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It had been almost a week since Jack had left the SGC. With no contact from him or anyone else from Sauron the people left behind found themselves beginning to lose hope of ever hearing from them ever again. Little Owen was never very helpful, his stories of the creatures from his planet which Jack had left to fight grew more gory by the tale.

"... and their teeth are like great big swords, They can cut through your flesh in less then a second and tear you to pieces with out a second thought to your pain." Owen sat in the canteen surrounded by a few SF's that were on a lunch break.

In all seriousness Owen looked around at his audience "And if you live through that, the pain, and terrors I mean, then the infection sets in."

"Infection? From one bite? It can't be that bad."

"Wrong my friend not only one count but two. First, they never just bite you once, these are the creatures that were talking about they are pure evil. If you get caught by them there will be at least four or five of them on you. They never travel in less then that. And second they never brush their teeth." Owen made a face at the thought. "Jack says you should always brush your teeth before bed and when you get up, because if you were to not then your breath would get all smelly, and the creatures never brush their teeth and they never have baths so they can get quiet dirty. My momma told me that we're not quiet sure whats wrong with them or what the infection really is but if you catch it then you start to burn up and then die."

"Well then just get them before they get you!"

"Thats really hard." Said Owen scratching his head in thought

"Not with our technology kid, in fact why don't we talk to the general about sending a team over there and just shooting them all!"

"No, that wouldn't work!" Said Owen. "The creatures have really thick amour, it's really their skin and it never comes off, EVER!"

"Wait let me get this straight. Your telling us that these creatures who have super human strength, run extremely fast, have super sharp long teeth, and carry some weird infection, can't be killed by a bullet?"

Owen smiled and nodded his head "thats exactly what I'm saying"

One of the SF's leaned in over the table "Have you ever seen a gun fired kid?"

"Yes, General Hammond showed me what they could do. I was just looking at one because I did not know what it did and he yelled at me but then he showed me what they did."

"And yet you still think that they won't work?" At Owens nod the SF continued. "And Colonel O'Neill is going after them with a sword? Sorry kid but that just doesn't make any sense."

"Jacks Sword is made out of the creatures. The only thing that can enter their armor is their armor. So whenever we kill one of the creatures we have to take the body back to the castle and make weapons out of them."

"Okay that is just disgusting." The group turned around to see Janet standing behind them.

"Hello Doctor Janet!" Owen said smiling.

"Hello Owen, story times over now come on the General wants to see you." Janet held out her hand as Owen got off the chair and walked over to her.

"Do you know what he wishes of me?"

"Sorry Owen I'm afraid not."

"Do you know if my mother has called or Jack? I didn't hear the bells ringing."

Janet looked down at Owen as they walked through the halls she saw the hope in his eyes and was tempted to lie to the child. "No Owen we haven't yet heard from them yet."

Owens shoulders slumped in defeat. "Okay." Suddenly he looked up at Janet once again smiling. "Maybe tomorrow though right? Theres always a tomorrow!"

"Yeah Owen maybe tomorrow?"



"General Please! We have to go!" Major Carter stood in front of General Hammond's desk with the other two members of Sg-1.

"I'm sorry major but until Jack has contacted us I'm not sending anyone else to that planet and thats final."

Daniel turned away from the window to look at General Hammond "General listen please! It's our fault that he was there in the first place! It's our fault that he got to know those people and is now risking his life for them! We can't just sit around waiting for him to call and not know if he's even still alive or not when we could be out there helping him, we're all part of a team General if anyone goes it should be us!"

General Hammond looked up at the three people in the room with narrowed eyes. " Team members look out for one another, team members do not forget about each other, but most importantly team members do not leave each other behind. Now I will tell you this one last time no one, and I mean no one is going to that planet until Jack contacts us, no sooner, no later, is that understood?"

"But sir we don't even know if he's still alive!"

"I know" said a small voice from the door of the briefing room. The group turned to see Owen standing there with Janet behind him. The smile gone from his face, determination taking its place. His hand clasped around Jacks tags under his shirt. "I know Jack is still alive because I have his dog tags and he always comes back for them."

Sam bent down to be eye level with him. "Listen Owen we don't know whats happening on your planet, just because you have the colonels dog tags doesn't mean that he is still alive he might not be able to come back to get them not this time thats why we have to go to try and help him if he is still alive." Sam reached out to put a hand on Owens shoulder but dropped it again when Owen stepped back with a frown on his face.

"You don't want to help him defeat the creatures, you just want to bring him back here even if they aren't gone because of what you did to him."

"Thats not true Owen. I mean yes we want Jack back here safe but that doesn't mean that we won't help your people." Daniel took a knee beside Sam.

"He was never safe here. I believe that between you three and the creatures, he would be safer with the creatures. Even they never leave there own behind, even if there dead they still try to get them back. You forgot Jack and he was right beside you your worse then the creatures that have been hurting the people in my village since the beginning of time."

"Alright Owen thats enough." General Hammond looked over at the remaining Members of Sg-1s down cast faces. "No one will be going to the planet until Jack contacts us," The general looked at Owen "and he will contact us." Owen smiled brightly at the statement.

"Now if you three would leave my office I would like to have a word with Owen please"

Sam, Daniel and Teal'c were about to leave when the sirens began to blare. "Unauthorized Off-World Activation!"

"Jack!" Owen pushed through the door and ran down the stairs leading to the gateroom with the others not far behind.

"Owen wait we don't know if its really him!" Janet called as Owen dashed into the gateroom just as the gate swooshed to life. Janet held Owen back as he struggled to get closer.

Everyone stood in silence "It's him sir!" "Open the Iris!"

A few seconds after the iris opened two figures stepped through. "Mother, Jack!" Owen ran out of Janet's hold and jumped into Jacks waiting arms. Jack was still in his armor and looked just as good as he did when he had first left them all. It was Lady Madelyn who had donned a new outfit. Instead of the silks and satins of the gowns she wore the first few times that they had seen her in Lady Madelyn had changed into a pair of pants and armor similar to Jacks only more feminine. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail high on her head.

"Hey kiddo!" Jack hugged Owen close while Lady Madelyn stood leaned her head on Jacks shoulder and placed her hand on Owens cheek.

"Hello my son." She said smiling. Owen reached for her and she took him into her arms. "Oh how I have missed you so!"

"And I you mother. And I you."

Jack turned to look at the General one hand still on Lady Madelyn's shoulder. "We have to talk George."

"I knew you'd want to Jack. Lets head to my office, Owen if you'd like you may show your mother around the base."

"Madelyn should be with us sir." Jack said as he and Madelyn made their way down the ramp.

General Hammond looked at Jack and then nodded his head leading the out of the gateroom and leaving everyone else in a stunned silence.

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