuyasha swung his gaze and sword from the fallen monk to the problem at hand. "Temee! Release the hold on Miroku's lungs - now!" He knew what Miroku was going through - the panic of not being able to breath...stuck with air that turned sour faster than it should've...

Sango gasped and looked from the hanyou to the youkai. The glare on her face meant certain death if the youkai didn't comply with that wish.

"Horrible death, suffocation. I'd say your friend has minutes at the most to live. And you'll have to stop me to save him." It looked to a hand idly, as if not threatened at all by those around it.

There was an angry cry, and suddenly another arrow was launched into the air. This time, it managed to get mere inches from its target before being thrown back in the same manner. Kagome dodged it again, throwing herself to the ground to avoid getting hit, ready for it this time. She hadn't really expected to get a hit in, though that was her primary hope and thought. She was hoping to distract it for a FEW seconds...that was all they'd need. Kagome looked up as a cry rent the air. Brown widened a little in amaze at the fierce glare in Sango-chan's eyes as she dodged a grab for her neck. The short sword she carried had a tip of black sludge on it. The monster's blood.

Kagome smiled and got to her feet, hearing a muted gasp across the way. The youkai's hold on Miroku waned with its broken concentration. 'Yokatta...' Seeing as how Sango-chan had jumped in for retribution, also Inuyasha with his ever-present battle mode teaming up, she readied another arrow in hopes that this would hit. 'Third time's a charm...' She took massive relief in seeing Miroku-sama stumble to his feet with help of his shakujou, murder in those dark eyes. She willed him to look over so she could smile her relief that he was alright, but they remained on the battle in front of all of them.

With two working as one, rather than one alone, Inuyasha managed to get a fairly good cut to the youkai's abdomen before its body shivered and the gash healed in rewind. "Annoying insects!" It grabbed hold of Sango's sword, getting a gasp from her, before it used force to throw her to the ground. Another ripple came from its hand as the wound healed. "You can't kill me! Stop trying and admit defeat!" The youkai dodged another swing of tessaiga and froze Inuyasha in place, completely this time. There were grunts and annoyed cries at the immobility placed upon him, but Inuyasha found his internal organs in working order and mentally felt relieved. He wouldn't wish to have his lungs frozen again for the life of him!

Ignoring the others, assuming them to be no threat, the jikan youkai stopped inches away and thrust a hand out. It gripped haori, getting confused looks from everyone who figured it would've gone to choke its prisoner. The two glared at each other. "You have caused me considerable trouble hanyou. You and your weak counterparts. But who can expect else from a weak hanyou like you?"

There was a growl from Inuyasha that suddenly halted in time with the fisting of the youkai's hand over his haori. A look of surprise, disbelief, and intense pain sounded as that fanged mouth gaped open. A few gurgles sounded, but even worse than the first time they came from his mouth.

"That's one beat." The youkai murmured, smiling in malicious glee. "And that would have been two..."

With anger so intense, and hatred undying, Kagome launched the arrow in a brilliant flash of pink. "Inuyasha o hanaso!"

"Evil be gone!"

The youkai looked to both objects flying at once. Normally that would've been no problem, as it had two hands to deal with. But the fun of toying with the hanyou's heart - literally - was just too fun to interrupt. It did not want to let go of seeing the light start to dim in those gold eyes. There wasn't enough to duck out of the way of both, as the arrow aimed for its torso, the ofuda for the head, so it merely pushed against the hanyou and let the two powerful objects pass each other behind.

Two things of intense magic having never been placed together or tested against each other have unknown reactions. Especially by the casters or the target they were originally aiming for. No one expected two powers of pure origins to clash with each other at all. One was miko incarnate, the other houshi - sort of. There should've been no problem.

There was a brightness of pink light when arrowhead and ofuda abruptly stopped the mere second each other touched. Instead of going opposite directions or the arrow piercing the holy scroll, they hovered in the air in a pink ball. It seemed harmless enough, until pink lightening crackled from the sphere and touched the youkai's back. The youkai cried out in pain and that was the last sound anyone got out. Everyone stood dumbly when there was an incredibly bright light that hurt even human eyes. The small ball quickly spread, engulfing both demons. They were forced to shield their eyes until the split-second occurrence passed. When everyone managed to gain a look, there was a collective gasp.



