The Princes and the Slave

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Sakura's Pov
"Mother! Do I have to have a slave? I hate seeing poor people hurt!" I said.

"Yes! And that's Final!" exclaimed my mom.

I walked out of the room mumbling something to my self. I walked to the slave room. I had to pick one boy slave and one girl slave. I have seeing masters hurt their slave, so I vowed thatI would never do that. I looked at all the slaves untilmy eyes landed on an amber haired one. Very strong build, flaming red eyes, I choose him. I asked him what his name was.

"Syaoran" was his only answer. He said it with a glare.

We are now picking the girl slave. I picked a girl named Tomoyo. She had long flowing purple hair and dark purple eyes.

I told them their schedules. 6:00 am- 8:00 am, they can do what ever they want. Then they had to wake me up, and prepare a bath for me. Then 8:30 am- 12:00 pm, they had to take lessons. Then they had the day off. And, if another country was coming, you have to serve me! Got it?

They responded with a nod.

-Syaoran's Pov-

I was standing in line waiting to be picked by some royal pain. When the emerald eyed lady came, I could tell that she was nice. Her silky auburn hair, I clutched the one an only thing I had.

Flask Back
" Syaoran, we want you to take this sword. We can't support you and all of your sisters. We already sent Fuitte away. We are sorry, son, go find a nice princess to work for. Sorry, just keep this sword and practice! When you get married, give this to your son or daughter. We'll Miss you," said his mom.

End Flash Back

I clutched my sword, as the princess walked by me. She looked at me with her emerald eyes. She picked me. I followed her only tofind my self in another slave room.

-Tomoyo's Pov-
As the princess walked by with some guy, I could tell that she was gentle. I want to get picked by her. I would have to make clothes for her. I held onto what my mom gave me and remembered her words.

Flash Back
Tomoyo, my company went bankrupt. I sold every thing we had. I even sold my self! Now I want you to promise me, that you will take this camera and film stuff. Then send it to me! Ok! I hope you are going to be a successful seamstress!
"No! Mom! No!"

End Flash Back

I held onto the camera tightly. The princess stopped in front of me. She looked me over, and nodded smiling.

-Sakura's Pov-
This is so tiring. I wish there weren't such things as slaves. Knock Knock

"Come in!" I said. Tomoyo walked in.

"Can I make clothes for you? I don't want to loose my talent." I raise my eye on talent but she goes on," I am the daughter of the owner of Daidouji Desginers. I desgined most of the evening dresses. My mother went bankrupt."

"Wow! Sure! I've always wnted to meat the owner of Daidouji Desginers! Please make as many things for me as you wish!" I said. In no time, she had me measured.

-Tomoyo's Pov-
What if she say's no! I asked her. Oh! Yes! She said yes! Hum. Should I make a spring dress? Or maybe a pair of robes. When I finished, the princess got to her feet and left.

-Sayron's Pov-
What should I do? I'll practice my sword and hand to hand combat. As I walked into the garden I saw this blue/black haired kid. He had glasses and looked strangely familiar. We started talking. I found out that he was the king's slave althoughhe said that the princess is much better. Why would he say that? He must be crazy! A guy is much better than a girl. After a few mintues he left andI started practicing. Then I thought, I never learned that kid's name. Then I saw the princess come out instinctivleyI hid. She came out wearing practice clothes and in hand, a sword. The sword looked really heavy. She must be new! Picking such a big sword. Then she drew the sword with no problem!

-Sakura's Pov-
I quietly snuck out with my practice sword , and practice clothes. When I got to my practice spot, I drew my sword. Then I practiced some high strikes, then some low strikes. Then shifted to hand to hand combat. High punch , low punch , low kick , high kick. Rustle I swiftly turned around, ready to strike. Who's there? The Syaoran kid stepped out.

-Syaoran's Pov-
Wow! She's good, for a girl. Huh? Someone tapped me on the shoulder. +Rustle+ Man! She heard me! She asked who's there. I stepped out, reluctantly. Then I said," You're not bad, for a girl." She smirked. "For a girl ? You think you can do better?" She asked questionably. Ya! Way better, I responded. Fine! Then lets go! She challenged me.

-Sakura's Pov-
He thinks he can do better then me? Well, he has another thing coming! On the count of three! One, Two, Three! (This is hand to hand combat!)I got into my fighting stance. He did the same. I bent down and dashed towards him. He blocked the blow, but I think he was surprised at the force of the blow. Hehe. Then he swiped at my feet. I did a back hand spring. Then I did a front tuck over his head. Then started my special combo. A front tuck foot swipe and high kick. He was totally caught off guard at this. He barley had time to block all of the blows!

He did two back handsprings to get away from me. I did a jump kick. He put his hands out and caught my foot. Then he pushed me backwards. I landed on my feet. Before I even landed. He started charging. I noticed this and twisted in midair. He charged but stopped in front of a tree. I drew my sword. I put it up to his neck.

Sayron's Pov

Wow! She has been trained well! Does she think a sword at my throat will stop me? She must haven't been trained in counter attacks. I saw that her hold was weak, so I hit her hand so she will drop the blade, as if she was expecting this, she quickly put her foot at my neck, smirking. I swiped at her foot, making her fall on her butt. She retrieved her sword, as I drew mine. Then we had each other in a hold. We were about to slit each other in the arm/leg, when we heard footsteps.

Sakura's face turned pale. She took her sword, running. But she was too slow, who ever it was had her in a firm grip. "Sakura!" the voice scolded. "A proper princess does not fight. How many times do I have to say that? I told you a million times! Those things are terrible."

I saw Sakura sigh as she was being dragged away.

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