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"Sir what should we do?" A young man dressed in a white peasant shirt covered in a deep green tunic asked the man by his side, who was dressed in a full length robe covering his silver armour and the weapons he had concealed underneath.

"Is he alive Argento?" The older man asked in a heavy English accent.

"Yes sir but he is injured and very weak." Argento answered from his crouched position.

"I am not blind, I can see that he is hurt." The man told the young boy. "Alright what do you suggest Scholar? Shall we take him back to Sauron?" The man asked looking over at the man standing behind Argento. He was wearing a deep green scholars robe.

"Well sir he is injured. I do not believe he could cause any damage to the people of Sauron. Therefore I believe we should take him back with us."

"Alright then you two." The man said to two of his men who quickly and carefully lifted the man from the ground and carried him to the Stargate where the six men disappeared into the shimmering surface of the event horizon.

**************************************************************************** *******

"I'm afraid we have to call off the search." General Hammond looked straight across the room not wanting to make contact with any of the four people in the room.

"What?" Came four responses all at once.

"General that's not a funny joke." Sam said

"No joke Major we no longer have the resources to spare. We have been looking for the colonel for over three months now and that has brought the conclusion of either he doesn't want to be found or he's dead." The General closed his eyes at his last words hoping that it was the former and not the latter. "However we will not have a funeral and pronounce his death until we have a body."

"God Damn it!" Janet stood up from her chair slamming her fists on the table. "This is all your fault. You three did this, are you happy now he's gone and he's not coming back. It wasn't enough to just ignore him for two months no you had to go and forget him on a fucking planet."

"Doctor calm down." General Hammond put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Janet we forgot he was with us okay. We had Colonel Cromwell with us and we all thought when we were heading back to the gate that Jack had stayed back here for some reason." Daniel said looking down at his hands.

"Damn it Daniel you guys were his friends. He considered you his Family and for two months you ignored him. You turned your backs on him."

"Janet he was the one who wasn't talking to us." Sam said also standing.

"No! Sam he was trying to talk to all of you but you always had something better to do."

"No we didn't." Daniel said standing as well.

"Oh really where were you guys on his birthday huh? The general was there. I was there, Cassi was there but the people he wanted there the most weren't, and you know the worst part. The next morning he finds out you guys went out and got drunk with Colonel Cromwell." Tears were threatening to fall. "You should have seen his face. He was so hurt when he realized you guys weren't coming and then when he found out where you really were that night it looked like you guys had ripped out his heart and taken his life away. Oh, and look at that, you did just that, didn't you!?" Janet yelled before turning and leaving the room.

"General we didn't mean to leave him behind. We didn't even know he was there." Sam said turning to the General.

"Well Major there is nothing we can do about it now. Your all confined to the base for the next three weeks." The General said looking at each one of the three remaining people of Sg-1.

"General Hammond I request permission to go see my family." Teal'c asked.

"I'm sorry Teal'c but you are all confined to the base and that means you are not allowed to go through the gate."

"What why not?" Daniel asked.

"Well Dr. Jackson consider yourselves lucky."

"Why is that lucky?"

"Because Dr. you three just lost one of best defences earth has against the Goa'uld. You should all be very proud of yourselves." The General looked at each of the three people before he left the room.

"God you guys what have we done?" Sam asked putting her head in her hand.

"We killed Jack Sam that's what we did." Daniel said slouching in his seat across from her.

"We skipped his birthday to get drunk with Cromwell guys how could we?" Sam asked looking from Teal'c to Daniel.

"I do not know Major Carter, but perhaps when he comes back we should apologize."

"Oh yeah Teal'c we should defiantly that's if he comes back." The room fell into silenced as the team thought about their fallen CO.

**************************************************************************** *****************

Three and a half weeks later........

"Sg-1 you have a go." General Hammond said from the control room looking down in to the gate room at the three members of Sg-1 as they said their goodbyes and left up the ramp and into the Stargate.

Meanwhile on a planet very, very, very, very, very x 10 far away.........

"Okay Daniel what's up?" Sam asked looking back at Daniel.

"Well Sam the people here are at about the medieval stage. They seem harmless all we have to do is talk and make friends."

"Seems easy enough." Sam said shrugging her shoulders. "Alright Teal'c take point."

"As you wish major Carter." Teal'c bowed his head slightly before starting to walk down a path.

"So Sam do you think that the General will like us again if we don't mess this up?"

"Daniel the only way the General will like us again is if we bring Jack back and I don't think even then-" Sam stopped talking as the group were surrounded by men with bows and swords.

