Title: Letter To Sunnydale
Category: Fluff
Rated: PG
Characters: Not hard to figure it out.
Spoilers: Maybe the Season Three episode of Anne
Summary: I wrote this in five minutes after hearing an old blues song. Always wondered what happened to this character and if Joss will bring her back.
Disclaimers: Joss Whedon owns all BTVS characters, ideas and thoughts; we just play with them.
Feedback: Love to hear it. Who doesn't?


Dear Buffy,
I know we haven't been in touch since you left for Sunnydale. Well, you did call that one time. Wanted to know how you were. Me? Still working at Helen's Kitchen. But I'm not in your old apartrment anymore. Couldn't keep up with the rent. Got a place now down on Hollister Street, right above an adult video store.
My old man plays bass in a band. Has a gig down at the bowling alley once in a while. Oh, I'm pregnant. Three months now. He says he loves me even though it's not his baby. Says he'll raise the child like he would his own. Gave me a ring his grandmother wore. He gave up drinking, too. Takes me out dancing every Friday night.
I think about you every time I go to work. Haven't made too many friends. Everyone I know is either dead or busted. Thinking about coming back to Sunnydale. Maybe try to make a new start. Sometimes at night I just sit and stare out my window, watching the cars go by. I wonder where they're going. Wishing I was leaving too.
You know I think I'm happy for the first time since you left. It did get a little easier, taking care of myself, I mean. Just a little lonely, ya know? Wish I had that money I spent on that tattoo.
Buffy, the truth is I don't have no husband and he don't play in a band. Lost my job last month. I need some money to pay a lawyer. He thinks I might get parole come September. Oh, I don't go by the name of Anne anymore. Just didn't seem to work for me somehow. Please write.