In the silence that surrounded, Miroku solemnly strolled to the fallen ofuda and arrow that fell the second the flash stopped. He kneeled with a tense grip on his shakujou and slowly picked up his ofuda. The magic was completely gone; it was now just ordinary paper. Dark eyes slowly blinked as they stared in transfixion of the symbols. "Hen..." He breathed, brow furrowing.


It seemed he'd been flung to the depths of hell and back. Not even transcending times through the well had been that bad! His entire body was tingling as though on fire, but he ignored that and used it to gain consciousness. There was a considerable ache in his chest that left him feeling weak and tired. But then...that's normal when one's heart is stopped right? Tightly clenching his teeth in refusal to accept defeat to pain, gold opened to defy the darkness...only to be met with more darkness.

Gold rapidly blinked and a hand sluggishly rose to rub an eye. He peeked that open, only to find it still night outside.

The aches and pains were a very good indication that he wasn't dead or dreaming so what the hell was going on?! It was mid afternoon when they started fighting and no way could he have been knocked out that long! Not only would he not ALLOW that to happen, but he would've been woken by Kagome long before night ever befell.

His widened. Kagome! And Sango and Miroku...Kirara and Shippou!

With a stilted grunt, a hand fisted the earth as he tried to sit up, finding grass beneath his fingers. His vision turned to look around where he could. There was grass all around him, with a single, young tree nearby. But that didn't make any sense! They fought on a practically deserted wasteland! Any trees near the battlefield were practically dead stumps! What was going on?!

Finally getting to a more vertical position, a hand went to his head. It felt like he'd been smashed with Sango's hiraikostu, and he knew of that feeling! An ear twitched behind and he turned as quickly as his body would allow, blinking in stupefaction at finding a rather long, relatively wide river mere feet away. Both hands rubbed his eyes again and looked. Nope...still there. Struggling to his knees, he found a bridge a little ways away, outlined amongst a half moon. His brow furrowed. The construction was simple, but the design seemed familiar. Was he even in Japan??

He spotted the untransformed tessaiga within reach and used it and his sheath as a small, makeshift cane until he could get used to the pain enough to ignore it . Until then, he'd be as slave to it as he had to and favor his body until his healing factor kicked in. He found himself to be at the bottom of a small slope, so small that looking past the ridge found parts of trees and blobs of shape in the distance. He decided that heading up the road was good enough, though stealth would be needed. So he walked to the tree and jumped to the branches for leverage and to see where he was.

'Damned youkai...flinging me to wherever the gods know - where the hell is THIS?!'

Wide gold stared in shock at finding walls just inside his field of vision. He squinted to see better and carefully leaned forward. They almost looked like walls made from the same stuff of the grand buildings in Kagome's time. But he'd have to get closer for a better inspection to be sure. His gaze darted to both sides of some dirt road that lay before him, finding no one as far as he could see. He experimentally sniffed the air and his nose wrinkled. The air was about as clean as the one where he lived, but it was somewhat tinged with the same smell that came from those bulky metal things in Kagome's time.

He wondered if he was in her era, as the smell was familiar. But he doubted it. There was no light out except for the stars and those metal pole-beam fireflies weren't anywhere to be found. He would've almost preferred to be slung to Kagome's time, if he ended up somewhere else in the time stream. With a jikan youkai, and a rather powerful one at that, it was a plausible thought.

He heaved an irritable sigh and slid the sheath through the ties of his hakama. It was time to get down and check this place out, then find answers.

One half-hearted jump easily got him to the top of the incline and he got an extra dozen feet to see with, though with the dark that didn't help very much. Fighting irritation at the night and wishing he could see better in the dark, he leapt for the closest tree and expertly landed on a low branch. He made at least two dozen feet with that good leap, though it didn't help him internally. His grip on the tree tightened from the small bit of jarred pain and got splinters in his hands as result. When the bout passed, he looked up and carefully surveyed the tops of outlining structures.

There were shingles on every roof-type he could see. But it didn't look like a lot of these walls, none from what he surmised, were actual housing. They seemed some kind of barrier, almost to the outside world. But the work was certainly of Japanese style, so that dismissed the idea that he wasn't on his home island at least. He felt a small relief to know whenever - as opposed to where - he was, he was on home turf.

Wherever in Japan he was.