"Who are you and why have you come to Sauron?" The leader asked in an English accent.

"Daniel your up."

"We are peaceful explorers from Earth we don't want to fight." Daniel said holding up his hands.

The men before them started talking in their native tongue. After a few moments the leader spoke up again. "Give us your weapons and you may pass." He said.

"I don't think so." Sam said.

"Then go back where you came from." The man pointed in the direction they had come with his bow.

"Sam please this could be fun." Daniel said pleading with Sam.

"Fine but we want them back when we leave and only if you promise not to harm any of us." Sam said taking off her P-90.

"You have my word." The leader said taking her guns.

"Sir, Sir they are coming." A young man ran from the forest almost running into the other man.

"Argento it was not the creatures it was these people." The man said putting a hand on the young mans shoulder.

"No sir the creatures are coming this way we must get back to the castle now!"

"Are you certain?"

"Yes sir."

The leader looked around at his men, then turning to sg-1. "We must hurry back to the castle. It is no longer safe here and we can not protect you."

"Okay lets go but we would like to hear about these creatures when we get there maybe we can help." Sam said as they all started running along the path.

"Sir what about the prince?" One of the men asked.

"We can not stay out here and look any longer. Belidor is out looking for him as well if anyone can find him it's him. Now hurry." The leader said picking up the pace.

**************************************************************************** *********************

As Sg-1 and the other people came to a castle the gates were opened for them and as soon as they got in were quickly closed. "Come this way we shall take you to the Lady Madelyn she will tell you all that is necessary."

"Um what is your name?" Daniel asked.

"Forgive me for not telling you before but you may call me Maltin. What would you have us call you?" Maltin asked.

"Oh you can call me Daniel, this is Sam and Teal'c." Daniel said pointing to each of them as he said their names.

"As you wish now please come the lady Madelyn is right this way."


Sg-1 was lead through the castle to a large room. Down the middle of the floor was a red satin carpet leading up to a large throne that looked very comfortable on either side of the throne were two more smaller ones that looked just as comfortable on one of the smaller thrones was a small teddy bear. Sitting on the middle throne was a woman dressed in a beautiful gown made of Dark green silks and satins. Her long brown hair was braided and on top of her head was a beautiful Tiara.

"Maltin Have you brought Owen back? Where is he?" The woman got up and walked towards the group.

Maltin and the rest of his group took a knee in front of the woman "I'm sorry my lady we could not find the prince. We found travellers who are unaware of the creatures of the forest. When the creatures drew near I decided it was best to get them to the safety of the castle. I'm sorry my lady." Maltin said from his one knee. "Belidor is however still searching."

"I understand Maltin. You did what was best for the travellers. However I must ask how you did not know about the creatures?" Madelyn asked turning to Sg-1.

"We came through the Stargate. We're from Earth." Sam said

"I see." Madelyn said smiling. "You would like to freshen up would you not?" Madelyn asked.

"Yes please that would be great."

"Tamika, would you please show our guest to there rooms." Madelyn asked as a girl wearing a green overdress came to her side. "Some one will come get you when dinner has been prepared at that time I will tell you all you wish to know." Madelyn smiled at them once more before they were lead out of the room.

**************************************************************************** *********

"These are your rooms. There are doors in between each room. There are clothes in the bureaus for you to change into once you have finished. I hope you enjoy your stay here and dinner shall be ready shortly." The girl said.

"Thank you." Daniel smiled back at the girl. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"The queen? Is she nice to your people?"

"I'm sorry she was so mean to you it is not her fault she is under great strain at the moment."

"Oh! No, no, no she wasn't mean at all I was just asking." The girl smiled.

"What do you mean strain?" Sam asked.

"The prince Owen, he went missing in the woods and no one has been able to find him yet. A 5 year old has little chance surviving beyond the castle walls alone." The girl looked down at the floor.

"Maybe we can help." Sam said

"You need not worry." The girl looked up and smiled. "Belidor is out searching for him, if he can not bring him home no one can. I shall leave you now some one will be sent for you at dinner. Lady Madelyn will answer all questions at that time." The girl smiled once more before she left down the halls.

"Okay if she thought the Madelyn was being mean before what's her version of nice?" Sam asked turning to Daniel and Teal'c.

"What I want to know is who Belidor is these people seem like they worship him."

"I suggest we freshen up so we may go to dinner and ask our questions there." Teal'c said before turning into one of the rooms.

"Teal'c is right see you soon Daniel." Sam turned and went into her own room.

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