Harry Potter and the Greatest Enemy

Chapter 1 - Troubled Thoughts

Harry Potter was an extraordinary boy for many reasons. First, he was a wizard, Second, he was an orphan and thirdly, he knew his own destiny at only 16 years old. He had turned sixteen the day before and usually he felt excited. Not because of the presents he got from his family, no, he would be lucky if he got a used teabag from them, but because it meant he would be going back to school soon, back to his real world. This summer was different. This summer he was dreading it.

The year before had been the worst year of Harrys life, and that was saying something. He had become withdrawn and moody, snapping at the people closest to him and not usually knowing why. He had felt left out by Hermione and Ron, the two people he would have trusted his life with. Now he didn't receive any mail from them apart from the usual "missing you" or "you'll be hear soon, it's being sorted". Harry no longer believed his friends cared for him. As for his mentor, Albus Dumbledore, Head master of his school, Hogwarts. Dumbledore had explained all to him at the end of the year of course. He didn't want to worry Harry by making him a Prefect! That's what he had said. No problem, thought Harry bitterly, I wont worry about that having to murder or be murdered thing either then sir shall I? Harry frowned. Don't think about that. Won't do any good. He would cope with that news. He could cope with all that had happened to him the year before, all the years before that. If only Sirius was here..

Harry covered his eyes straightaway and felt the familiar warm tears that came as soon as he thought of his Godfather. I killed him, Harry moaned silently. Its my fault hes not here. Hermione was right, I wanted to play the hero and show Sirius I was like my Dad and his best friend. Now I've lost everything - and I deserve it. Harry stood up from his bed, his homework once again untouched. He knew he would pay for doing nothing when he got back to school but amazingly, he didn't care. Its not like a get a choice of what I want to be is there? Killer or victim, that's my deal. As he thought these horrible thoughts, he heard a voice from behind him.

"Dad wants you downstairs now" came the snarling voice from his despicable cousin, Dudley. Hurry sighed but didn't turn around.

"Im doing my homework, Im busy". Harry snapped back.

Dudley walked round to face Harry and smirked.

"You've been crying, poor bubbee Potter. What is it, still upset about your convict of a GodFathers death?"

Harry clenched his fists but said nothing. He had retreated into his shell as soon as he had returned to Privet Drive. The strong boy of last year was gone. He merely glared at Dudley and waited for him to leave the room. Dudley knew he had gotten to Harry and looked very happy with himself. He opened the door and made a mock gesture for his cousin to go before him.

"Cheer up freak", he sneered,"Its one of your lot who have come to see you, he's downstairs and I must say, he's much cooler than the normal ginger idiots or freaky weirdos you hang out with". He shrugged then as if this really did interest him and then he held the door open for Harry.

Harry gazed at his cousin. His Aunt and Uncle normally refused him any contact with the wizarding kind, what had changed? He went to the door, glanced once more at Dudley and headed to the stairs. He had a very strange feeling of dread as he walked down them and headed to the lounge and the feeling became pure fear as he entered the room and looked from his laughing Aunt, his guffawing Uncle and the man smiling in the middle of the room, his eyes twinkling as he waited for Harry to join them.

Harry walked up to the strange group and stared into the cruel eyes of Lucius Malfoy.

"Mr Potter, so glad you could join us, I was just speaking to your Aunt and Uncle, charming people. Such a shame you couldn't have been more like them."

Vernon let out a great laugh and bellowed "Exactly what we have always said my friend, but you know what they say, bad blood and all that"

"Indeed Sir" Malfoy said with small smile to Harry, "Indeed"

Harry just continued to stare at Malfoy. Not only did he hate the man completely and knew him to be a trusted ally to his enemy Voldermort, he could not believe how friendly he was being to his relatives as Harry very well knew Lucius Malfoy despised all muggles. If he wanted to kidnap Harry, why not just blst his family and be done with it? The spell, Harry suddenly thought, Dumbledore said I was protected as long as I still lived here with Aunt Petunia, Malfoy cant hurt me here.

Harry took a deep breath and spoke to Malfoy.

"Why are you here Mr Malfoy?"

Malfoy looked at him once, then spoke again to his Uncle.

"I wonder if I could possibly have a quiet word with your nephew, just for a moment". He purred these words, still with put on pleasantness dripping. It made Harry feel slightly sick.

"Oh yes, as long as you need, the longer you take the more free normal time we get and they all laughed again as if Uncle Vernon had just said the most iunny thing any of them had heard in their lives. Malfoy beckonned Harry out of the room. Harry hesitated for one moment then curiosity got the better of him and he followed Malfoy out of the room and into the hallway.

"Well Mr Potter, how have you been".

"What do you want" whispered Harry. He felt so much more uncomfortable, alone with Malfoy and without his wand for protection.

"The Dark Lord does not know I am here" hissed Malfoy moving in close to Harry now. "I will be suitably punished when he finds out. He would not go to you for assistance under any circumstances. I am different. Listen Potter and listen well. Something else is coming, something that hates all wizards, you, me, the Dark Lord and that muggle loving fool who will not open his eyes to the threat but the Dark Lord has. You must warn him Harry Potter, go to him and warn him, only he can save us all. Alezina is coming Harry Potter and we will all fall unless you use your powers" Malfoy paused then leant in closer to Harry "The powers the Dark Lord knows nothing of Potter, the Powers he cannot understand."

Malfoy gave Harry one more glance then headed to the door. He turned back "Do not trust your friends, your teachers or Dumbledore. Trust those who you cannot. You have been warned Potter. Save us all". And with that, Malfoy vanished.

"Wait" Harry shouted "Who, who do I warn? Mr Malfoy, I don't understand". But there was no reply.

Harry stared at the door, shook his head in amazement then turned back to the longe where Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley were all gazing at him astonishingly.

Vernon looked up and down the hallway then walked slowly towards Harry as if Harry may go insane at any moment.

"BOY!" He suddenly bellowed making Harry jump ten feet in the air "WHO ON EARTH WERE YOU JUST TALKING TOO"

Harry just looked back.

"Don't you remember"? He said calmly.

Uncle Vernon went slightly pinker and rushed to the front door and opned it, peeped through and quickly slammed it as if he was scared one of the neighbours would see the odd behaviour.

"Just as I thought boy, noone there, we watched you talking to yourself out here and in the lounge. If you are heading to the funny farm, you will kindly head there now. I will not have a bloody wizard nutter under this roof, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR POTTER?"

Harry merely nodded and headed back to his room, his own thoughts swimming round and round in his brain. Just what was all that about? He thought with a shudder? He shut his bedroom door and sat back on his bed and looked at the wall. What was that? A warning? A trap? Something to stop him going back to school? He gazed at the calender he used to mark of the days till September 1st, when he would return to school. He realised how short the time was and felt even stronger this time, a painful mixture of dread and fear. His thoughts once again returned to the one person who just would not go away. Sirius, I'm scared, Oh, please come back. Then Harry laid down on his bed and sobbed till the sun came up the next morning.