With a single leap, he managed to quietly land on a bunch of shingles, finding them steady enough to walk over. His gaze looked up after that examination and checked out the closer surroundings. It seemed his few massive jumps brought him far enough into the area. But it wasn't enough. He had to know what village this was and if that youkai was still lurking around. He sniffed the wind and found a very lingering trace of the youkai's blood in the area. The smell of it on his clothes helped, even though it repulsed him to think the youkai touched him. Still...with a trail and a good nose, that youkai would soon meet the end of his sword.

Inuyasha smirked and heaved another jump for another shingled wall.

With only a few more careful jumps for silence, he stopped and looked around at one of the dwellings. He was a fair distance in the area by now and that could warrant another check to where he was. Couldn't be too careful and end up caught off-guard.

Gold squinted and found a wooden structure that looked similar to some of the design to fancy palaces. Except this looked less colorful and more like plain wood. Curious, he kneeled lower on the shingles and spotted a tree within jumping distance and went for it. The lowest branch was closer to the ground and he could check out this dwelling. If necessary, he could find if people lived in it and demand answers.

After a silent landing, he spotted a dirt yard with a stone walkway running down the middle of it. There was some type of well off to one side with a wood basket and cloth hanging on some kind of poles nearby. His eyes narrowed in confusion and curiosity and he jumped down to investigate. Cloth poles? His nose twitched and smelt some kind of cleaning smells like what Kagome used to cleanse herself with. There was that same type of smell there. A clawed hand tentatively extended and touched a damp cloth. So, this was some kind of drying rack?

He looked to the rack and then the basket. Crouching found it held together rather soundly for a wood circle. He knew that water was held in this quite often and these clothes were cleaned in here. How intriguing...and inventive. The simplistic of design was FAR more interesting than any of the modern contraptions in Kagome's time.

A sudden, almost inaudible sliding of something caught his sharp hearing and an ear twitched toward it. Someone tried to slide something open without him knowing about it. Yea right.

He pretended not to've heard and stood perfectly still, nose and ears working overtime to pick up details about this inhabitant. Also calculating how long it'd take for him to get to his sword before being caught unaware. Hearing the slightest sound of metal being withdrawn over metal, knowing the person was trying to be quiet when drawing their sword, he decided to throw out pretending and his hand dove for his sword.

He got to clicking it past the confines to yank from the scabbard when the tip of a blade presented itself in his back.

"You have good reflexes and stealth, but mine are quicker, that they are. I commend you for being able to get this far within our yard, that I do. But your ki gave you away. State your business."

Teeth clenched tightly, matching his fists. Could he risk another wound while he was still healing? He'd gotten run through before and at least he had tessaiga to help as a barrier to keep from transforming. Shit, Sesshoumaru gave him worse with that damned clawed hand...one thin sword couldn't hurt! Using speed and agility, he jumped toward the ground, hands extended to catch his landing and twisted on his palms, pushing off in the spring and landed out of sword reach. He used the shadows of the tree he landed under to disguise himself. Claws flexed in readiness to be used. If the person lunged for him, or tried to strike, he would be faster and slash them to pieces!

There was a brief silence, between the two sword carriers. In that time, he tried to see every detail about this person as he could. What he DID see gained a confused look and hands dropped at his sides.

"I see you have some skill, that you do. But your trespassing on this property I cannot forgive. Your ki is violent and I will know what ill means you intend on befalling this house. You will tell me, that you will."

He blinked as the person fell into some type of fighting stance he'd never seen before. The voice sounded high-pitched almost, but there was an underlying tone that definitely proclaimed this person to be a male. He mentally slapped himself for not smelling the masculine scent in the first place. But the physical characteristics were HIGHLY misleading! Long hair in a low ponytail, baggy clothes that showed the person had little or possibly no muscular tone. The haori top was a ridiculous color, one he could pick out even in the moonlight. What was he afraid of THIS for?!

"Oi..." He muttered, confidently striding from the shadows. Apparently the person took it as an attack for he pushed off the ground with speed that had Inuyasha blinking. A human...with that kind of speed? Quickly, he twisted out of the way to avoid a downward blow. "Oi!" He grit out, jumping in the air when that sword swiped horizontally to catch him at the knees. "I'M the one who wants answers! Don't make me kill you before I get them!"

There were multiple sounds inside the house and not long after, footsteps were coming near them. The fighter halted and Inuyasha smelt a little panic and fear from him. Why he didn't know, but it gave him a chance to strike while the girly-man was distracted.

Unable to use tessaiga in such close proximity, he swiped downward with his claws. "Sankon Tessou!" Beams of yellow light lit up the dark yard, streaking to the cloth rack and effectively shredding it and the clothes.

"AH! My clothes! What did you do that for?!" He stopped and was suddenly met with a fierce glare as a wisp of a girl stomped toward him. She stopped mere inches away and glared unabashed and unafraid into his eyes. "You have some nerve! Sneaking onto MY house in the middle of the night, provoking Kenshin like that, and then destroying MY property! Who are you and what do you want?!"

He was suddenly reminded quite clearly of an entirely different person with the same mannerisms as this abrupt, strong-willed girl. Even in the darkness, the hair color was the same and the dark eyes reminded him a lot of...

"Kagome?" He blinked and shook his head. Being almost a head taller, he leaned down and breathed her scent. "You're not Kagome!"

"Ew! He just smelled me!"

"Oi buzu! Why don't you stand back for once and let Kenshin handle this! Baka."

The girl whipped around and he could almost see steam shooting out of her ears. "WHAT did you call me?!"

"Buzu, nyah!" A young boy, reminding him somewhat of Souta, took off down a simple engawa with the girl racing as fast as she could in a kimono.

His head cocked to the side. A kimono?? That looked to be decorated so well...was she a noble?

Another sliding of metal on metal sounded and suddenly he was face to face with his attacker. His body tensed in preparation of another round, but he just got a smile and empty hands held in submission. "Calm down. I don't know who you are, but I'll give you the answers you want, that I will."

His eyes narrowed to slits. "Why now? Why did you put your sword away?"

The guy - Kenshin was it? - looked to the way the other two ran with that smile on his face. "Because if you were all bad, you would've attacked Kaoru-dono when you had the chance."

He blinked, but considered that. But his inability to attack might've been due to the whirlwind that surrounded the girl. Shit, he hardly got a word in edgewise! "Keh!" He muttered and looked away, shoving hands in his sleeves. He soon looked back upon finding the person standing before him with an unguarded stance. Who exactly was the type of person to be ready for battle one minute and then totally let down his guard the next?? He gripped forearms as his body tensed, expecting an attack. One could never be too careful...

The guy bowed a little. "This lowly one is Himura Kenshin. You are?"

He met dark eyes, but kept silent. He mentally gloated over being able to look down into this man's eyes. "I'll give you my name on a cold day in hell...or right before I kill you! Where am I?"

The look Kenshin's eyes hardened a little, but they were suddenly drawn to the top of his head when his ears twitched in agitation. Kenshin's shoulders comically drooped and his head tilted in shock. "Oro?"

"Oro yourself. I want answers!" Inuyasha grit out. "Where. Am. I?"

I am a BEGINNER Japanese learner...so if these are not 100 correct...please let me know if you care to do so. I only have a web page to learn from, a dictionary, and a few months experience to work with.

Translations: Hanyou-Half Demon Youkai-Demon Tessaiga-Inuyasha's sword Shikon no Kakera-Shikon shards Houshi-Monk Hiraikostu-Sango's boomerang

Shakujou-Miroku's staff Ofuda-Holy scrolls Mirkou carries Baka-moron/dork/etc Hai-Yes/yea/ok/etc Temee-Used as a swear word, or a rude form of you Jikan Youkai-Time youkai

Osuwari-Kagome's sit Daijoubu-I'm fine/alright/ok Yurusanai-I won't forgive (you) Haori-Formal coat Bouzu-Insulting term for a monk Omae o korosu-I'll kill you Yokatta-I'm (so) glad

Inuyasha o hanoso-Let go of Inuyasha Nani-What Hen-Weird/Odd Hakama-Pants Ki-Human spirit/fighting spirit Oi-Hey Sankon Tessou-Inuyasha's attack Buzu-Ugly

Engawa-Wooden porch that wraps around the house

n.n This is one of the few times I've commentated in a while. This is the first crossover I've ever done and the idea kept coming to me and wouldn't leave until I typed it out so I could go to sleep. With two of my more favorite series, the idea of 'wwIYd if he were in the Meiji era' sprouted in my head and tadaa!, a storyline was born. Fixing the details to get him there turned out rather well I thought. Any questions, comments, or ideas/theories are always appreciated...though I don't expect them, as I'm not a real popular author. I don't expect more than half a dozen chapters max, so it won't be that long. And since I have no life, this should be able to be updated regularly as I am so far ahead on FAD. Ja matta! n.n